Thursday 28 October 2010

Bad Mummy, Good Book!

Sorry for being away from Blogging for so long, but My Mummy's been mega busy with 'life' and lots of other stuff that's meant I've had to take to napping in her office to get enough attention! :(

As some of you will know or vaguely remember, My Mummy as long been helping an Author change genre and get her first Fantasy Fiction series off the ground. Basically My Mummy's been doing research, listening to and talking over bits of plot and story line, just offering a sounding board so to speak as well as needing to be on cheerleader duties when it's all seemed too much to ever accomplish... Anyway Julia's labour are here and in print at long last! :)

'Dawn of Darkness' is just the beginning of a planned 10 book series, with the 2nd book 'Curse of Night' being published in just a few weeks time. In fact book 3 is well on it's way to being publishable, while book 4 is about half written at present. So no need to worry about reading one book only to find you have ages and ages to wait until book 2 hits the shelves! Being a feline with an avid (if not obsessive) reader as their Mummy that was my greatest worry (after all she lays still and let's me get really comfy when engrossed in a good book), hence the fact that Julia is well ahead on her writing schedule and can keep this pace up too, her feline assistant Patches makes sure of this, by sharpening her claws on Julia's chair if she doesn't type fast enough! ;)

There will be an Official website up within a few weeks too, thanks to the good folk at Red Dragon IT and My Mummy putting in a good deal of time and effort to it.

Sorry if I've been away so long... But it's a hard life being the prototype for a whole new fantasy feline species! Oh yes, me and all of Abyssinian kind will be there larger than life in this series, starting from book 3 where one of us shows himself for the first time. Though never fear we'll be back in more detail in book 4 and on through the rest of the series! :)

I hope you all love these books as much as I do, and find your humans willing to read them for hours at a time, giving you plenty of lap time!

They are currently available from as well as Arima Publishing, plus any book store can order them in for you! :)

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Training the next generation...

Here you can see one of my new little nieces at the 'milk bar' partaking of some primo 'Mother's Milk'. I'm pretty sure it must be the same stuff that Skeezix was talking about ages back, 'cause it sure does make the kittens all wobbly on their little legs! ;)
However Isis is busy teaching Setra how to look after kittens and where the 'Mothers Milk' comes from, 'cause she's off to see the kittens Daddy, Harry, in a few days. She might have to stay a few weeks with him to make sure she comes home with a good belly full of kittens, but that's the plan. This will mean I have to spend more of my time on 'Uncle Duty', though I will at least have more room on the bed at night! ;) When Setra eventually has her own kittens I will be promoted to 'Great Uncle', this is 'cause I is just so darn good at being an Uncle, I'm sure... :D

Thursday 8 July 2010

I is an Uncle!

Here are Isis' latest kittens, they smell good and are very clean, 'cause I helped Isis clean them off after they arrived at breakfast time on Tuesday morning! My Mummy and Daddy thought this was a delightful delivery time, although My Mummy is awake in the night with them a bit so rather tired at the moment - giving me lazy morning bed cuddle time aplenty! :)As you can see they are all Isis and Setra coloured, so much for Isis having a 50/50 chance of having a blue one... Oh well maybe next year when we have another Aby living with us! :D

In the meantime I have found a box of teddy's that still haven't been unpacked, so I think I shall go and sleep with them, seeing as My Mummy has a mug of coffee on the go and is therefore unlikely to help provide me with an even more enticing afternoon nap spot... ;)

Tuesday 29 June 2010

I've gotted a fishy pond!

Once more My Mummy has been busy and keeping me from the computer... However this has been due to my Grandpur going back to Calgary, My Mummy's bestest friend Auntie Gina visiting to fuss me lots, and also because Daddy has been digging out a big hole in the garden which has now become a great big fishy pond for me to sit in the run and look at. :)

I have made My Mummy take some photos of it, but someone has walked off with her camera download lead and so she can't help me share them with you right now... As you can no doubt understand this has made her a little grumpy, so I've had to fur her lots to help her stay calm! Oh yes, with the nice weather we've been having furring My Mummy has getting easier and easier... I furred my Auntie Gina lots too! :) So I gather that the furminator is coming out this afternoon! :( I work long and hard to get all these furs and in a matter of minutes they'll be all goned... In fact My Mummy has told all of us that we're getting a good grooming this afternoon, so that Isis is not too hot and furry when she has her kittens later this week or over the weekend. Yes, I shall be an Uncle once more! :) What is nice here is that there is lots of room for all of us and the kittens too, however this means that I will have to walk more to do my Uncle patrol thingy for Isis and the kittens... I shall soon be a lean, clean, purring machine! ;)

Talking of having visitors, I hear that there is a good chance that we shall have visitors from France here in the New Year! :) I sure hope they bring Tigmut'hep some Matatabi with them, as he's not been able to find any more as yet, which is of course tragic... To make himself feel better over this, he has taken to licking the honeysuckle wood that My Mummy bought us back from Canada, as well as snorting his Valerian scented fish and giving his catnip cigar a good kicking - all of which seem to be taking his mind off of his urge to over groom himself and give himself a 'Brazilian' as My Mummy puts it! ;) It's good to know that he's finally coming to his senses, even if he needs to remain half stoned to do so... :)

Wednesday 16 June 2010

Kinda sorta back...

Hi everykitty, we have been mega busy in the past few months - plus My Mummy has been mega lazy! ;) We have sold our old house and moved to my new one, I know it's mine you know 'cause My Cat Run is here and so is My Mummy and My Food! On top of this there is lots of My Smell here and I've been mega busy rubbing everything else that's here to make sure everykitty knows it's all mine too... :)

Part of the mega busy that wasn't to do with house selling, buying and moving, has been to do with My Mummy taking far too much time to help get My Nana's next book get itself edited and ready for print. When I've complained about the 97 squillion hours she's spent doing this sort of stuff, she's promised me extra chickens when it starts selling... Well you all know what a sucker I am for My Mummy and promises of chickens! I guess I shall forgive her once the chickens start rolling in, if not sooner, depending on the number and quality of the belly rubs I get from My Mummy... ;)

Talking about My Nana's books, while much of their content is sadly not about the yummy taste of chickens, some of the series contains some amazing characters that are based almost entirely on me, my sister Isis and niece Setra! My Mummy tells me that you have to read the first 2 books in the series to get to those though, which reminds me to flex my claws next time My Nana pets me. I mean what about me is not first and foremost in her mind, morning, noon and night?! ;) The first book is Dawn of Darkness by Julia Caesar published Sept 2010, by Arima publishing, with the next book due out the following month, so you will at least get to the good bit about My 'Mist Cats' by KissMouse time! :)

Monday 25 January 2010

Monday's Mews!

Just so that all of you know, other than being a very busy time of late for My Mummy - what with her marrying Daddy and having Grandpur living with us, while he deals with a load of health issues, it seems my sister, Isis, is pregnant yet again!

Mummy says this is because Isis went on her honeymoon for her with a lovely looking Aussi Aby mancat called Speedy, and while this was a mixed blessing, seeing as Speedy had a heart attack out of the blue and passed away... Well it seems that he and my 'sis, had themselves a very good time before that and subsequently Isis is now decidedly rugby ball shaped and getting more so each day! ;)

The kittens are due a few days after Setra's 1st Birthday on Feb 16th, so she will be a grown up ladycat before she becomes half-sister to a new litter of siblings. However shortly after the kittens are born, My Mummy has to go into hospital for a 3rd attempt at getting her knee fixed so that it doesn't keep going out of joint... This means I will have to be on special Uncle duties as well as spending much of my time nursing Mummy better. Daddy says he'll take a few days off work to help out too, and D'boy is practicing his cooking skills so that he can do the dinners for a few days - well it'll save d'family from Daddy's cooking, so we'z purring that he does good dinners, just like My Mummy makes! :)

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Tattle Tail Tuesday

Well do I ever have lots to tell you all... ;) Oh yes there is so much going on around here right now, including everyone being home sick and ever so willing to let my snuggle with them in bed! :) As you might have gathered this is the best possible news for a kitty like me... ;)

The other news is as long as everyone is over this 'stinkin cold' fast enough, little Setra will make her d├ębut as an adult at the Supreme on Saturday! However My Mummy still has to make up some show curtains for her cage and do a few other bits, apparently this will happen when her head stops 'feeling like it's about to 'splode big time' - I guess this is sensible as curtains with 'sploded Mummy head all over then would look mega yucky!

The next big news is that Grandpur is coming to stay with us for lots of months, all the way from Canada where my lovely Marie lives. In fact her Mom has met my Grandpur so I will be sure to give him lots of sniffing so I can be sure to pick up a hint of 'My Lovely' on him! :) The day after he arrives D'Boy has a big birthday - I guess this makes him old enough to enter the next show class or something... Anyway My Mummy, Daddy and Grandpur are taking him out for a very posh dinner that might - I am therefore living in hope of a duck filled kitty bag! ;)

Lastly there's to be a bit of a celebration on Dec 5th, when My Mummy marries My Daddy - which is not at all fair as I wanted to marry My Mummy! However, if she does have to marry anyone other than me, I guess My Daddy is ok... He does at least make room for me to snuggle up to My Mummy in bed every night! :) Just as long as he doesn't forget his place in household and try and assert any form of male dominance over me or Tigmut'hep things will be just fine... ;)

So as you can see we're very busy here for now, so do please excuse us all... For now I had better get back to snoopervising My Mummy making up bobbing lace flowers for her bouquet! :)