Thursday, 18 December 2008

Thinking Thursday - Step 5 - Operation Daddy!

Step 5 - Now that your Daddy has started to understand that he must work very hard to earn your love and attention, he will become a man driven! Oh yes you can now show him how to earn a little more attention from you on a regular basis - for this I suggest investing in a clicker, so that you can train him properly...

You see male beans are not as intuitive as the females and this is why we need to put in that little bit of extra effort into training them. As most of you will know a female bean pretty much knows what is going on inside your head most of the time and can therefore anticipate your needs and demands. There are of course come female beans such as my poor long suffering friend Yao-lin's slave who are not so well equipped in this department, after studying this and Isis interviewing the slave, I have come to believe it's some form of retardation... See Yao-lin, it's not your fault she's untrainable! ;) However most males are trainable if you put in the initial effort...

So now you have a clicker and a supply of treats and a Daddy who is desirous of your attention. Soon you will be able to get him to click and offer you a treat as and when you require one. Oh yes with a little effort your Daddy will become very well clicker trained and will understand the need to get it out at regular intervals throughout the day. His reward for clicking the clicker and giving you a treat will be your brief tolerance of him being close to you and maybe, just maybe you headbutting him - remember not to give him too much attention too soon or he'll loose his driving desire to do what it takes to get your attention too. Oh and it never hurts to go over to your Mummy after he's been feeding you treats and start falling all over her and smothering her in love, affection and furs!

This weeks motto for Training a Better Daddy is: keep 'em keen and treat 'em mean!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Belated Mancat Moanday

Yes, you're right it's not Monday and I'm moaning... I had to spend a good 90 squillion hours on my own yesterday while My Mummy went off to collect Isis from Solo's house! :( She should know I don't approve of her leaving the house by now, especially if it's collect my whoremoanall sister from her long weekend of fun... I mean I've been deserted by My Mummy and betrayed by my 'sis - she should know she's not allowed to go off an have fun without me! So all in all I'm in a bit of a grump according to My Mummy...

I guess the good news is that Isis is back, even if she smells strange - regardless of My Mummy's efforts to give her a good dry bath before bringing her home! I guess it coud be worse, but it takes me ages to get Isis smelling just right and it takes effort you know... Firstly I have to sniff her all over to assess the damage and then I have to give her a bit of a groom, then it's off to bed for her so that she picks up the lovely scent of My Mummy's bed! Then it's making her fuss D'boy, Dad and My Mummy to pick up the right mixture of their scents, add to that a hint of cat food and a few Tigmut'hep licks and she'll be getting close to smelling correct - but it's going to take me days!

Anyway back to training Daddy I think - I guess I've been neglecting my training sessions with him what with Isis being away and all... Oh well never fear I shall have Daddy feeding me from the plam of his hand in no time! ;)

PS: I hear I have some post to inspect later! :) Thanks to everycat who has sent us a KissMouse Card and to the Beans who've been sending Mummy postcards - we just love to sniff those they're so interesting! :)

Monday, 8 December 2008

Mancat Monday

Well I've had a pretty good weekend with lots of snuggling with My Mummy and showing her the ramifurcations of loving me so much. Needless to say her PJ's are a lot warmer since I got hold of them! ;) Mostly all the family was waiting around for Isis to get whoremoanall and start "calling", so they can take her to see Solo. We're all hoping it's soon so she doesn't start up over KissMouse like she did last year... After all Tigmut'hep and I don't want to miss out on KissMouse dinner because of her Whoremoans! :( Though the thought of having some cute little baby bed moles here again has everyone happy and excited! :) I just love being an Uncle you see and when we have bed moles My Mummy stays in even more than normal - giving me extra chances at snuggle time! ;)

Anyway I have just finished helping My Mummy write KissMouse cards to the Kittens and their families so I guess I had better accept the fact that she'll be going out later to post them... Oh and tomorrow I have Daddy home all day, as Mummy's having another injection of cortisone in her bad shoulder to see if they can make it work again! I hope they do get it working as it's my fave cuddle shoulder/armpit and it's just no good with it half frozen in place...! :(

Monday, 1 December 2008

Manflu Monday - Step 4 - Operation Daddy!

Step 4 is simple - Never give up a good opportunity to teach your Daddy a lesson!

Well it seems I have Daddy just where I want him at present, his defences are low and he's in the mood for laying around under a pile of blankets! I shall therefore be putting in quite some time and effort to his training today... ;) I think I shall start with the demand feeding and maybe work on up to clicker training if he starts to improve later today! :) Oh yes you really do have to take advantage of all your Daddy's weaknesses to get one perfectly trained... ;)

Now come on Daddy, my belly wants a rubbing, get it right or I'll just have to disembowel your forearm! Oi, that bit of blanket is MINE, you really do have to learn to share Daddy! ;)