Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Well I'z just gotta say I'z hope everykitty has a wonderful 2008! :) Here we'z lookin' forward to Isis being a momma cat and getting to play with d'kittens etc. That and d'boy going up to senior school in September... I'z now off to warm Dad up and snuggle with My Mummy as Dad's gotted himself a cold! :( My Mummy says a glass or two of bubbly will help him feel better or was that feel less... I'z know it was one of dos feelin's anyway!

So I shall snort d'nip and fink of all my kitty friends far and wide (yes dat's you Tigmut'hep!), especially of My Marie who sended me a calender of her and her feline family to gaze at lovingly all year long... :)

Friday, 28 December 2007

Finking Friday...

I'z fink it's been d'bestest KissMouse ever and as soon as I can get my 'sis away from d'nip pillow I'z sure we'll all be back to bloggin our paws off... For now I'z keepin' a close eye in her as she's been snorting dat nip for days and doesn't seem to be comin' up for air! ;) Anyway tomorrow she gets to celebrate her First Birthday, so I'z guess she's havin' a last minute kitten moment while she can! ;)

Monday, 24 December 2007

Mancat Monday...

Just what every Mancat should have at KissMouse time, a purrty girlycat and lotsa mistletoe for kitty kissin' under...

Meowy KissMouse to all, I'll be back in a few days once I'z kissed My Marie enough! :)

Friday, 21 December 2007

Finking Friday...

I'z done quite a bit of finking this week and even more inspecting of the Kissmouse tree and other decorations... My Mummy has squished the tree in next to the TV so that Isis can't pull it over and so far it's worked purrfectly! :) We'z gotted our decorations and Isis isn't pullin' 'em apart or climbing them as My Mummy first feared she would... Anyway I'z fink d'tree looks lovely and I'z keep lookin' under it to see iffen we'z gotted any purresant there yet!

We'z gotted all sorts of nice Kissmouse decorations, a Santapaws one and a lovely KrisMoose too! :) I'z fink they makes KissMouse special...

We'z also gotted some purrty decorations that are all glittery and shine when My Mummy turns d'purrty tree lights on and a lovely gold angel dat d'boy loves... My Mummy still has d'KissMouse angel from when she was a little girly, although she's needed a bit of work her purrty face is still all original and dat's what makes it KissMouse for My Mummy I'z fink... :)

Now I'z fink I'll go snuggle with my 'sis as she's stopped calling and is no longer a wanton hussy! ;)

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Thursday 13...

Thirteen reasons why My Mummy should not be aloud to abandon me for 90 squillion hours at a time:

1. I'z miss her lots
2. I'z might need attention
3. I'z might need food!
4. I'z might need a fussing... Ok, I'z will need a fussing!
5. I'z might wanna blog!
6. I'z might need her to save me from my 'sis wanting to clean me!
7. Iffen she doesn't save me from Isis cleaning me I'z might get cleaned to bits!
8. I'z might wanna get into her room so I can nap on d'bed and I'z not that good at opening doors on my own...
9. I'z might need my ears warmed up and rubbed...
10. I'z might require grooming...
11. I'z can't open my bikky jar on my own! :(
12. I'z might wanna go out into the run...
13. I'z might wanna warm spot to sleep on...

Yep, dats it! My Mummy is just going to have to stay with me all the time and never run off for squillions of hours at a time to do stuff... Well she can shop for cat food iffen she's quick! ;)

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

The Ramyfurccasions of real love...

I'z been awake much of the night thanks to my 'sis calling like only a mad girlycat can! Oh well it just meant I'z decided to take cover in My Mummy and Dad's bed at about 2:40am when it all gotted too much for me... I'z snuggles between them and buried my head against My Mummy's purrity black pj's and purred until she fell asleep fussing me! :) As I'z lay in her arms and nuzzled at her pj's I'z started to notice dat the pj's was lookin' decidedly less black than when I'z first came to bed...

On closer inspection it all came clear to me, those lovely pj's had a special fur coat on now... ;) So as I snuggles closer still I'z finked about a bean word that has long made me ponder it's meaning! I'z first heard it a few weeks ago when My Mummy told Tigmut'hep that the ramifications of scoffing everykitty's dinner was that he was going onto a strict diet... I'z tolded him that my furs haded nuffink to do with his diet, but it made me fink hard about dat strange word!

It seems the true etymology of the word and spelling should be as follows:

Ramyfurccasion - Ramy-fur-casion

Ramy - the shortened form of Ramses
Fur - you know dat lovely stuff that keeps you all nice and toasty warm!
ccasion - a shortened version of the word occasion

The word means an occasion to apply Ramy fur to ones very own Mummy's pj's or other form of clothing! :)

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Terrific Tuesday!

Oh what a great start to the day, d'post lady arrived with not just one, but 2 fings in the mail for us! :) First of all we'z saw d'card that Skeezix sented us from Ireland, we'z all haded a bit of a sniff and we'z fink we can smell some of dat Mother's Milk he spent his whole trip drinkin'... ;)

Then I noticed d'small of purrfect whitester girlycat! Yes, d'photo card from My Marie had arrived too! :) Oh boy was I happy... I'z even showed Isis d'purrty photo of My Marie with Casey and Donny, and she finked that My Marie was very purrty too once she worked out what side of the card to look at! ;) I know sometimes my 'sis is very silly, but I'z love her all d'same... :)

Monday, 17 December 2007

Mancat Monday...

Now d'question is should it be Mancat Monday or Madcat Monday?! You'z see my 'sis is callin' and driving me nuts with her asking me iffen she's beautiful all the time! My Mummy's had a lovely talk to the breeders who own the Stud she wants to take her to and it seems there's a chance she could go visit with either of their Stud cats, my old buddy Dan or their new Australian boy Goldie. So not only is Isis very noisy and excitable at d'moment, but so is My Mummy! Can't a Mancat get some peace round here?! Oh well iffen I can't here I'll just have to teleport over to My Marie's and spend some time snuggling with her... :)

Right now I'z not even bothered dat Mummy's not finished putting up the decorations here, I'z just wanna bit of peace and quiet... Oh goodness I'z starting to sound like my housemate Tigmut'hep - I'z not turning into Mr Grumpypuss honest... I'z just need about 48 hrs sleep and some quiet! ;)

But I'z happy to hear dat My Mummy and family are all going to be here for Kissmouse and dat Dad's Mummy's comin' to visit! :)

Friday, 14 December 2007

Finking Friday...

Well as purr usual on a Friday I'z been finking hard... This time I'z been finking about where oh where My Mummy coulded of hidden our purresents! I'z mean it's very serious dis lack of 'nip scented packages... So when My Mummy haded a phone call from her sis, and was huntin' in her closet for stuff she could give her to wear (My Mummy and her sis seem to like trading clothes for some reason, even Nana and Grandnan get in on the act at times, 'cause they all like the same sort of stuff and are all pretty much the same size!) So I'z made my move and dived into the closet with my 'sis and Tigmut'hep flowing close on my heals... ;)

We'z haded a good rifle around and sniffed each and every shoe, but still nuffin... My Mummy's holdin' out on me I'z just know she's gotted something hided away from the prying paws on my 'sis! I'z fink maybe I'z can try the loft on Sunday when Dad gets the decorations down... I'z just know she can't have forgotted to send off out Santa Paws letters cause she knows that this is 'sis's very firstest Kissmouse!

Plus she remembered to make up our Kissmouse photos, heck even Mr. Grumpypuss gotted one! I'z fink it's hard to tell just from lookin' at the photo what a bossy grump he can be at times... ;) Just don't tell him I'z told you that, 'cause I'z don't really fancy havin' my brains bashed in...

Oh I'z fink I'z just herd My Mummy openin' the patio door, so I'z off to hunt around our run for my purresents! Well you'z never know where they'z hiding! :)

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Only 12 Days 'till Kissmouse!

Ok, so we'z all getting a little excited round here... But we'z also a little concerned as finally we'z broked into the cupboard where My Mummy's not been letting us go for squillions of weeks while My Mummy was wrapping some presents for other bean relatives, the thing is we'z founded nuffin that looked or smelt like a proper Kissmouse presents! :S Not a single wiff of d'nip, not a feather or a bit of fluff in sight... Nope we'z gotted nuffin! :(

I'z sure we'z all been good and know we'z very deservin'... To be honest I'z probably deserve more than the others, but being a good and kind hearted type of Mancat I'z willin' to share! The trouble is it looks like I'z going to be sharin' nuffin! :( I'z couldn't even see or sniff out any special food in d'cupboard... It's looking critical here!

We'z not gotted the Kissmouse tree up yet, I'z can't find any sign of purresents or special yummy cat food... Nope not a single thing! :( Has My Mummy gone all senile and forgotted us and Kissmouse? Surely she can't have 'cause she's done my Kissmouse photo and made me look all purrty in a nice Mancatly kind of way... You'z don't fink she's gone and hidded the presents in some new spot just to foil out plans do you?! Surely My Mummy's not *that* smart... ;)

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Wonderful Wednesday!

It is I, Isis all at my Kissmouse bestest! :) I'z getting so excited about Kissmouse and hear that we'z getting a tree in the house soon... I'z not sure what type of tree it'll be, but I'z sure I'z gotta have a go at climbing it! ;)

I'z also seen Mummy stashing interesting looking stuff away in the cupboard, so I'z keep trying to get in there and have a good look! :) But it's surprising how fast Mummy is at shuttin' the door... :( Since Tigmut'hep and Ramses won't help me break into the cupboard and look through the prezzies I'z chased 'em all round the house this morning! ;) They'z now gotted away from me and are hiding in Mummy's office window outta my reach... :( It's really not at all fair of them'z to do that! I'z just wanted to play Herd of Thundering Elephants until they gave in and helped me bust my way into the cupboard... All this excitement isn't got for me, cause I'z very curious and I'z need to know what's in there NOW!

But Ramses is bein' a big sucky Mummy's boy baby and keeps tellin' me that I'z gotta wait for Santa Paws to deliver my presents... But it's not fair 'cause I'z wanna have 'em all NOW! Not even Tigmut'hep will help me, cause he says he doesn't wanna risk missin' out on his presents! Those boys are such sissies at times... ;) I'z sure there's at least wrappin' paper in that cupboard and I could so put the bitey on that for a start! :P

Oh yes Mummy, I'z bein' good! I'z just showing Napoleon my Kissmouse picture and sayin' how much I'z lookin' forward to seeing Santa Paws... That's right Mummy, I'z a good little girlycat! :) No Mummy, I'z won't put the bitey on my brother Ramses toes this afternoon... No I'z a good girl and doesn't do nasty fings like that, nope not even putting the bitey on Tigmut'hep's ear when he's asleep - 'cause Santa Paws wouldn't like that... Yes Mummy I'z know I'z your special little girlycat and I'll be off dis computer in a moment! :)

Waaaa.... I'z do so wanna know what's in dat cupboard!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Tough Tuesday...

It's going to be tough today seeing as I'm about to be abandoned by My Mummy for ages... She keeps on about it only being a few hours at most, but I'z know the truth 'cause I'z one smart Aby! So to make sure she understood properly how I'z feel about being abandoned all alone with Tigmut'hep and Isis (as well as My Marie, who's going to make a quick snuggle time visit), I'z woke her up extra early before the box in the corner started talking to her... I'z didn't really mean to wake her up so early, she didn't have to wake up just 'cause I'z sitted on her face! Maybe it haded something to do with my wriggling my bottom around to get really comfy? Or maybe it's 'cause I sitted on her shoulder and pushed my nose in her ear and purred first? Should I'z have warmed my nose up better first, or was it because it was a little bit damp? I'z will have to fink about it... Anyway I'z woked her up and insisted on having a mega big snuggle before she gotted outta bed! :)

Monday, 10 December 2007

Mancat Monday...

I'z decided to spend much of the day napping so I'z got more energy for snuggling with My Mummy at night... I mean I'z only just managed 3 hrs last night before I'z fell to sleep! I'z take snuggling with My Mummy very seriously you know... :)

Anyway she's busy writing the last few Kissmouse cards she needs to do for the family and then she says she may even start wrapping presents this afternoon, so I'z gotta be awake for that! I'z mean what cat in their right mind would wanna sleep through the chance to play with wrappin' paper?! ;)

Tomorrow My Mummy's got a hospital appointment, but she promises to be back in time to feed me my lunch, so maybe my estimate of the time she'll be abandoning us all for was a little high at 70 Squillion hours... But I knows it'll be long enough! The one time My Mummy haded to go away over night and leave me here with Dad and the boy I wailed all night due to serious abandonment issues... I'z founded that the more wanted I'z make My Mummy feel the less she abandons me to fend for myself with just the aid of Dad and the boy! ;) Us Abyssinian's are smart you'z know! :)

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Santa Letter Saturday...

It is I, Isis here for a second time in one week! :) I'z musta been a good kitty to get on here twice in a week... I'z sure it's gotted nuffin to do with begging Ramses constantly for 2 hrs to let me write my letter to Santa Paws! ;)

Dear Santa Paws,

It is I, Isis! You'z not meted me till now, 'cause my momma cat didn't have me till after you'd visited with her last year, so you see'z it's my firstest KissMouse! :) I'z been ever so very good all year, I'z done eatin' 'n growin', n' playin' and has only put the bitey on toes when given nuffin else to do, or when they tormented me with their wiggling. I'z done lotsa helpful stuff too like cleanin', I'z cleaned my big brother Ramses, I'z tried to clean Mr. Grumpyfur (aka Tigmut'hep), I'z cleaned up the kitty bicky that the boys tip on the floor, I'z cleaned Mummy's lunch plate often (ok, so how was I to know she hadn't finished eatin?!), I'z cleaned out the milk, tea and coffee mugs too (look it's hard to tell when peoples have finished with stuff!) But mostly I'z done being cute and purrty at peoples, specially Napoleon , the boy, Ramses and Mummy's camera! :) So I finks I've deserve lotsa nice stuff for being so adorable!

Iffen you could please leave me the following:

1 large catnip pillow
- I'z only just discovered the joys of d'nip and wish to do further investigations into it's effects...
Some more toy mousies - I'z losted all mine and efurryone elses round here... :(
Something nice and warm that I can put the bitey on - kinda like toes, but with less squealin' please...
1 purrty feather toy - I'z just love feathers... :)
1 large bottle of cat milk - I'z gotta thing for milky stuff you see...
Some primo catnip - Ramses says the stuff with buds is bestest...
1 catnip toy - cause taking d'nip makes me wanna put the bitey on things...
1 big sexy Mancat - cause I'z got these urges...! ;) *giggle*
Some wools I can put the bitey on - cause I'z been doin' my bestest to resist Mummy's crocheting...
A big yummy dinner bowl full of all my fave stuff to eat - well ok stuff that would actually go together and not cause litter box issues...

Thank you Santa...


PS: I'd also like a KissMouse Ribbon or something purrty to ware and can I'z play with all the wrappin' paper too?! :)

Friday, 7 December 2007

Finking Friday...

Well I'z fink it's been a purrty good week so far! I'z gotten d'conehead off and stopped having to have drops in my eye for a start... :) I'z gotted to see lovely ladyvet and she tolded me that "I'z look purrfect!" I'z don't care that My Mummy keeps tellin' me that she really said "your eyes look purrfect!" Nope I'z not listening... I'z know what lovely ladyvet ment! :P

I'z fink that the new patio door insert with d'cat flap in is brilliant! We'z can go in and outta the house as often as we'z feel like and play in d'cat run... My Mummy says it saves the house getting cold while we're out playin' and I fink she's right. We'z can come in side after playing thundering herd of elephants in d'run and it's lovely and warm inside and we'z can go snuggle our cold paws in one of our crochet blankets on d'sofa! :) I'z fink that's a great feelin' nice warm paws after being outside playin'... Oh and I fink it's great today as it's not raining! :) While I'z not worried about a little rain, when it rains a lot my furs go all icky and I'z feels mighty yuck... I don't fink it's right to have yuck feelin' furs! I'z fink it's time for a good gooming, 'cause just finking about yuck feelin' fur has made me feel the need for a good cleanin' ;)

Oh and lastly I'z fink that the KissMouse tree will be going up in about a week's time! I'z purrty sure Isis is going to like KissMouse time and purrhaps we'z should all start writing our KissMouse lists! :)

Dear Santa Paws,

I'z fink I'z been a very good Mancat all year, even when I had to wear d'conehead... So please can I'z have:

A Catnip Pillow - stuffed with the mega good 'nip - you know the sort with lotsa buds!
A Toy Mousie - cause my little 'sis losted my last one...
A day free from having my ears washed by my 'sis, and a nice dinner with lotsa gravy - cause I'z always ready for one of those!

Thank you very much! :)

Lotsa purrs,

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Teriffic Thursday! :)

It is I, Isis here today! :) Since I'z got to the blog before Ramses today and since I'z only allowed one day a week, I fink I'd better show you my ribbon and the pretty little badge I's gotten from Smoggy! :)

I've never done any modelling before, but I'z look at Daisy every week and have been trying hard to learn from her examples...

But it's hard being the only girlycat in a house full of Mancats, cause at times they'z tease me when I'z trying to look all glamorous... They'z don't understand that I'z trying to be a beautiful Ladycat! (Unlike that cute little boycat Napoleon!) He'z kinda dreamy... *blush*giggle*

It was lovely going to Miss Peach's tea party yesterday as I gotted to be all growed up and sophisticated and drink tea from a proper cup like a Ladycat! :) I'z also been invited back for Miss Peach's birthday party in January when I'll be a year old! :) She's such a great Ladycat... I'z hope I can be as purrty as she is when I'z her age! :)

Now d'question is does I look cute in my ribbon? I'z picked it out myself as I fink I'z like green and it goes nicely with my badge! :)

I'z also picked out the wools for my birthday blanket, they'z all lovely and thick and woolly and they'z a lot of the colours of my furs, from a dark cream/beige to a dark chocolate colour, with some nice gingery brown flecked wools too. I'z tolded Mummy that I'z want three bands thick of colour from lightest to darkest and now all she has to do is crochet it all for me! Though I'z offered to help her with the wools... ;)

My big brother Ramses is all happy now he's out of his conehead and I'z gotta say he does look less yuck with it off! He gotted to see Lovely ladyvet yesterday without me... But he tolded me that she said that he's purrfect now - dis can't be true 'cause I'z the purrfect one round here! :P But he keeps insisting that's what she tolded him, so I'z asked Mummy and she's sure the lovely ladyvet tolded Ramses that "your eye's perfect" - looks like I need to go clean my brother's ears out for him! ;)

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Terrific Tuesday!

Today we'z gotted out first KissMouse card and purresent! :) We'z all feelin' very happy to have our first card and better still 'cause it's the first KissMouse card anyone in the house has gotted this year! :) It came from our special furriend Smoggy, who's now an Angel Kitty... His wonderful Mom, Catherine of Faster Pussycat Productions sent us a new calender full of great photos of him... This takes pride of place on My Mummy's desk and we all check out the new photos each month and occasionally like having our photo taken with it too! :)

Well since Isis is the baby of the family, we'z decided to let her help My Mummy open the card for us. Cause Isis was borne in late December last year she's never hadded a KissMouse present or card before, so she gotted very excited! :)

Anyway I'z fink she didded a wonderful job of opening the envelope and sniffing out the contents! I'z impressed that she didn't even put the bitey on the card once! ;) Here's a photo that My Mummy took of Isis trying to read the card - purrsonally I'z fink she needs to go to school iffen she wants to read stuff proper! Anyway she managed to read it with a little help from My Mummy and has decided that the lovely little Smoggy badge should be hers as she's gotted a bit of ribbon she finks it will look nice on... Seeing as life is much better when one's little 'sis isn't grumping I'z decided to let her keep the badge herself as long as she promises to put it on the ribbon and let My Mummy take a photo of her in it for Fashion Friday! :) She's nefur had something to wear on a Friday before now, so is very excited ans can't wait to show off in front of My Mummy's camera for Napoleon... ;)

Monday, 3 December 2007

In reciept of good stuff...

Well I'z guess I can say my little 'sis has been in receipt of lotsa new toys... You see she's discovered where Dad keeps all his credit card receipts each month so he can check them off against his statement. The thing is the silly girl finks the receipts are really cat toys and spent most of last night digging out Dad's stash and batting them around the house! ;) I finks Dad's going to have to hunt under the sofas and beds here before being able to check his statement this month... Oh well My Mummy's not cross at any of us as she keeps tellin' Dad that he should find a better place to keep his receipts! ;) When Dad wasn't listening Isis even gotted a thank you from My Mummy! :)

We'z got other good stuff too though! My Mummy and Dad made us a special patio door insert that means we can get out into our run when ever we want pretty much! :) Because of the way our house is designed there isn't a proper home for a cat flap, the only access to the garden is via patio doors and we'z not gotten a wall that Dad could make a hole in for one of those through the wall flaps. So My Mummy and Dad putted their finking caps on and came up with a patio door insert with fitted cat flap, leading straight into our run! :) Tigmut'hep so loves going out that he might even lay off snitching everyone else's food, cause iffen he keeps piggin' he won't be able to get his big furry butt through the flap... ;) Now My Mummy's not heating the garden when we'z wanna go out in cold weather either and apparently that's more environmentally friendly than letting all the heatin' outta the house - though I'z not so sure iffen our pond froggies will agree! ;)

Lastly I'z gotted my cone off after My Mummy had a good look at my eye last night, then I gotted to snuggle with her and watch TV in bed as Dad wanted to watch a movie that My Mummy wasn't at all interested in! I'z gotted over 2 hrs of solid snuggling with My Mummy and it was total bliss, cause she scratched my head and ears for me and rubbed under my chin and helped me settle my neck furs down from where they'd been pushed by the horrid collar I'z been wearing with d'conehead. I'z so happy not to have dat cone on my head that I even let Dad feed me my dinner... Usually I'z insist on My Mummy doing my dinner, but when I'z in a good mood I'z not fussy! :)

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Snuggle Sunday...

Well I'z all excited still about the card I'z made being on it's way to My Marie... But I'z still managed to have a nice snuggle with My Mummy in bed last night and I even got my cone off for a whole hour of fussing and bliss! :) I was a little grumpy when I'z found it had to go back on, but at least it had had a nice clean while it was off and I'z had had a nice rest from it and such a good fussin! :) Isis joined in the snuggling with My Mummy for a bit in the night, she's very fond of sleeping on My Mummy's toes and keepin' them warm... I'z got a good fussing from Dad when he joined us all in bed and another first thing this morning! :) It's so good to have well trained cat parents and I'z fink my lot are trained up to near purrfection! :)

Dis morning Tigmut'hep joined in the fussing and was in such a good mood that he was even feeling affectionate towards me! :) My Mummy loves to see it when we'z like that and he gave me lots of kisses on my head this morning, just so Mummy could see... While I appreciate the fact that he loves me in a brotherly and Mancatly fashion, I'z also fink he saves his outbursts of love for when My Mummy can see it, so she finks he's being nice and gives him extra treats and fuss! ;) But it seems Tigmut'hep is slowly becoming less of a Mr. Grumpypuss and feline household tyrant and more of a playful and loving feline family member - though neither Isis or I'z got any delusion of trying to be d'boss while he's around! ;)