Sunday, 30 September 2007

Sunday satisfaction....

So far the day's been good, Mummy let us snuggle with her in bed for a nice long time and then got up and fed us our breakfast. I must admit we were all mighty hungry from all that snuggling and did get a little excited about breakfast, but honestly Mummy we're not a herd of squawking 4 legged, wingless, furry bats - even if Isis did try to climb you and I started trying to jump up on the counter, while Tigmut'hep head butted your legs and nipped 'em! We'z just mighty enthusiastic when it comes to breakfast time! :)

Well now my belly's nicely filled and I've had a short nap, it's time to start thinking about dinner! I heard those wonderful words as Mummy told Dad she was making a roasty chicken for dinner today and he needed to get her big chicken roasting pan down for her! :) Honest Mummy us cats'd go and get it for you on top of the cupboard, you just need to stand below us and catch all the other bits we knock down as we look for the right pan! ;) What do you mean you'd rather wait for Dad as you've got a glass cake stand up there and it works better in one piece?! Oh all right, you'll make us extra gravy if we don't climb the kitchen cupboards... :)

Oh boy is it good to have a well trained human! :)

PS: Isis face hasn't spolded yet and Mummy says she's well enough and it's warm enough that we can all go play in our run for a bit! :)

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Sneezy Saturday...

Well 'sis's brain doesn't seem to have swelled up and sploded outta her nose yet, but she's sure getting big headed with all of you saying she's cute... ;) Her nose is still sploding a little bit, but after a short protest she took her auntybiotics like a good girl! Following this she scoffed her breakfast in a most unladylike fashion and then started trying to steal some of mine and even Tigmut'hep's! Does that girl have no manners this morning?! It seems not, 'cause she then slurped her way through a good sized bowl of catmilk, leaving me next to nothing! :( I'm starting to think the vet got it all wrong and she's not been given auntybiotics, but apatite stimulants! ;)

Think I'll go talk to Tigmut'hep about Halloween costumes now... I bet Isis could dress up as a little piggy! ;) Tigs says he wants to be a vampire bat, but I can't make my mind up at all...

Friday, 28 September 2007

Frootbat Friday!

Even though her nose keeps sploding she's still a total Frootbat! Boy does she have some nerve sticking her tongue out at me... Just a second while I go show her who's boss! ;)

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Sneezy Thursday...

My poor little 'sis has got the sneeze 'ems and Mummy doesn't know why, so she's gotta go see the V.E.T. later today. She can't even go see the nice lady vet who tells me how lovely I am, 'cause she's off sick! :( So she's got to go to the other practice and see the icky man vet... But I guess Mummy's right there's no point waiting and letting her sneeze her ickle baby brains out through her nosie, just 'cause the nice lady's sick! She's likely to be just as sick tomorrow, since she was also off yesterday... In the meantime I think I'd better go keep an eye in Isis and watch for any brain she manages to dislodge coming out her nose...! ;) It's a tough job but some kitty's gotta do it!

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Warning New Camera!

Dear goodness, what am I to do?! It seems Dad's gone and messed with my life and bought Mummy a nice new camera for her Birthday (and that's not even here for another few weeks, I know 'cause I'm saving up some really good fur to shed on her that day!). The fool has not only bought it for her early, but also let her have it already! I mean life was bad enough with the old camera getting pointed in my face, but now there's another one... :s So I've been showing Mummy my disapproval by hiding my head when she gets the new camera out! ;)

The trouble is Isis is letting the side down by posing for Mummy! She's been finding all sorts of cute new ways to pose for the camera and is even starting to act like some sort of supermodel diva! :( Then again all this time posing for the camera does mean it's time she's not spending with her tongue down one of my ears cleaning it out! ;)

Monday, 24 September 2007

Monday morning musing...

Gouchi being snuggled by Garfie

Having read all my buddies blogs this morning and thought about what kind of weekend they've all had has got me thinking... (Not recommended on an empty stomach!) It seems it's about time for me to moan at Garfie and Gouchi 'cause we've not had a mousey in the post from Canada for a while... :( It's no good I lay in wait for the mail lady as often as I remember and have even been training Isis up to do the same, but still no mousey... :( Even though Mummy and Dad even had a big tidy up over the weekend they didn't find any of our old mousey friends... The ratties are fine, but d' mousey's all gone :( But there is good news 'cause magic feather turned up again! :) It's such a great toy, one day it's big, the next it's little and it changes colour quite often too... Boy how I love my magic feather! :) Being a good big brother, I've even let Isis have a play with it and she now agrees the magic feather is are wonderful!
Me and my Magic Feather! :)

Other than that, Mummy cooked us all a nice roasty chicken with lots of gravy! :) I know there's some left overs, so I'm mighty hopeful of a good nibble of chicken for lunch today too. Though after reading my furriend Yau-lin's blog, I think I better wrap some up and ask the mail lady if she can take it to HRH on the IoW! It seems he's had a bit of trouble with his house slave not cooking right and he's put up a "Free to Good Home" type add for her... This'll probably mean he'll be taking her to the vets soon for one of those ladyectomie things, as you've got to be responsible when it comes to rehoming any unwanted creature like that! ;)

Anyway the sun is out at last and the rain's stopped, so it's time to go ask Mummy to open the door to our sunroom and go do some climbing and cage rattling! ;)

Friday, 21 September 2007

Thanks goodness it's Friday!

It wasn't fair that Mummy had to get up this morning, I'd just got myself all nice and comfy with her in bed... Isis was where she should be on Mummy's toes and all was right in the world and then off went the alarm clock! :( Telling us we had to get off Mummy and let her get up... It's not fair I tell you, we were comfy and being very well behaved! Couldn't we just have 1-2 more hours in bed with Mummy, please?

Oh well at least it's Friday and that means no alarm clock going off tomorrow morning, we can snuggle Mummy as long as we like and have a nice long lazy breakfast too if we feel like it! :) Maybe Isis can get Mummy to cook us some eggy? I mean she is the queen of eggy poaching! No eggy is safe if my 'sis is about 'n hungry, she'll happily steal 'em off the plate the second you turn your head! She's not like this with any other food, but eggy's her fave and she tends to get what she wants one way or another... ;) The good thing is she also tends to share her booty and since I'm rather partial to an eggy myself this is a rather good thing! You see I'm far too well behaved to go poaching eggy's off of plates, I don't even beg like Tigmut'hep does for his faves, like peas, sweetcorn, chilli, tacos and fried fish! No I just sit there and gaze longingly at the yummy food in question and hope that Mummy can read my mind! Lucky for me, most of the time she gets it right, mostly 'cause I think at her real hard. ;) The I get a spoonful of strawberry yoghurt, a bit of extra gravy put in my bowl, or some yummy eggy! Just thinking about it's got me all hungry again, so I'd better go see what I can find in the kitchen to eat... :)
Ok, so I will help myself if Mummy's silly enough to leave her plate where I can get to it! ;)

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Monday Night Mummy Snuggling!

Last night was the coldest night we've had in ages here, and sometime around 2am Mummy started to feel a little cool and grabbed her chenille throw to warm her up. This of course signalled her desprate need for a hot cat or two, so being thoughtful creatures Isis and I ran to her assistance! Isis took on warming up Mummy's feet, between the odd bout of wanting to play with them and have a little nibble, I being the more senior cat and far better trained for the job, squermed my way between Mummy & Dad and started heating her left arm and burying myself under the wonderful chenille while demanding fussing in payment for my donations of kitty heat! :)

All went rather well for about 30 mins or so, until Isis forgot her place and succumbed to the tempting chenille and worked her way up Mummy's body until she too could partake in its luxurious feel and warmth, the trouble was she sat on my head while doing so! So just as Mummy was drifting back off to sleep with me nice and warm
beneath the folds of soft chenille, there was a sudden moaning from me and Isis took off vertical as I managed to get a claw into her bottom, sadly catching Mummy's finger as I did so... So we were told to go take our squabble to the other room as Mummy, now nicely heated turned over and went back to sleep! Little did she know that as soon as she fell back to sleep we'd be back! :) Oh yes, it's hard to keep a good cat down, so as soon as she was fast asleep Isis crawled back onto Mummy's feet and I wriggled my way back between her and Dad and under the throw, though this time I had to make do without a fussing... Oh well I got my share of the chenille blanket! ;)

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Sunday, smelly fish...

Mummy's in shock it seems, cause for years neither Tigmut'hep not I would eat fishy cat food of any description. Though since she got Isis some, in an effort to get her to eat better while she's still growing, we've both decided that the stinky stuff is really good! :) In fact we got so excited about it when she opened the pouch that she said we were acting like bunch of furry, purry sharks circling for the kill.. . ;) I don't care what she calls us, just as long as she keep on serving up that stinky goodness each week along with out other fave dinners! It's sad to think how many plates full of this wiffy yumminess I've turned my nose up at over the years, but I vow from now on to scoff it all down real fast and lick the bowl so clean she's convinced we're all half starved! ;)

Friday, 14 September 2007

Snuggling is what I do best...

Oh what a wonderful time I had last night! :) I managed to squerm my way between Mummy and Dad at about 2am and curled myself up around Mummy's left arm, my tail and legs wrapped around it and my head resting on her hand as a pillow. It was total bliss and so nice and warm too, or it was until Dad started to snore! At this point Mummy rolled over to get away from the horrid noise and I lost my cuddle arm... So I pummelled Dad's bottom until he stopped it! ;) In the end I got my cuddle spot back and slept on like that wrapped around Mummy's arm until the alarm went off at 7:00am, but since Mummy was all tired from being awake due to Dad's horrid snoring I got to stay snuggled up with her until she finally got up half an hour later! Oh how I love this time of year, when it's cool enough to want to snuggle all night with Mummy, but before they get out that horrid feeling quilt for the winter... Yes, I'm a blanket loving cat! :)

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Nearly Wet Wednesday!

Ok, so as most of you know my little half-sister Isis is cleaning mad and a touch on the stubborn side... Well today she certainly proved it to Mummy beyond any doubt!

It seems she likes to jump into the bath in the morning as Mummy grooms herself and me (as I sit in the sink until she brushes me). Well since Mummy was the first up today she needed to run the water for a little bit before getting into the shower, to make sure it was nice and hot (it sounds icky to me, but I guess if you haven't got a nice raspy tongue you have to do these sort of things). Isis was in the bath having her mo
rning groom and decided she might as well stay as she wasn't getting wet and it was nice and warm. Once the water was just right Mummy tried to get Isis to get out of the bath so she could have her shower, but Isis being obstinate decided she liked it just were she was and stayed put. In the end Mummy had to get into the bath with her and was half way through her shower before Isis decided it was time to leave!

Honestly that sister of mine, she's always got to be the boss when it comes to my cleaning and now it seems she's muscling in on Mummy's grooming habbits too!
Isis in the bath...

Monday, 10 September 2007

Monday morning madness...

Ok, so I nearly made a silly mistake earlier today during our ususal Monday morning madness... It's not like it's my fault that the boy had left his backpack on the floor in the living room while he was having breakfast! I can't really help being curious about stuff either, it's all part of being a cat after all... But in the midst of my morning madness I climbed into the backpack and hid from Isis as a part of our game. I must say it was quite nice in there and it was certainly peaceful, so I thought I might as well catch 40 winks before continueing the game...

Well it's darn lucky that Mummy's got a bad cold and that they boy was walking to school today, as he normally drags his backpack to the car and then on into school. Today however due to Mummy's asthma playing up with this beastly cold she has, he had to put it on properly and noticed it weighted a bit more than usual and wiggled in a most un-lunchbox like way! Well what does he expect when he's got a bag full of sleepy cat?! So I was tipped out onto the sofa and his lunchbox was found and put in my place and off he went to school, laughing about his lunch now being much better for him than it had been when it was *me* in the bag! I'd have made sure he got furballs if he tried chewing on me at lunchtime that's for sure! ;)

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Mummy sitting...

Today we all decided to start the day off in a memorable way, so as soon as Mummy & Dad's alarm clock went off and she started to wake up we all piled on top of her!

Isis took up position on Mummy's feet, her favourite spot! I squermed my way between Mummy & Dad and made the most of all the warmth, while demanding a darn good fussing. While Tigmut'hep plonked his not so inconsiderable backside down on Mummy's chest and stared at her until she fussed him with her other hand (the one not already fussing me of course!) :) It took about 5-10 mins of this for Mummy to get the message that we wanted her attention and weren't going to be put off for the time it takes her to get herself properly groomed in the morning, I think the penny finally dropped when Isis and I followed Mummy into the bathroom... ;) So being a good Mummy she ran downstairs and dished out the morning cat milk rations, before returning to her grooming session. It's so nice when a plan comes together like this... :)

Oh and once Mummy'd fed everyone breakfast and dropped the boy at school, she dished out a little of the really good fresh 'nip she so kindly grows for us. I have a feeling this is going to be my kind of day...! :)

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

My latest beauty secret...

Well it seems that not only am I getting buff since we got our lovely sun room to play in and climb about in, but since Isis moved in my fur's become a LOT softer and silkier! :)

It seems it's all down to the incredible conditioning quality of Isis drool... ;) The more she grooms me the softer and silkier my fur seems to get (the more I squerm too though, cause she doesn't half tickle!) Mummy's so impressed with the change in my coat that she thinks she'll have to get Isis to groom any kitten or cat she decides to show eventually! That'll keep her tongue busy for sure, and might give me some peace for once...! ;)

Anyway it's sunny so I think I'll go work out in the sun room for a bit, gotta keep myself nice and buff for my Sweety the lovely Marie! :)

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Isis saves the day...

The boy's new Hero!

Well ok, more like the boy's retainer... Yesterday had been going very well and everyone was enjoying themselves, when the boy lost his retainer after dinner. Since finding it Mummy & Dad have worked out he must have dropped it without noticing he'd done so while putting his plate in the dishwasher, but needless to say panic broke out when he couldn't find it. Mummy and Dad were really cool about it all as he's never lost it before or even damaged it - he knows getting a replacement one not only takes time, but costs rather a lot of money. Anyway Mummy and Dad helped him look all over the house and they'd all come to the conclusion that it was going to need replacing by the time the boy went to bed.

Dad decided he wasn't that tired so stayed up really late after Mummy'd gone to bed for a snuggle with me (I'd been missing snuggle time with Mummy being away with Dad and the boy for Dad's Father's funeral). So when Dad went to the fridge for a mug of milk before finally coming to bed, Isis followed him (she's milk mad and always on the look out for more!). Suddenly Dad was aware that she wasn't asking for milk, but was trying to get something out from under the fridge. He bent down to look what she'd found and was overjoyed to see she'd got the boy's retainer! :) Isis is all happy too as she got extra milk and has been told she's certainly worth her weight in milk! ;) So the retainer has been steralized and the boy has it back and is very grateful to my sweet little 'sis, cause he really doesn't like loosing stuff even if it can be replaced and no one's cross at him...

Hopefully this'll mean we'll all get a little of the good 'nip before Mummy, Dad and the boy go off to their friend's son's christening! Well that's what I'll keep hoping for, well that and some of the yummy gravy Mummy made us yesterday! ;)