Thursday, 28 October 2010

Bad Mummy, Good Book!

Sorry for being away from Blogging for so long, but My Mummy's been mega busy with 'life' and lots of other stuff that's meant I've had to take to napping in her office to get enough attention! :(

As some of you will know or vaguely remember, My Mummy as long been helping an Author change genre and get her first Fantasy Fiction series off the ground. Basically My Mummy's been doing research, listening to and talking over bits of plot and story line, just offering a sounding board so to speak as well as needing to be on cheerleader duties when it's all seemed too much to ever accomplish... Anyway Julia's labour are here and in print at long last! :)

'Dawn of Darkness' is just the beginning of a planned 10 book series, with the 2nd book 'Curse of Night' being published in just a few weeks time. In fact book 3 is well on it's way to being publishable, while book 4 is about half written at present. So no need to worry about reading one book only to find you have ages and ages to wait until book 2 hits the shelves! Being a feline with an avid (if not obsessive) reader as their Mummy that was my greatest worry (after all she lays still and let's me get really comfy when engrossed in a good book), hence the fact that Julia is well ahead on her writing schedule and can keep this pace up too, her feline assistant Patches makes sure of this, by sharpening her claws on Julia's chair if she doesn't type fast enough! ;)

There will be an Official website up within a few weeks too, thanks to the good folk at Red Dragon IT and My Mummy putting in a good deal of time and effort to it.

Sorry if I've been away so long... But it's a hard life being the prototype for a whole new fantasy feline species! Oh yes, me and all of Abyssinian kind will be there larger than life in this series, starting from book 3 where one of us shows himself for the first time. Though never fear we'll be back in more detail in book 4 and on through the rest of the series! :)

I hope you all love these books as much as I do, and find your humans willing to read them for hours at a time, giving you plenty of lap time!

They are currently available from as well as Arima Publishing, plus any book store can order them in for you! :)