Friday, 29 February 2008

Finking Friday!

Well I've had lots to fink about this week... From how to keep My Mummy away from my infectious Dad, sadly this didn't work well enough and I've been left to nurse My Mummy now that Dad's fit for work again! Oh and I've gotta nurse d'boy too as he's sick too... :( Now iffen they'd got their shots at the vets like I did late last year, I'm sure they'd have been fine! ;)

I've also been finking about being related to famous movie star cats! Does this mean My Marie will desire me even more? Mmmm... I fink I might like finding out! ;)

Then I did some finking about being an Uncle this time next week, if not then, it won't be much longer! :) Isis has a really "Wide Load" now and it's funny watching her belly move on it's own... First there is a lump in one place, then it migrates! I've therefore been finking what it must feel like to have your very own belly "possessed", like in Torchwood the other week!

Finking of Torchwood, It would be nice if My Mummy would pay me more attention when watching it... I mean I'm much better looking than John Barrowman and I do come from movie star stock! ;)

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Wednesday Wonderings...

Well after the sad news yesterday, I've done a lot of wondering about stuff... Mostly I've thought about how lucky I am to be here with My Mummy and how sad it is for my former owners to have lost GC Nile Golden Eye at such a young age! He was my replacement as their second Stud cat, when I told them (in no uncertain terms) that I needed a proper home and a real Mummy... ;)

My Mummy phoned Silversmoke last night and they were so pleased that she'd taken the time to let them know that she was thinking of them at this time... They are still in shock, especially the food lady there as she had been out watching Goldie play at 1pm and had returned just a few hours later to bring him is dinner - this is when she found him already dead, but not long gone... She is a very loving Food Lady, so she's currently a very sad one. It seems that Goldie has left a son behind who they hope to be able to carry on his line with as a stud, he also left a daughter who's a queen and who'll hopefully have a litter of kittens later this year - giving them another chance to get a stud boy with some of his characteristics. The autopsy revealed nothing, but lab results are still being waited on before they can be sure it was just a fluke of nature... Until then they won't breed any of his line.

The Food Lady at Silversmoke is however very, very pleased to hear that Isis is doing so well with Dan's kittens! :) She too is looking forward to seeing the kitten photos...!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Tragic Tuesday...

We've just had some pretty tragic news here... Our kitty friend at Silversmoke GC. Nile Golden Eye passed away last week at the age of just 2.5 yrs! They don't know why as yet, he'd not been sick and the autopsy shows nothing at all... Samples have therefore gone to the lab. As many of you know he was so nearly the father of Isis kittens and we had seriously considered him as her next mate! To say we're all gutted does not cover it... He was such an amazing mancat - he will be sorely missed by all who knew him! :( Our thoughts are much with Isis mate GC Silversmoke Dan Dare and his family at present...

Monday, 25 February 2008

Mancat Monday...

It seems Dad's home with manflu today... So I'z gotta compete for My Mummy's attention! Now come on Mummy, you can't zoom groom Dad, nor can you play "belly rub or bunny kick" with him... Not to mention the fact he's a walking bag of snot and contagion?! ;) I'z pretty sure his face is going to explode soon and that could be scary... Yes, that's right Mummy you want to spend your time with me, doing mancatly things like fussing me and telling me how wonderful I am! :) Oh and Mummy you can use that nasty pill giver thingy you use on us so we don't put the bitey on your fingers when being given pills, on Dad when you give him is cold and flu tabs - that way you don't have to get that close to him! After all I wouldn't want My Mummy getting sick, it'd mess with my routine for a start! ;)

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Super Sunday!

Well My Mummy had a lady over to visit us yesterday and that was nice as she kept saying I was beautiful and so was Isis! :) I do so like it when intelligent humans visit, you know the sort that see just how beautiful you really are... I have no interest in non-cat people, I'm sure there's something not quite right about them... ;)

Mummy abandoned us again to go to a feline genetics lecture last night... But she made up forMy Mummy then abandoned us all for a squillion and 5 hrs to go see a cat show locally... Though I'm not complaining cause she came home with a Zoom Groom! :) Isis and I now know the ecstasy those little rubbery fingers cause, you bet we'll be asking for more! ;) Though My this by having a long fussing session with me in bed both last night and this morning! ;)

I've not let My Mummy out of my sight all day, so she can't sneak off again! ;) What's even better is I hear she's cooking chicken tonight, so I shall be keeping an even closer eye on her then... Well a chicken lovers like myself has to think of his belly at certain times! ;)

The thing that really made my day today was getting this award from TT:
Firstly, I'd like to pass this award on to My Marie, cause she inspires much love and a good number of urges... ;)

Secondly, I'd like to pass it on to Skeezix as he was not only very brave in plucking up the courage to ask Daisy to go steady last week, but he makes Mancats everywhere less shy about talking about their urges... ;)

Lastly I'd like to pass it to the wonderful, one and only Miss Peach! Her zest for life as well as her love and kindness have touched so many hearts... Long may she continue doing so! :)

Friday, 22 February 2008

Finking Friday...

Well other than finking about my love Marie and how much I've been missing her thanks to her Mom having to work more hours each week, I've been finking about writing to Marie's Mom's Boss and getting him straight on a few things! I mean the man's messing with my love life, not to mention My Marie's need to blog and talk to other kitties, or her need for her Mom's lap to be home for snuggling duties... So I'z been drafting a letter, so far this is what I've got:

From: Ramses D'Lynx
To: The Bad Man who makes My Marie's Mom work too much! (This address is bound to find the right man after all!)

Dear Mr. Bad Man;

Do you not realize what your forcing My Marie's Mom to work so much is doing to my love life?! I'z a very romantic mancat and need to tell My Marie how much I loves her on a regular basis, your added workload for Marie's Mom is playing havoc with my urges too! I mean, how's you like thwarted urges? I know a number of important and influential mancats who're bound to have sympathy over my thwarted urges, take Skeezix for instance... He's practically a professional fashion designer and he has incredible urges for his ladycat, I bet iffen Daisy cat's Mom had to work as many hours as My Marie's Mom is having, to thanks to you, Skeezix would find himself incapable of functioning properly and Mr TF would have to spend all his time helping him relieve his eer tension! ;)

So I implore you to refink your current staffing situation! Get My Marie's Mom an assistant and put her back to regular working hours, in fact why not cut them a bit so as to make sure I get the attentions I so desperately need!? Oh and while you're at it I fink My Marie's Mom could do with a big fat pay rise, to help fund my beloveds need for the best forms of stinky goodness out there. This will also help pay for her to visit me more often and vice versa!

I fink that will do for now, but iffen I can fink of anything else you should be doing to make My Marie's Mom's life that bit easier, I shall not hesitate to write and make my demands clear!

Thanking you in anticipation of your doing all I require.

Ramses D'Lynx

Yes, I fink that'll do it and iffen he doesn't do all I require I fink I shall just have to call in a favour from all the cats I know in Calgary! I'm sure they can stalk him and make him think twice about not doing what I have so politely asked for in my letter... ;)

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Thoughts of Love on Thursday...

Well since I'z been missing My Marie blogging 'cause her Mom's got lotsa work to do, I decided to make a new Marie Picture for my blog sidebar... One that not only shows off her gorgeous eyes, but looks nice with the colours I picked for my page too! :) I so hope she likes the results...

Here's it all biggified... Just look at those lovely eyes! :)

Monday, 18 February 2008

Mancat Monday...

Well we'z had a busy weekend, but Dad finished off the painting of the hall, stairs and landing and now that it's stopped smellin' all bad and yuck, I'z gotta agree that he's made it look much better than it did before! :) Then again how hard is it to make something look better than it did painted "rubber duck yellow" with rose pink carpets? ;) I'z hear that we'll be getting new carpets once the kittens have grown up and left home! Now that'll be a major snoopervisory job... ;)

Today d'boy home from school - it's something called a "half term", but iffen it's a half, why is there a whole boy at home?! I fink they'z all a bit muddled... You'z can't have a half a person home, they leak all over the place! ;) Anyway we'z all too tired to do that much other than snoopervise the laundry getting done and making sure each clean piece has enough furs still on them! :) It's an important job for sure... Other than that we'z all had a little play in the cat run, it's getting easier to out run Isis now that she's shaped like a rugby ball! ;) Though she's still remarkably determined to get her own back at us mancats, so mostly we're being very nice to her...

My Mummy has to get up *very* early tomorrow so I'z planning on dragging her to bed nice and early tonight! Dad's gotta go to Manchester on a train to attend a seminar for work, he won't be home till quite late so our kitty sitter Pete is coming over for dinner and My Mummy can pick up Dad when Pete goes home. It's been ages since we'z seen him and so we'll have to give him a really good sniffing, I'z sure his cat Jordan will have sent us a message via his trouser legs - she usually does. We send messages back to her that way too! :) Iffen Pete gets really lucky he can have Jordan furs on one leg and a mixture of ours on the other one... ;)

Friday, 15 February 2008

Finking Friday...

Well mostly I'z been finking of love and snoopervising this week... The love bit as ever is wonderful with My Marie, 'cause she's just the most purrfect ladycat in the whole world! :) When I can't be with her I gaze lovingly at her photo on the wall in My Mummy's office...

The snoopervision however has been hard work... Dad's doing well I guess, but the whole house smells of paint and he nearly bopped My Mummy on the head with the stepladder! In fact he's a ruddy danger with a stepladder... I was starting to fink we'd have to call the fire brigade to come rescue him from it at one point - now wouldn't that have caused a laugh?! A cat calling to get his Dad down from a ladder... *giggle* I fink Dad would have been teased a lot iffen I'd had to do that! ;) But I fink he's done with that bit and is now onto the really smelly paint that makes your furs stick to it... I fink I'll keep clear of the work site for a bit as I like my furs just the colour they are at present! ;) At least Dad can do this bit of the job from the ground and not halfway in the air on a ladder! :)

I fink once it's all painted that I'll have to snoopervise Dad putting in a new lounge door, the new doors have windows in them and are made of oak that smells nice and is sure to make a great scratching post iffen My Mummy ever forgets to keep us well supplied with scratch mats and posts! ;) Though I have a personal preference for scratching at the carpeting... :)

Now I fink I'll go see what my sister Isis is up to, she's been all soppy since she gotted home from her date with Napoleon last night... She's been sitting in front of the mirror gazing at herself and her new diamonds! I fink she may be getting a little vain as well as rugby ball shaped! ;)

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Marie My Sweety, you are the bestest most beautiful girlycat in the whole World...

I'z your devoted mancat!


Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Cats Hitting the Headlines!

Well he looks like Adan, but acts like HRH Yao-Lin and although Yao-Lin might not like to admit it Felix is probably more famous too! ;) Just click on the photos to biggify them and see what this bad cat has done...

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Kitty Condo Warming Party!!!!

Ok, come straight through to the cat run and we can all start playing! Sorry the kitty condo isn't quite finished as yet... Apparently humans need the odd evening off from DIY and general construction! :( Oh well it's all there but the thatching, so I hope you all enjoy our new 4 story play house! :) Careful about jumping on the roof as I fink it's wood stain is still pretty fresh and no kitty really wants green paws, now do they?! ;)

Now there's a number of yummy treats for any kitty getting hungry... There should have been more, but Isis gotted My Mummy up early by pouncing on her legs after having taken one of her mousies to bed. Apparently My Mummy doesn't like being woken up by having a claw thrust into her thigh with all the weight of a cat behind it! ;) Honestly my 'sis should have known better... But there's some turkey terrine, a load of assorted kitty bikky, some fishy stinky goodness as well as some trimmings of roast beef! Iffen you can't find what you want, just ask... :)

Just make sure you have lots of fun, though apparently we'z got to leave the ladycats in peace in the living room... Though iffen we want we can quietly join them for a cup of tea and some dainty nibbles later! :) I fink that's when they'z finished talking about us... ;)

Oh and before I forget, any kitty needing directions to the litter box please ask myself or Tigmut'hep iffen he's awake! ;)

Monday, 11 February 2008

Mancat Monday...

Well it's been an interesting weekend here, I did lots of snoopervising as Dad put up a new door in the dinning room, he's got another one to put up in the living room too this week, so I will have a very busy week of snoopervising in deed! Then Dad's taking the end of the week off to paint the hall, stairs and landing area... My Mummy picked some lovely paint the colour of vanilla ice cream or creamy car milk for it, with we all think it a lot better than the "rubber duck yellow" we've had to live with up to now! "Rubber duck yellow" just doesn't look good against my furs after all - especially with the pink carpet My Mummy and Dad have yet to replace there as well... I hear the new carpet will probably wait until Isis has had the kittens and they are old enough to go to their new homes! At which point I can snoopervise the laying of some nice new carpet, which will blend far better with my furs... :)

So for now I'z making sure that all the food is ready for our kitty condo warming party tomorrow! Isis is taste testing it all to make sure of quality (if not quantity after all her testing), Tigmut'hep has also offered his help in the testing department... ;) Hopefully I can fend them off most of the food, so that there is enough here for all of you tomorrow! ;) See you then! :)

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Heavy - Photo Hunt!

Well what Mancat with a pregnant sister can resist posting the following for the Saturday Photo Hunt - Heavy?! This is my half-sister Isis looking far more heavy than usual in her 6th week of pregnancy...

Friday, 8 February 2008

Finking Friday!

Well it's Finking Friday again and this week I've mostly been finking at Isis belly is growing like a mad thing! ;) My Mummy says I'm not to make any naughty comments about my 'sis soon not being able to see her own paws, but the temptation's there never the less! ;) I fink the cutest bit is she's started to sleep on her back at times now, but she gets up and moves when I start to clean her belly - I fink she fears I'll loose my self control and start blowing raspberries on it! :)

I've also been finking about all the fun we can have at the condo warming party next Tuesday, well that and what we can eat! ;) There's a good stash of fresh catnip and even more of the really good dried stuff... :) Well I don't fink a girlycat in Isis condition can't be using it, so rather than letting it go to waste... Yer, well I fink it's a good excuse and I'm sticking to it! :P

I fink My Mummy will be cooking some turkey terrine for us all and maybe some kitty paella too! :) So I don't fink anyone will leave here hungry! ;)

Oh and the really good thing is I don't fink it matters too much iffen kitties make a mess of the hall, stairs and landing as Dad's booked off a few days at the end of next week to stay home and decorate it! :) I fink this means I get to snoopervise, which is always lots of fun!!! :)

Now I fink it's time to start bugging My Mummy for a nice spot of lunch! ;)

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Next Tuesday... PARTY!!!!!

Well as so many of you have asked about if we're having a kitty condo warming party, I decided that we might as well have one of the same day that Isis is having her "Tummy Tuesday Tea Party" here, with the lovely Miss Peach assisting! :)

So all you Mancats who've got girlycats wishing to have tea and talk about girlycat stuff with my little 'sis can come out to the new condo with me and Tigmut'hep! We can play proper mancat games in the run and be really loud and noisy iffen we feel like it, as those girlycats are going to be too busy drinking tea and stuffing their cute little faces with cream and bikkies! ;)

I hope lots of you mancats want to come along and join the fun... See you then! :)

Monday, 4 February 2008

Mancat Monday!

Well it seems Tigmut'hep's done his best to muscle his way passed me and onto the computer this morning... He's got plenty of weight to throw around though (especially considering how much kitty paella he ate last night), so I guess it comes easy to him! ;)

My Mummy's latest cat book as finally arrived in the post, so I think the Mancatly thing for me to do is to snuggle with her later this morning and let her read it to me! :) It's the Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook and looks purrty interesting...

We had a lovely weekend with many yummy dinners! My Mummy, Dad and the boy have been working on making us an outdoor cat shelter/condo for the run and I hear it's got it's roof on now and just needs one more floor level fixed in place before it can be weatherproofed and then Dad and the boy are going to cover it in reed, so it looks like it's thatched! :) This way it'll let some air circulate through the sides, while insulating it too - making it good for both cold days and hot! I'm really looking forward to testing it out! :) Next I hear we're getting another shelf in our run, this time up high so just us Aby's can get to it - though Mummy did mention putting in a kitty ladder so that Tigmut'hep can get up there too... Oh well not everything can be purrfect! ;)

Oh yes and Isis is eating very well and has been gaining weight at a nice steady rate and My Mummy is very pleased with her condition! :) Thanks to Isis we got to try some new food this weekend! Applaws Natural Cat Food is yummy! :)

Friday, 1 February 2008

Finking Friday...

Well it's been a good week for finking round here! What with making a Valentines for My Marie and hearing about the freezing cold weather they're having in Calgary at this moment - well as you might be able to guess, I'z been thinking a lot about My Marie and snuggling in warm places! ;)

My Grandpur in Calgary finally gotted his 80th Birthday present, and there'd been me finking that the postlady must have eaten it or losted it... :( But finally it arrived and he loved what we gotted him! :) He's hadded a rotten, bad, yucky, stinking cold from the deepest depths of somewhere nasty all over KissMouse and New Years, so My Mummy was very glad to hear he's starting to improve... She's been worrying herself half daft! Dad says that's easy for her to do for some reason I can't quite make out, but he always giggles when he says it so I fink he's being naughty! ;)

It's been a little cold here for the past few nights, so I finked it was better to snuggle under the blankets with My Mummy and Dad! Oh boy was I right, it was so toasty and warm there - which of course made me fink more about My Marie freezing her beautiful little paws off in Canada... For some reason when I finked about her as I slept, I'z got even warmer! By morning My Mummy said I was like a little red hot inferno - Oh yes a red hot inferno of love! ;)

The other thing I'z gotta fink about and be very thankful for is my good friends at Chat Aux Sphynx, Dragonheart and his cute little brother Merlin gave me this lovely award! :)

I'd like to take this opportunity to pass it on to the prettiest little white kitty ever created, My Marie! :) In addition to My Marie, I'd like to pass it along to that evil genius, the only cat I know with his very own Island - HRH Yao-Lin. Lastly but by no means leastly I fink I'll pass it to the only other Abyssinian I know that blogs and isn't related to me, the lovely TT! :)