Friday, 10 April 2009

Fantastic Friday!

Wow, not only do I have D'boy home (which means My Mummy stays in even more of the time), but Daddy is now off for 10 days from work! :) Oh what bliss, I got tummy rubs in bed this morning and a lazy morning snuggle with Daddy and Mummy! Isis and the kittens joined in for a bit too to make it extra special - luckily none of the kittens desire "My Spot" on the bed, so it really was wonderful... :)

We've now all had a "Big Breakfast" and the kittens are resting in their portable pen downstairs while D'Boy tries to earn himself some more pocket money by vacuuming the upstairs under My Mummy's supervision, while Daddy does downstairs. Luckily it's not raining 'cause Tigmut'hep can cower in the cat run as he's a big scardy cat at times, although he seems not to mind the new upstairs vacuum cleaner too much at all. In fact none of us really mind it that much, unlike the little "Sofa Sucker" that is soooo noisy! :(

So I guess I'll make the most of this time and might not be around here that much for about a week. However during that time the kittens will be going for their first shots at Hubert the vets as well as us all getting a visit from Enta's potential family - I sure hope this means Mummy'll cook us some chicken so we can be handfed by the visitors. You know I'm really starting to enjoy having visitors like that for some reason! ;)

Friday, 3 April 2009

Funny Friday Fotos...

OK girls this will be a clean round, 1 knock-out or 1 submission is all you need... Remember there's to be no ear biting or eye gouging! The winner gets to play with my squirrel for 20 mins without anyone trying to take it off them - do you have it straight?! Let the fight commence, just remember I'm watching you!!! ;)

Here you can see Setra walking away from the squirrel and Enta enjoying her winnings! ;) My poor squirrel is being so abused it's painful to watch...

Where as Elzar is happy to look sweet and play with his ball... Honestly girls are so much rougher when they play! Oi, Isis stop bopping me, it's true you know... ;)

That's it I'm off for a nap...