Monday, 30 June 2008

Mancat Monday

Today I'm being a wonderful Mancat and am letting my housemate and fellow Mancat Tigmut'hep have the blog time as it's his 8th Birthday and he's all excited by his new toys and food! ;) I must say the food is great and it's nice of My Mummy to get enough for all of us to share in the treat... :) Though Tigmut'hep might try remembering the sharing rule when looking at his new toys! ;)

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Here are thirteen things My Mummy didn't do at the Dr's that I might have tried on my vet if he showed me a needle that big, as well as things I've done to take My Mummy's mind off of the shoulder pain:

1. Mummy says she didn't bite the Dr.
2. Mummy says she didn't even scratch the Dr.
3. Mummy didn't even scream the surgery down according to Dad!
4. Dad didn't have to chase Mummy and catch her and drag her back to the Dr's for her shot!
5. Mummy didn't need to have a bath when she came home, so I guess she didn't even pee herself with nerves!
6. Mummy didn't have to be bought home from the Dr's in a PTU!
7. Mummy didn't get a treat bikky from Dad for being good at the Dr's! :(
8. I stuck my claws into Mummy's leg so she stopped thinking about her shoulder!
9. I rewarded Mummy for being good by giving her a new fur coat!
10. I rubbed my head against Mummy's shoulder to make it feel better...
11. I didn't bug Mummy for cuddles all night, I just slept quietly between her and Dad!
12. I didn't jump on Mummy like I usually do to wake her up and poke her in the shoulder, I just stood up in bed and asked her to wake up in my bestest voice!
13. I've offered to cuddle with Mummy in bed all day if she wants to rest her shoulder that much, it's a huge sacrifice to make, but I'm a very devoted and loyal kinda mancat so I'm only too pleased to offer this sort of intensive care to My Mummy!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Mancat Monday

What a week I've had here, what with My Mummy spending a lot of her time getting D'boy ready for his trip to the Isle of Wight (aka Yao-lin's Island) this week. I'll be quiet here without him and thank goodness My Mummy will not have to get out of bed at 5:30am again all week! I do so hate it when she wakes me at that time and it's not just because she needs an extra fussing... ;)

The thing I'm a little moody about this week is that My Mummy's got to have a big needle put in her ouchy shoulder on Wednesday morning and after that she's not allowed to do much with that arm for 48 hrs... This means no left handed belly rubs and no sleeping under her arm between her and Dad all night! :( I'm sure I shall wither from neglect during this time of no left handed fussing as I like left handed fussing better than right... I'm not sure if she can cope either! :( I know she needs to rub my belly with her left hand to get to sleep at night for a start... I'm sure the Dr's have it all wrong and fussing with her left hand should be allowed, after all I'm not sure she knows how to do it with her right hand! :S The fear and worry is almost too much for me, I shall have to go for a lay down on her bed until the moment passes...

Oh and my other fear is that Dad can't open a stinky goodness pouch properly! He certainly can't cook properly and so My Mummy is being forced to stock the house with things he can feed them on without poisoning them or burning the house down trying to do... No joking Dad once cooked a frozen pizza with the wrapper still on it! My Mummy might starve and so might I while her shoulder and arm are out of action... No wonder D'boy has left home while this is going on! I mean Yao-lin's slave is a better cook than my Dad and you all know how much he suffers as a result of her cooking! Oh woe is me, I shall soon look like a hard done by and skinny meezer and I may well wind up with food poisoning just like Baby Mao did! :(

Monday, 16 June 2008

Mancat Monday

Well it seems my ears will be cleaned until they are pink if I don't do what my little 'sis tells me to do today and report on her big day out at the cat show on Saturday! ;) You can see above that she bought home some pretty ribbons for all to look at and sniff carefully... I have to agree with Isis, in that the big one in the middle smells best even if it's only a 2nd place in the Club Class, since she came second to a newly made up Imperial Grand Champion! She placed better than a Grand Champion in 2 of her classes and about 3 or more Champions, even if she didn't get herself a CC this time round - you need 3 CC's before you can be called a Champion (like me). So it looks like Isis will be going to a number of other shows this summer and on into the autumn too, in an effort to win herself 3 CC's and become a Champion before becoming a Mum for the second time! :) Oh and Mummy tells me Isis was a good girl and didn't try and go to say hello to every gorgeous male Aby at the show! ;)

While Isis was off being beautiful, Tigmut'hep and I had fun babysitting Dandy and Delta here at home. They were pretty good all told and let us eat plenty of their kitten food when the timer bowl opened at lunch and again at dinner time! ;) Oh and when My Mummy and the family came in with some KFC, Tigmut'hep and I got a little of that too - so did the greedy little kittens! ;) Isis had her share too when she got home as she'd not really felt like eating at the show... Mummy says she's going to buy Isis a chicken or some yummy turkey as a treat this week so she can celebrate her 2 wins and 3 2nd place's in real style, along with starting off her rest from the kittens properly! ;) It seems I rather like my sister showing with all these yummy treat dinners we're getting as a result, even Tigmut'hep is becoming a big supporter of her professional modeling career as Isis herself likes to think of it. Oh and yes I have pointed out to Tigmut'hep that if he keeps appreciating the food so much he'll turn into a bigger supporter in no time! ;)

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Belated Mancat Monday

Well this is the last picture of Isis son's all together. From left to right, you can see Django, Dandy and Dizzy. It's certainly a little quieter around here with out Dizzy, but Mummy's been busy with paperwork so I guess she's pleased it's quieter so she can get it all done... Just today and 2 more full days here and Django goes to his new home too. It'll be a lot quieter after that I bet! This is defiantly a good thing as Mummy's explained to me that I have to babysit Delta and Dandy on Saturday with some help from Tigmut'hep... Yer right Mummy Tigmut'hep probably needs more babysitting than the kittens do! Honestly you'd think she'd know that by now... ;)

My sweet friend Storm, (the most beautiful Siamese cat in the World) has given me a lovely award and called me handsome too! Yes, I bet you can all see that I'm still blushing in this photo of me helping Mummy make the bed this morning... ;) You see she's got a new bedspread and it needs a lot of attention to make it just right and I'm the mancat for the job as you all know! I'm a bed specialist and can kneed and burrow with the best of them... ;)

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Belated Mancat Monday! ;)

Oh well I was too busy to get to my blog yesterday and with the kittens getting so big Isis has given up her "Titty Tuesday" post, so I'm finally getting to my Mancat thoughts today... So I guess my first thought is; real mancats put off today what could possibly be done tomorrow if they can't be bothered to drag their furry butts out of bed! ;)

It was a good weekend though as Tigmut'hep spent most of it sleeping off the effects of too much catnip at Karl & Ruis's wedding reception! Added to that Dad's away and so I got extra Mummy snuggle time! :) She and D'boy had a number of DVD's to watch and so all us cats piled onto their laps and curled up to watch them. The thing is I gather 4 kittens on one 11 yr old's lap makes for one very hot child, so he had to have a shower before going to bed as he felt all hot and horrid! Not that I can understand why feeling hot should have anything to do with feeling horrid... ;) I think that when Tigs joined in on his lap with the kittens was the exact point at which he reached critical mass and started his nuclear meltdown below his lap blanket! I on the other paw had Mummy pretty much all to myself, although Isis was snuggled up behind Mummy's head! :)

On Sunday Mummy roasted me a chicken! :) It was very tasty and being a good cat I shared MY Chicken with all the other cats here as well as they kittens who made little piggy noises just like Isis does when they ate it! ;) It seems that it must have smelt very yummy as Mummy and D'boy had some of MY Chicken too with some vegetables and roast potatoes, but being a good cat I didn't mind too much as I got 2 large servings of chicken and so slept very soundly on Sunday night. You know I have the bestest dreams when I have a belly full of chicken! :)

Yesterday Mummy helped D'boy get himself ready for back to school today and in the evening we had our kitty sitter Unca' Pete visit us! :) He bought us gifts of kitty milk and nice smells on his trousers, as well as a good lap for the kittens to have a nap on... It seems he likes a lap full of kittens even more than D'boy does! ;)

So after a long weekend of chicken and snuggles D'boy's gone back to school, although I hear that My Mummy and Dad have to take him to his secondary school tomorrow at lunchtime for an interview or something, so I'll have all the family home for a quick lunch before taking D'boy back to school I hope! :) I think I'm actually missing Dad while he's been away... Just promise not to tell him that I love him, ok?! My Mummy can't manage to fuss my back and give me belly rubs in bed at the same time with out Dad and I do so love my combi fussing that I can't wait for him to get home tonight! :) I've saved up lots of furs to apply to his PJ's and an all excited about sniffing his trousers to see what he's been doing... Oh and I hear he may be bringing home a BIG bit of willow tree for the cat run so we can have a tree to climb in it!!!! Oh boy am I going to enjoy that! :) You see with the levels of catnip that Tigmut'hep takes he can't even climb the wire in the run, so I bet he'll make a real mess of tree climbing and I wanna watch it and then show off my skills! ;) Oh yer there's nothing quite a mancat showing off his prowess! :) Talking of a need to show off my mancatly prowess and all that, it's wonderful to have My Marie back after 6 whole weeks away...