Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wednesday Whining...

Well even if we did get yummy treats last Wednesday on My Mummy's Birthday, this one saw us starved for 90 squillion hours and then dragged off to the vets for a dental... How come us boys had to suffer and those lucky girls gotted to stay at home?! It's not fair Mummy, they'ze got stinky breath too, I knows 'cause I've occasionally kissed them both... However it's me and Tigmut'hep that's been manhandled and traumatized!

I'll have you know that Hubert (the vet) stole one of my teeths and 3 of Tigs teeth too, so iffen I see him wearing one of those necklaces with teeth on it, I'z going to have mine back thank you very much! Oh and what's this about having to take meds for 10 days now? Oh well at least I only have to take meds once a day, where as Tigmut'hep has to suffer one in the morning and one at night for 10 days... At least I have something to feel smug about! ;) Well that and I only hadded to have 1 tooth out and had almost no yucky stuff that needed scraping off... :)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Why we've been away Wednesday...

There are many reasons why I have not really blogged for months now, much has been to do with the fact that I have needed some pretty intense love and care from My Mummy in order to struggle back to a reasonable level of health. Even though I'm on meds still, I gather that I should be much better in just another week or two. I've gained some of the weight I lost which triggered this health scare off and am getting lots and lots of 'Mummy Love' and snuggles!

However during this scary time my Grammy who had been battling cancer got really sick, it came as such a huge shock to My Mummy as she had been doing really well and the primary cancer had started to shrink quite a bit and some of the secondaries had almost disappeared! Sadly it was a very short lived up swing in her health, followed by a serious and sudden down turn that left her fighting for her life at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary. So My Mummy gotted a brand new passsport and a booked a flight within 36 hrs of hearing this news, but sadly Grammy passed away at 8:16pm on Sept 21st, whereas My Mummy arrived in Calgary at 3:25pm on Sept 22nd. It seems to My Mummy that Grammy wanted her to remember only the good times when she had been fit and healthy, letting go of her fight just 2 hrs after she heard that My Mummy was coming over. Poor Grandpur as distraught at loosing Grammy as they had been together over 60 yrs and married for nearly a full 59.5 yrs when she passed...

On a lighter note while in Calgary, My Mummy had an afternoon with My Marie's Mom and Evie their Blurpy. My Mummy helped Marie's Mom introduce Evie to the apparent joys of Apple Sauce and then Evie gave my Grandpur hugs and a big smile which made him laugh and smile for the first time in days. So it seems that My Maire's family have really helped Grandpur and bought him a little joy when he had been so sad for days and days. That certainly shows the power of the Blogsphere Cats! :)

Other than that My Mummy has been good and done lots more studying and got another A+, she now only has the Module she's working on and one more to do to end the course! She's also helped us review a few more cat products for 'Your Cat' magazine, though the Litter Kwitter was a bit of a disaster... ;)

Now to my favourite cause: