Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Dad's old...

Today is my Dad's birthday and Mummy says we've all got to be nice to him all day long! But Mummy we want Dad to finish off our sunhouse so we can go out and play in it... What does he need with a nice quiet evening, a bottle of wine and a nice juicy steak?! We can eat that steak just as well as Dad and I know we'd appreciate it more... ;) Well maybe Mummy'll save us a little bit if we sit nice and look all cute and sweet?! :) Now the only problem there'll be getting Isis to join in the sweet, starving kitty look and not just trying to climb into Mummy's lap and help herself... Now if I play with her all day and make her nice and tired and then get Tigmut'hep to sit on her at dinner time we'll stand a chance! ;)

Monday, 30 July 2007

Monday's Meowings...

Well the weekend was pretty good here... Less rain than we've had in ages and quite a bit of sunshine, so we've all had a chance to sun our bellies for a change! :)

Mummy & Dad spent most of Saturday outside on the patio building our new sunroom. It's looking good and as soon as Dad finishes off the roof (staining the wood with kitty friendly wood preservative, and adding the 3/4" x 3/4" weld mesh) it'll be ready to bolt together! :) Dad's designed the place in sections so it can be taken down and moved if needed. This also means if Mummy & Dad get a bigger house our sunroom can come along too! :) When it's finished it'll be attached to the house so that when the patio door is open we can go straight out into it. This'll mean we can spend hours each day out there playing (as long as it's dry weather) and come in when ever we feel like it! :) I'll get Mummy to take some photos of it once it's all done and we can use it, that way everykitty can see what a wonderful place we have to play in! I'd invite you all over to play in it if I could... :)

Other than that we had a quiet weekend and spent a nice time watching movies with Mummy & Dad in the evening, though Isis kept fidgeting like a toddler! ;) Tigmut'hep and I both had a very good time snuggled between Mummy & Dad getting fussed... :)

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Thursday Tag...

It seems I've been tagged by Kimo and Sabi to come up with some new cat sayings... So here goes!

A frog in the mouth is worth two in the pond! - this one is dedicated to my house mate Tigmut'hep, as he's frog obsessive... ;)

No good dinner goes uneaten! - well I think that covers us all here... ;)

Some 'nip in time is devine! - ok so I like a little of the good stuff... :)

Ok I thiknk that's about as much thinking as I can manage today... Well I did spend most of last night having to hide my tail from Isis, as she wanted to play kill the furry snake - the trouble was it's my furry snake she wanted to kill! Oh well I did have good snuggles with Mummy and she kept my tail nice and safe for me for hours! ;)

Oh and I tag the lovely Marie and Lux cause I think they'll enjoy this too! :)

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Wet Wednesday...

Well I thought I'd better bring everykitty up to date with the icky weather we've been getting here in the UK, as my Sweet Marie has been worrying over my fur getting all wet and horrid...

Now even though Stony Stratford located just 5 miles away, where our Nana lives has been flooded in part and Buckingham which is about 10 miles away was under 4 ft of water in places, we're all fine here and keeping our paws all nice and dry! :)

If you look up MK Citizen Newspaper you'll find some photos of the local flooding as well as a little artical. It's strange to see a place Mummy visits so often under all that water! I think I'll have a little nap now to get over the shock... ;)

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Tag team Tuesday...

This morning we all decided to take it in turn to pin Mummy down in bed and fuss her! It was great fun and Dad even managed to get a photo of Isis and me sitting on Mummy - Tigs moved as soon as Dad went to get the camera as he thought it ment he was about to get some breakfast... ;)

Now Isis tells me I have to show you all the pretty pictures Mummy took of her yesterday, or she won't share the toy rat she's stollen from Tigs with me... Well it looks like a good game, so I guess I'd better show you her photos! ;)

Monday, 23 July 2007

A trip to the V.E.T.

Well I for one was reasonably pleased to hear that only one of us kitties was due a trip to see the V.E.T. this morning, well I wasn't the kitty who needed to visit the V.E.T. and could remain in the nice dry warmth of the house while Isis and Mummy braved the rain and cool temperatures outside. Yes we're back to icky weather here again... :(

So Isis met the V.E.T. and from what she's said to me it was all very nice. No nasty needles, no icky pills or medicine, just a nice lady vet who gave her a fuss all over and told her how beautiful she was and what a good mummy cat she'd make one day! She told Mummy that Isis looked very well cared for and was very, very lovely. It seems Isis fooled the lady vet into thinking she was a nice calm kitty - rather than the total raving nutter she is! I bet she didn't show the lady vet how good she is at running round the walls, while trying hard to our run her tail... ;)

Anyway we all got a nice big breakfast when she got back and that's always a good thing! :)

Oh and Tigmut'hep has eased off grumping since Mummy & Dad let the boy talk to him on the phone last night all the way from Canada. It was amazing to watch Dad catch the old grump and Mummy hold the phone to his ear, at first he scowled and grumbled and as soon as the boy started talking to him he relaxed and started demanding a fussing. By the time the call was over he was pretty much back to his normal self and had kissed goodbye to the Mr. Grumpy Cat attitude! He even turned up in bed with Mummy this morning for a cuddle, though it was ok as I still got mine as well! :)

Friday, 20 July 2007

A great new game!

Well it seems Isis has taught us all a new game this morning! Though I think it was good timing on her part not to start playing it in ernest until Mummy & Dad had woken up... ;)

The game is called "wack the rain drop and run away", it consists of wacking a rain drop on Mummy & Dad's bedroom window and running away - preferably by jumping on Mummy & Dad's bed and then onto another cat, who jumps onto the bed and then into the window, wacks a rain drop and jumps back! It's loads of fun, if a little chaotic... :) Mummy said we looked like one of those circus acts that use springboards and jump through things, but she said she wasn't sure she liked being a kitty springboard after a while... :( Oh well by that time we were all ready for some breakfast and Mummy was up ready to feed us, so we gave up for a bit. But I think we'll have to play that game again! :)

Tigmut'hep, Isis and myself had some yummy beef in gravy for breakfast and we all shoved our heads in the big bowl at once 'cause we were so hungry from playing so hard. Mummy was pleased to note that no-one pushed anyone out of the way or hissed at anyone. It seems Tigs has decided to give up grumping and accept Isis! :) This has made me feel very happy as we've all been able to curl-up on the sofa around Mummy and get a good fussing after breakfast... Just purrfect! :)

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Big treats...

Oh boy did we all have it good last night, Mummy & Dad bought Unca Pete home for dinner and he gave us all a few crunchy bikkies! :) Then this wonderful smell came from the kitchen as Mummy served out the Chinese food they'd bought home... There was beef, chicken and prawns and a lot of these very interesting things Mummy told me were called prawn crackers, well it seems they're very tasty and much to this kittie's liking! :) Isis on the other hand decided to make herself have some really interesting kitty breath by licking out Mummy's dish when she wasn't looking (she's a naughty kitty at times), the dish had a lot of garlic left in it and it seems Isis likes garlic! I hope she's not expecting any kitty to want to kiss her today! ;)

After Mummy'd finally managed to get the dishes away from Isis and the crackers away from me, oh and Tigs out of Unca Pete's shoes - she gave us a dinner of yummy chicken and rabbit! :) Unca Pete was laughing as he saw us all come running like a little herd for the kitchen as soon as we saw Mummy go in there with our dinner. Dad informed him that it was like this at least 2-3 times a day here, kinda like feeding time at the Zoo! ;)

Mummy says we have to be nice to Unca Pete and get used to him visiting us as he's happy to come over and feed us if Mummy & Dad ever have to leave us over night. He has a kitty at home too and Mummy's offered to look after her (Jordan) if he ever needs her too, she has to have medicine twice a day put into her eyes as they don't work quite right... :( But other than that she's a happy, healthy girl kitty :)

Anyway Isis seems to be looking for a tail to chase, so I'd better go do my brotherly duties and race round the house like a nut for a bit. The upside of this is Mummy says I'm already starting to look more "buff", my muscles are showing more and she thinks I've got more bounce in me than I've had in a while. I just hope my Marie appreciates a "buff" kittyboy! ;)

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Toys are us Tuesday!

Oh boy do I love our new laser pointer toy! I get to chase that little red dot round and round the house, with Isis following me trying to get to it too... It's good to be bigger, faster and taller when it comes to catching the dotty thing! :) Even Tigmut'hep has joined in from time to time, but he seems to prefer playing with Isis ickle mices... She's been very generous and let us all have one of those to play with, though Tigs is the one who seems to like wacking the heck out of them most. Isis just likes to play fetch with them and like me carry them in her mouth and drop them at Mummy's feet. Although Isis has to learn that Mummy and Dad feet aren't chew toys apparently! ;)

We had a lovely snuggle in bed this morning, I got lots and lots of Mummy love and Isis fussed Dad mostly - well she did until I pushed him out of bed! ;) Then I had Mummy all to myself for a few minutes before she went to make the kitty breakfast and the large pot of tea it seems to take to help her wake up! ;)

Monday, 16 July 2007

Introducing Isis!

Well she's here! This is my little 'sis or as Mummy and Dad call her Isis... At first when she came home with Mummy & Dad on Saturday evening I wasn't at all sure what to make of her. Tigmut'hep suggested we see if she tasted good, but in the end we she flopped down with Mummy and Dad and Tigs and I had a grumble and a bop, while trying to work out what to do with her...! ;)

So Sunday morning arrived and she was still here and Tigs and I had decided she really wasn't yet big enough to eat, so we all settled down and had a little breakfast. Mummy and Dad then told us we had to be good as they needed to go do some shopping for cat food, well we decided it was in our best interest to do just that and we were all flopped on the sofa when they came back with not only food, but some nice little toy mice as well! So we each got a new toy mouse and had a bit of a game with Mummy and Dad. Again they popped out for a bit and came back just as the weather was getting icky with a laser pointer for us all to play with. Well I'm sure they had that bit wrong and that it's really mine, so I did most of the chasing! :) It's wonderful, I chased it here and there for ages, Tigmut'hep had a little go when I got tired and even Isis joined in. Before long there were three very tired cats flopped on the sofa, it was only Mummy's offering of yummy turkey that made us move a few hours later... ;)

This morning I've decided that I quite like having 'sis here and Tigs has to agree, it's far more fun playing with her than trying to have her for breakfast! ;) We've all had a cuddle with Mummy & Dad in bed this morning, shared our breakfast in a rather well mannered way and had our first game of 3 way tag. Running around the house like our tails were on fire for about 10 mins or so. It's so much fun and I hear Dad's going to build us a special room all of our own outside, so we can climb and play all day long! :) Maybe I really like having my 'sis here after all... ;)

Friday, 13 July 2007

Furry Friday Morning...

This morning Tigmut'hep and I both decided it was a good idea to go snuggle with Mummy and Dad in bed just as their alarm went off. It was a rare treat for Mummy to have a cat on either side to fuss! :) Though it did start her wondering what she'll have to do to cope come Sunday morning if we all want a fuss at once! ;) Well I can answer that one easily, it's fuss me Mummy!!!! :) Ok, so that's my answer to most things... But it's a good answer, honest! ;)

Maybe we could try tag-team Mummy fussing? One cat at a time, all day long, in a kind of relay system... Oh but then Mummy wouldn't be able to feed us when we want! :( I'm sure we'll work it out in a few weeks...

Oh and I'm sure I sniffed something good when Mummy and Dad came home with the food shopping yesterday! I'm sure I saw some nice fresh turkey just for us... It's something Tigmut'hep and I can agree on as good eating you see! :) So not only are we likely to have my little half-sister here by tomorrow night, but a very good dinner too... Just purrfect! :)

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Two days to go...

Mummy and Dad have been tidying the house and getting everything ready for Saturday when they're going off to see and hopefully bring home my half-sister. It's all going rather fast, but I must say I'm getting rather excited too!

A few nights ago I helped Mummy crochet her a little blanket all of her own, kind of like those Tigmut'hep and I have. Though Mummy made her's a little different in colour so she cane tell them all apart. Both Tigmut'hep and I have beige, brown and black blankets though they have slightly different patterns so she can tell who's is who's! My sis's blanket is white, brown, beige and some cool looking multi-coloured wool that goes from slate grey to white with brown and beige in it too. I helped unravel the wool for Mummy a few times as she crocheted it, so rightfully feel that I have helped in it's creation! :)

Other than them getting in a little kitten food and a new litter box, Mummy & Dad have already got all they need for bringing home another kitty. Oh and when Mummy and Dad were off buying litter and stuff for us and getting her bits, they got some lovely fluffy "vet bed" for our kitty carrier! :) I love rides in the kitty carrier and this will make it even nicer... Though I think Mummy'll be looking for another kitty carrier for my sis once she's here and settled as the one they're using on Saturday is Mine!

Oh and here's a recent photo of my little sis, she's 6 months old now you see... Mummy's just got to come up with a proper name for her once she arrives, something nice like Ramses or Tigmut'hep will do just fine... Oh ok, so maybe a girly name would work better! ;)

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Marie's meme...

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I wasn't around 10 years ago, but my Great Grandma Grand Champion Riverfern Grace was...

I must have been that twinkle in her eye!

What were you doing 1 year ago?

I was happy at last to have a proper Mummy of my own and was looking at pictures of my pretty Marie on Flickr and Catster...

Five things you like to eat:

Bikkies - especially Royal Canin and Hills
Turkey (well it's almost like chicken)
Egg Yolk - it's a rare treat

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:

Al Jolson's "Mammy" song from The Jazz Singer, cause Mummy's the only person I sing about and to...

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

Buy Mummy a bigger house so there was room for more cats!
Buy Mummy a bigger bed so I had more room at night when I want to cuddle!
Fly my Marie over for a cuddle when I needed one! :)
Buy Dad a lot of wood and power tools so he'd hurry up and make the cat sunroom he's promised us!
Buy a place with a bigger garden to keep Tigmut'hep happy!

Five bad habits:

I only have good ones, like 4am cuddles... ;)

Five things you would never wear again:

Collars are not for me... :(
I prefer to run round in nothing but my fur! ;)

Five favorite toys:

My brown feather
My black and white feather
My grey feather
My pompom that Mummy made me

Five kitties to tag:
http://daisythecurlycat.blogspot.com/ - Daisy
http://dragonheartsdomain.blogspot.com/ - Dragonheart
http://kattoniccats.blogspot.com/ - Zippy
http://marilynmonroew.blogspot.com/ - Marilyn
http://ballicus.blogspot.com/ - Chairman Mao

Monday, 9 July 2007

Just stuff...

Mummy, Dad and the boy all visited my old owner yesterday for a garden party. They came home smelling off all the cats I used to live with at Silversmoke Abyssinians, so Tigmut'hep and I had a lovely time sniffing them all after they got home! Though I think the boy smelt best as he had a look at my chickens there, I just wish he'd bought me a few home to play with! ;)

It seems quite likely that once my half-sister is old enough to be a Mummy she'll go visit my old Friend Gr. Ch. Silversmoke Dan Dare as he's a nice kind friendly tom cat and is sure to make her feel at ease. Some of the young and inexperienced toms can really upset a young female and Mummy certainly doesn't want her upset...

Other than that Tigs is sulking as Mummy's been packing the boy's case today in preparation for his trip to Canada. It seems I'm to be invited to wake Mummy and Dad up at 4am without them getting cross at me tomorrow, or they won't be able to get to Gatwick on time! :) The downside is that Tigs will now grump for a month, though with luck my half-sister's arrival will perk him up a bit! ;)

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

My Half-Sister...

Mummy's set a rough date for going to see my half-sister now and has spoken to the Breeder I used to live with, who found me this home with Mummy. They've invited Mummy, Dad and the boy to a cat club garden party on Sunday, so Mummy can talk to a lot of other breeders all at once as well as get herself cat club registered. I've been wondering does Mummy getting registered mean she's got a Pedigree like me?! It's very confusing you know...

Here's a few little photos of our Father, as well as her Mummy with her and her brothers and sister:

The kitten Mummy's thinking of is the lighter one that's hidden under her other siblings...

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Tigmut'hep's Birthday...

The Birthday Boy Tigmut'hep with his white rat
Yesterday my housemate Tigmut'hep turned 7 years old! Mummy and Dad gave us yummy rabbit and chicken for dinner, it was such a treat! :) Rabbit's Tigs all time fave and chicken is mine so we both loved his birthday dinner and made it vanish really fast! ;)

Other than that Tigs got losts of fussing and had a lovely play with one of his many toy rats. I was a very good cat and let him have all the fuss he wanted without getting grumpy about it last night, Mummy sneaked me a few yummy bikkies for being so good! :)

Oh and Mummy and Dad will be going to look at my half-sister in 2 weeks time! :)