Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I've gotted a fishy pond!

Once more My Mummy has been busy and keeping me from the computer... However this has been due to my Grandpur going back to Calgary, My Mummy's bestest friend Auntie Gina visiting to fuss me lots, and also because Daddy has been digging out a big hole in the garden which has now become a great big fishy pond for me to sit in the run and look at. :)

I have made My Mummy take some photos of it, but someone has walked off with her camera download lead and so she can't help me share them with you right now... As you can no doubt understand this has made her a little grumpy, so I've had to fur her lots to help her stay calm! Oh yes, with the nice weather we've been having furring My Mummy has getting easier and easier... I furred my Auntie Gina lots too! :) So I gather that the furminator is coming out this afternoon! :( I work long and hard to get all these furs and in a matter of minutes they'll be all goned... In fact My Mummy has told all of us that we're getting a good grooming this afternoon, so that Isis is not too hot and furry when she has her kittens later this week or over the weekend. Yes, I shall be an Uncle once more! :) What is nice here is that there is lots of room for all of us and the kittens too, however this means that I will have to walk more to do my Uncle patrol thingy for Isis and the kittens... I shall soon be a lean, clean, purring machine! ;)

Talking of having visitors, I hear that there is a good chance that we shall have visitors from France here in the New Year! :) I sure hope they bring Tigmut'hep some Matatabi with them, as he's not been able to find any more as yet, which is of course tragic... To make himself feel better over this, he has taken to licking the honeysuckle wood that My Mummy bought us back from Canada, as well as snorting his Valerian scented fish and giving his catnip cigar a good kicking - all of which seem to be taking his mind off of his urge to over groom himself and give himself a 'Brazilian' as My Mummy puts it! ;) It's good to know that he's finally coming to his senses, even if he needs to remain half stoned to do so... :)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Kinda sorta back...

Hi everykitty, we have been mega busy in the past few months - plus My Mummy has been mega lazy! ;) We have sold our old house and moved to my new one, I know it's mine you know 'cause My Cat Run is here and so is My Mummy and My Food! On top of this there is lots of My Smell here and I've been mega busy rubbing everything else that's here to make sure everykitty knows it's all mine too... :)

Part of the mega busy that wasn't to do with house selling, buying and moving, has been to do with My Mummy taking far too much time to help get My Nana's next book get itself edited and ready for print. When I've complained about the 97 squillion hours she's spent doing this sort of stuff, she's promised me extra chickens when it starts selling... Well you all know what a sucker I am for My Mummy and promises of chickens! I guess I shall forgive her once the chickens start rolling in, if not sooner, depending on the number and quality of the belly rubs I get from My Mummy... ;)

Talking about My Nana's books, while much of their content is sadly not about the yummy taste of chickens, some of the series contains some amazing characters that are based almost entirely on me, my sister Isis and niece Setra! My Mummy tells me that you have to read the first 2 books in the series to get to those though, which reminds me to flex my claws next time My Nana pets me. I mean what about me is not first and foremost in her mind, morning, noon and night?! ;) The first book is Dawn of Darkness by Julia Caesar published Sept 2010, by Arima publishing, with the next book due out the following month, so you will at least get to the good bit about My 'Mist Cats' by KissMouse time! :)