Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Training the next generation...

Here you can see one of my new little nieces at the 'milk bar' partaking of some primo 'Mother's Milk'. I'm pretty sure it must be the same stuff that Skeezix was talking about ages back, 'cause it sure does make the kittens all wobbly on their little legs! ;)
However Isis is busy teaching Setra how to look after kittens and where the 'Mothers Milk' comes from, 'cause she's off to see the kittens Daddy, Harry, in a few days. She might have to stay a few weeks with him to make sure she comes home with a good belly full of kittens, but that's the plan. This will mean I have to spend more of my time on 'Uncle Duty', though I will at least have more room on the bed at night! ;) When Setra eventually has her own kittens I will be promoted to 'Great Uncle', this is 'cause I is just so darn good at being an Uncle, I'm sure... :D

Thursday, 8 July 2010

I is an Uncle!

Here are Isis' latest kittens, they smell good and are very clean, 'cause I helped Isis clean them off after they arrived at breakfast time on Tuesday morning! My Mummy and Daddy thought this was a delightful delivery time, although My Mummy is awake in the night with them a bit so rather tired at the moment - giving me lazy morning bed cuddle time aplenty! :)As you can see they are all Isis and Setra coloured, so much for Isis having a 50/50 chance of having a blue one... Oh well maybe next year when we have another Aby living with us! :D

In the meantime I have found a box of teddy's that still haven't been unpacked, so I think I shall go and sleep with them, seeing as My Mummy has a mug of coffee on the go and is therefore unlikely to help provide me with an even more enticing afternoon nap spot... ;)