Thursday, 16 July 2009

Thinking Thursday...

Ramses here, just popping in to let you know that I'm still on the meds, but doing ok and getting lots of love from My Mummy as usual... :)

However our lovely kitty sitter Unca' Pete's kitty Jordan is a desperately sick girl and is currently having a biopsy to see if what the Vets suspect is correct as she has suddenly developed a lump in her abdomen and is off her food and being sick... All here at Lovelynx are purring for her as you can imagine and Unca' Pete too as he is so worried for her and is suspecting the worst! :( Since Auntie Gina has cracked her ankle bone and can't walk far, she can't come see Unca' Pete this weekend, so My Mummy is going her level best to fill in for her and give Unca' Pete a shoulder to cry on as needed. It makes me so cross that some people don't understand how real kitty lovers bond with their kitties and suffer real worry, sadness and profound grief when they are sick or worse as in Jordan's case... At least My Mummy is not one of those people - well she wouldn't be My Mummy if she was! ;)

Since there is nothing any of us can do but purr like crazy for Jordan, My Mummy is doing something positive (with our help of course) as you will see from the new link banners we are all flying for the Scottish Wildcat Association on our bloggy pages. Please take the time to learn more about these wonderful wild cousins of ours, as they are really Endangered and need our help and support if they have a chance of survival! There are only about 400 of them still in the wild and a few more in a captive breeding program, where they are hoping to have kittens that can be released back into the wilds from soon. They can be found on FB, Twitter and all sorts of other Internet places now, as the campaign to bring more public awareness of their plight starts to take shape. Since My Mummy is a Feline Studies student and has actually worked hands on with a part bred Wildcat and a number of other Wild Cats over the years she is probably going to be one of the contributing writers to their up coming newsletter too. So do please take the time to do your bit for our Wildcat cousins Felis silvestris grampia, fly a link banner, become a member or make a small donation - you know it's worth it!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Friday Flop...

Here I am resting and relaxing on my new quilt, on top of Daddy's pillow, it's just the bestest flop spot ever! It's been so hot here that flopping is all I can manage at the moment, especially as I'm back on the auntibiotics again... However I've not been loosing weight 'cause Mummy caught the recurrence fast, though it looks like I'll have to go onto the really nasty auntibiotics at this rate, the ones that Mummy'll have to wear gloves to give me as you can't touch them even... :( Mummy is fretting a fair bit as I'm sure you can imagine, but everyone is hopeful as I'm fit and healthy other than this rare and evil parasitic gut infection now, so should be able to cope! :)