Monday, 29 September 2008

Mancat and Manflu Monday

It seems that D'boy has responded well to our treatment, My Mummy's on the mend if still unwell but Dad seems to still have raging manflu really badly... So badly so in fact that My Mummy is going to have to take him to the vets in a bit. The thing is we're a little concerned that due to his advanced years (he's well over 20 yrs old now you know) and the serious condition he's in - well you know what we're worrying about...! :( I mean he's a good Dad and has over the years become quite expert in giving belly rubs and general fusses, so we'd kinda like to keep him. Honestly when he's not suffering from manflu he seems fit and healthy, so paws crossed the vet will think he's worth the effort too! ;) Oh and My Mummy seems to like Dad as well, so I'm sure she'll put in a good word for him with the vet... :)

Other than that Mummy fed me the bestest chicken ever this weekend and it seems all the family have clubed together to buy us cats some nice new beds and pillows to match! Oh yes, Tigmut'hep has a soft and comfy new single bed that he likes to share with D'boy, while Isis and I have a brand new memory foam double bed sized matress arriving later in the week, though we already have some very nice new soft fluffy pillows to share with My Mummy and Dad... We're both very excited about the imminant arrival of the new matress as it's supposed to mold to our bodies and kind of cradle us as we sleep! It took ages for Dad and My Mummy to find just the right one for us, so I hope they got it right - after all a cat likes to be very comfy when it sleeps! :)

Thursday, 25 September 2008

A Mancat's work is never done...

It seems I am working round the clock at the moment as My Mummy and all the other humans here have gone down with a bad cold... My Mummy even says that it's more yucky than that dreadful and deadly disease "Man Flu" - so it's gotta be bad! :(

So I have been up and awake much of the night making sure that My Mummy had somekitty to snuggle with, while she turned from hot to cold and back again and Dad wheezed, coughed and gave off more radiant heat than a total nuclear meltdown on his side of the bed! Even D'boy is sick and whiny, so much so that even Tigmut'hep can't interest him in a game of toy cars or Lego...

I must say Isis is being a good little nurse kitty too, she now wants a cute little "candy stripe" uniform, though I've told her she can't have one until she still can resit putting the bitey on a moving toe under the covers! ;) Well it's most off putting to have your sick patient suddenly bolt upright and screaming, when you've just got them nice and settled and were starting to doze off too...

Friday, 19 September 2008

Fun Friday

Ahoy me hearties, it's that time of year again! So all you land lubbers better watch out as I "Capt. Ramy Red Beard" go a pillaging and a raiding with my trusty ship mate "Yo Ho 'Sis" and that old salty dog "Tigs the Terrible". We are a hoping to plunder the bikky barrel and once our bellies are full we'll swig some grog and partake of a little 'nip! Oh yer it's a pirate's life for me all right, though I do worry about "Yo Ho 'Sis" and her desires for a Jolly Rogering at times... ;)

Monday, 15 September 2008

Mancat Monday

Well since we're all very environmentally minded cats here, but also very refined and well mannered on the whole (Tigmut'hep being the exception), we decided to tell you all a little about the wonderful environmentally friendly products we use here! :)

Firstly there's our lovely cat litter Cats Best ÖkoPlus it makes unpleasant indoor odours a thing of the past, as they are be trapped within it's organic fibres. The fibre itself comes from untreated domestic fir and spruce wood, which accumulates naturally in the environmental cycle. Using this wood is a help to maintaining healthy forests.

ÖkoPlus is currently the only clumping litter that is both compostable and biodegradable and because it is made from organic fibre, it is much lighter and easier to handle than comparable mineral litter. This in turn saves on transport costs and makes ÖkoPlus a truly environmentally friendly litter. What's more it's also velvety soft on the paws and darn good for digging around in! :) The other thing that's good is that because it clumps so well it lasts about 3 times as long as any other wood or paper pulp based cat litter (apparently this saves money, which can be spent on cat food and 'nip!), oh and it doesn't track too much and isn't all dusty and horrid either...

I think you'll all agree this is far better than a photo of one of us using the litter box! ;)

Our next environmentally sound product of choice here has just gotta be Bozita cat meat, it's just so darn yummy for a start and comes in easy to open and recyclable Tetra Packages, so it's also light weight and easy to store beacuse of it's shape. The other benifits that Bozita provides a perfectly balanced diet for your pet's entire life cycle. This food is made exclusively from 93% fresh lean Swedish meat - which means it's antibiotic and hormone free and none of the chickens have been battery farmed or had their beaks clipped! There are no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, no nasty sugar in it, is wheat gluten free, while containing a high level of taurine to look after our eyes and reproductive systems (ok that last benifit is a bit lost on Tigmut'hep and myself, but it's great for Isis). It also contains a natural betaglucan they call Macrogard® to help keep us fit and healthy as it boosts our immune systems. Oh and did I mention that it's incredibally tasty or that the Terta packs are made to reseal between meals?! It comes in a whole host of tasty flavours too, like reindeer which is Tigmut'hep's fave!

Again don't you think this is so much better than a photo of Tigs with his face in a big bowl of food?! ;)

Though not wishing to dissapoint anycat, here's a shot of Tigmut'hep after a heavy night on the 'nip! All our 'nip is organically grown by My Mummy and harvested at it's peak, carefully dried and snorted in abundance by our housemate and self confessed addict...

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Tattle Tail Tuesday

Since a few cats have asked me I thought I'd tell you all about how life has changed here since my 'sis came to live with me here! :)

This first photo is my very first meeting with Isis on July 14th last year when she arrived home with My Mummy and Dad. We never hissed at each other, not even once - well Tigmut'hep does enough hissing for all of us here! ;)

Within just 10 days we were both snuggling with My Mummy at night and spending much of our time together, even though she was 6 months old we found we had lots in common as well as sharing the same Father! So it didn't come as a surprise that after just 1 month of living with us Isis and I had become bestest friends and snuggle buddies... Though I was more than a little shocked the first time she decided to give me a darn good wash, I mean shortly after she'd tackled my ears and face she robbed me of all dignity and decided to clean my lovely belly fluffs! Oh yes not one single fur escapes the tongue of Isis, not even if you wriggle and squirm and tell her to leave your mancatly bits alone... She was one determined girlykitten and has grown into one very strong minded ladycat and an excellent momma cat too, but oh how my dignity has suffered at times, although I have to admit my fur has never felt better! Even if often left feeling like a big soggy lump while she carries on with her own personal grooming - how does her tongue cope with all the millage?! But even if she does occasionally bully me into having an extra wash when all I want is a peaceful nap, when I'm really down and feeling unwell and more than a little sorry for myself she's sweet and snuggles up to me to let me know I'm not alone... What more could a mancat what in life than to have a 'sis like that around? She's the best thing that ever happened to me other than finding My Mummy!
Then just when I think life is as good as it gets she goes and produces a litter of cute little Aby kittens for me to help her raise! :) It's such a privilege to be there for her and to have those cute little kitten nieces and nephews here to love for a while... Well they sure are cute and I somehow think I've found my own special niche in life! That of beloved Mummy's boy, well cared for bother and adoring uncle... For me life is as sweet as can be and I'm already looking forward to Isis next lot of kittens so I can get back to dotting on them! Yep, it's wonderful!!! :)

Monday, 8 September 2008

Mancat Monday...

Well other than complaining about the slight lack of attention I received over the weekend, I guess I can't really moan as Isis insisted My Mummy bring us all home some yummy Applaws chicken to help celebrate her latest cat show win! :) Well you all know how I love my chicken (in my mouth or in my belly I don't care as long there's plenty of it), so I'm sure you can see why I forgave My Mummy and gave Isis a big fussing too...

Yes, 'sis got lots more purrty Rosettes after winning her Open Class, getting Best of Breed, winning the Any Colour Aby Not Bred by Owners class, coming a very respectable 2nd in the Foreign Junior Adult class and finally 3rd in a huge class cats not coming from the local area that the show was held in! Oh and she won a mousie toy too as well as a gorgeous golden coloured Challenge Certificate that makes the 2nd of the 3 she needs to gain her Champion title like I did ages ago before I had My Mummy... The good thing is the fame isn't going to her head, and she was happy to get her nose into the bowl with Tigmut'hep and me still as we scoffed the Applaws! :)

Talking about chicken, my silly Mummy forgot to put the roasty chicken in the oven for 2 hrs - well the 2 hrs thing was Dad's fault as he was supposed to call her after 45 mins and didn't and Mummy just carried on doing some housework that needed doing... Anyway the Sunday roast was eventually cooked, but it was pretty late which meant I had to eat my dinner before the chicken was cooked and so had to have a second dinner made up from some of the chicken stock and roasty chicken - what a hardship! ;) Anyway you'll be pleased to know I somehow managed to scoff all the chicken with just a little help from Isis and Tigmut'hep... :) The really good thing is it was a big chicken and so there'll be more of it later in the week!!!

Come to Ramses little chicken you know I love you...

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Terrific Tuesday - Happy Birthday Merlin!

Oh yes today is utterly terrific as our buddy Merlin turns 1 yr old today and finally becomes a Mancat! :) To celebrate this momentous occasion we're having a bit of a party here in the run - so as not to make a mess of My Mummy's newly decorated dinning room and kitchen! ;) There is loads of fresh 'nip and piles of yummy food for all and because it was raining earlier there's even a frog serenade going on to mark the occasion! :) Oh yes nothing is too good for our buddy Merlin or his bother Dragonheart...

We are however keeping plenty of soft food on hand as our friend Baby Mao has hurt his jaw and chipped a big tooth and seems to have lost a little one! :( While there will be a large bucket of KFC to keep HRH Yao-lin going before My Mummy manages to cook us all some juicy turkey! :) You can all test our yummy Reindeer Paté too, it's just the best! :)

Monday, 1 September 2008

Mancat Monday Moan...

Yes, I feel I have the right to moan this Mancat Monday... Not only has My Mummy been preoccupied with DIY of late and kept me from writing my bloggy, but Dad managed to paint me all white yesterday afternoon! Oh yes I got a large patch of white gloss paint all down one side of me and my face! :( While I adore the pretty white furs of My Marie and find Lux's furs also very attractive in a Mancatly sort of way, I just don't want any myself... So there I was all white and very cross with Dad and who came to my rescue when Dad suggested I get a bath and fast, yes it was My Mummy! :)

It seems that she'd worked out fast that since the paint was nearly dry she could probably get most of it off with my lovely sctitchy brush! :) Well you all know that I love to be brushed, so what had once looked like a complete disaster and seemed to be about to be compounded by the horrors of the bath, could in fact be sorted by having My Mummy give me a darn good brushing and then grudgingly letting her carefully rub the remaining paint off my face furs.

So after a good deal of brushing and quite some careful rubbing of the fur around my face that got painted I am pretty much back to normal and looking mighty gorgeous. While there is a little incresed lightness where the paint once was a few more brushing sessions and I'll be good as new. See Dad I didn't need a nasty bath and I no longer need to put a contract out on you! ;)