Tuesday, 28 August 2007


You Are: 20% Dog, 80% Cat
You are are almost exactly like a cat.You're intelligent, independent, and set on getting your way.And there's no way you're going to fetch a paper for anyone!

Nana's dog Misty may be getting on in years now, but it doesn't stop her wanting to clean every cat she sees and take it home to be her puppy. Now I'm not saying that Misty's a silly girl, cause that really doesn't cover the extent of her mania for cats... We here keep clear of her unless we really feel like a good long bath in dog drool! Some of her many other cat-like traits include a love of sleeping on sofas, chairs or anywhere off the ground, being picky with her food, refusing to step foot outside the house in the rain and trying to sit on Nana's lap of an evening (this is really something to see as Nana gets lost under all that dog!) ;) Oh and Misty is also more concerned with the way she looks than what is going on around her, you've no hope of getting her attention if she's got so much as a single hair out of place!
Compared to Misty us cats are easy going, highly obedient and will eat pretty much anything you put in front of us! We must thank Misty for giving us such a wonderful reputation by comparison... :)

Sunday, 26 August 2007

It's news to me...! ;)

You Are: 10% Dog, 90% Cat
You are are almost exactly like a cat.You're intelligent, independent, and set on getting your way.And there's no way you're going to fetch a paper for anyone!

Ok, so I like my dinners... But what cat out there doesn't like a nice bowl of something yummy?! Honestly it's not just dogs who like food! ;)

Thursday, 23 August 2007

A thorough cleaning on Thursday

It seems my sweet little sister Isis has got it into her head that I'm not capable of cleaning myself and that she needs to clean me all over on a daily basis! Well any of you who have a sister like this will know the complete indignaty of it all...

I mean does she really think I can't look after myself, or is it that she likes to torment and torture me?! Honestly have you ever had to try and keep still while someone is licking your back foot you'll know what I mean?! Especially when she gets between the pads, it's enough to make you squeal and squerm!

Then there's the washing of my face and the cleaning out of my ears, does it really take that long to get one ear clean?! Trying to keep still while her hot raspy tongue pokes around inside an ear is utter torment and should be saved as a form of discipline for naughty kittens! ;) It seems I'm just a convenient target for her tongue and general grooming obsession until she has kittens of her own. The only trouble is are they going to be the first litter of Abyssinians that could pass for Sphinx cats?! ;)

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Wednesday weirdness

Isis and I have been trying to see how many weird positions we can get to sleep in... So far Mummy thinks this one is the best! Little does she know this is a work in progress... ;)

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Tuesday's tasty turkey terrine!

Since a number of you have asked about the chicken jelly stuff Mummy makes us, I've managed to get her to type down one of her recipes that we all love lots and lots (especially me and Isis). The recipe for turkey terrine makes enough food for 4 meals for us three, but then again Isis and I eat mostly dried food since we like the crunch! :)

Turkey Terrine

1/2 lb (aprox.) of turkey meat - leg meat or simmilar being the best and cheapest
1 small carrot - adds vitamins as well as a bit of roughage (dietary fiber)
1 packet of gelatine

Cube the turkey meat and put it in a sauce pan, grate and add the carrot (this way us kitties don't pick it out and leave it) and cover with water - at least 1/2 pint (1 Cup). Bring to the boil and simmer for at least 1/2 hr - this makes the turkey very tender and yummy! Now take 1/4 pint of the liquid and put it in a bowl and dissolve the gelatine in it, stir and make sure it's fully dissolved. Now take a few of the cubes of turkey and put them into two flat containters (preferably ones that have lids), the rest of the turkey and carrot should be liquidised with the rest of the fluid and add it to the gelatine mixture to make it up to about 1 pint (add extra water if needed). Stir to make sure the turkey and gelatine combine evenly and pour over the cubes of turkey in the two containters. Now leave to cool for about 1 hr and then put the lids on the containers and carefully put in the fridge to set - about 1-2 hrs. Once this is set you can feed it to your cats!

Here with the three of us Mummy gives us half a containter per meal, split between each of us (giving us boys the chunks of turkey and Isis just the terrine and jelly as she doesn't like to bother with meat chunks). Mummy makes us our own homemade cat food at least a few times each month, so she's got a number of really tasty recipes including some for special occasions! Oh, and they're all tested out by us to make sure they not only work and look good, but they taste good too and are nice and healthy. :)

Monday, 20 August 2007

Monday morning madness...

Well things have calmed down at last, but Mummy claims we've all gone mad this morning... It all started with Isis crawling under the covers in the boys room to give him his wake up toe attack, then when she was sure she'd woken him up fully, she pinning me down in my bed and cleaning my ears out. That was fine, but then she wanted to clean my belly fluff for me... So I rolled over and played cute and she started to clean away, but then she was possessed by some demon and decided to nip my belly! Well that was it and I got hold of her tail with my teeth, next thing we knew we'd fallen out of my bed and onto the sofa in a big squerming ball of mad Aby fluff... Next came the running round the living room doing motorbike turnes and just about climbing the walls, then it was the wrestling match on the carpet with Tigmut'hep acting as ref - until Isis decided to make a grab for his tail too! Then the real fun started...

Soon there was three cats running round the house like mad things and this continued for about 30 mins or so - by which time Mummy'd taken cover in her office and the boy had locked himself in his room. You see Isis decided the tie at the back of Mummy's top was a toy and mid way through bopping Tigs she took off vertical and attached herself to it... You should have seen Mummy jump! Then Isis decided the boy's feet were on the menu again as he tried to climb the stairs - all this madness and no 'nip! ;)

Oh talking about 'nip Mummy's got a great recipe for chicken and 'nip cat jelly which is such a treat!!!!! She says if we're good and play nice for the rest of the morning (I think this means no attacking her top's tie back, or the boy's feet), she'll make us some this week - though maybe without the 'nip if Isis continues to act like such a nutter! ;) Just think a big plate of tasty chicken jelly with little bits of chicken in it - Meow make mine a double! :)

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Cuteness rules!

Well a lot has happened in the past 24 hrs, some very good and some very sad... But the boy is home and Mummy's here too with us even if Dad's had to drive back to Derbyshire to help sort our family stuff...

Anyway it was obvious that Mummy and the boy needed us all to be cute today, so we've worked hard at it! Firstly I started off by cuddling with Mummy and Dad for a bit in bed, then when they got up it was Isis turn to be cute and snuggle in bed with the boy. Next Tigmut'hep turned up in his bed, so I guess it was lucky that he's over most of his jet lag after a good sleep! ;) Two furry alarm clocks is more than any boy can resist it seems... :)

Once Dad had left for Derbyshire, Isis decided to play with the boy and she's exhausted herself with all the fun they've had - plus Mummy's for a toy rat to fix it's tail back on to! ;) Well I knew Mummy might not have the energy for lots of games so after Isis was exhausted I decided to do mega-cute and get Isis to snuggle with me on the sofa in Mummy's office. Soon even grumpy old Tigmut'hep had to join in the group snuggle and luckily Mummy took some photos... Can't have all this super cuteness go to waste! ;)

Monday, 13 August 2007

Unca' Pete

Well now that Mummy's had enough coffee she's told us that Unca' Pete's coming over for lunch with us! :) He's a bit tall and therefore scary, but he smells of nice cat and likes to fuss and feed us. He also remembers to make himself look shorter when trying to fuss and feed me, so that's pretty good and most of the time I let him do so now... ;) Well after all I do like food! :)

It seems Unca' Pete will be coming over again this evening to give us our dinner and make sure that Isis gets her fair share - Tigmut'hep does his best to eat his dinner and hers if he's not watched! :( Then again he's eat mine too if I wasn't big enough to push him out of the way... Mummy says he's an equal opportunity piggy! ;) Anyway Unca' Pete'll make sure he only eats his dinner and not ours as well. :) Mummy says he might well stay for a bit and play with us, I'm sure Isis'll like that she's always hyper after dinner!

Mummy says she'll be back by tomorrow lunch time and if she's running at all late Unca' Pete'll come over and give Isis a bit of milk and make sure our bikky and water's nice and full. She's going up to Derbyshire to collect Dad it seems, so I guess it's ok. Though I've been getting used to having extra room in the bed with Mummy and being able to sneak into bed again at 3 or 4am - Dad tells me off when I keep waking Mummy up for fusses like that... Oh well lucky I made the most of it for the last 2 nights! :)

Sunday, 12 August 2007

A weekend with Mummy...

It's just Mummy and us this weekend, Dad's had to go away for a few days to see his parents in Derbyshire. So right now we're making the most of having Mummy all to ourselves... We dragged her off to bed nice and early so she'd have the time to fuss us all before she fell asleep for starters. Then when she dropped off to sleep we snuggled up with her, only to wake her up at 4:00am for another round of fussing... :) By 5:00am she was getting sleepy again so we let her go back to sleep and didn't wake her until we needed our next fussing at 9:00am at which point she spoke to dad and told him what we'd been upto - I guess that messes up our plans of making this a regular thing as he tells us all off if we wake Mummy for fusses too often in the night. It's got something to do with Mummy being too tired to function the next day and not cooking food for Dad when needed due to this over tiredness - he loves his dinner so much you'd think he was a cat too sometimes! ;)

Anyway it was raining at 9:00am, so we convinced Mummy to curl-up in bed and read a book for a bit. Needless to say she fell asleep again and we got more cuddling... Though we woke her just as soon as the rain stopped, asked for our breakfast and for the door to our sunroom to be opened and our toys put out there! She did it all, so we showed her how much we like our new sunroom while she had her own breakfast. I climbed up to the top of the cage and rubbed my nose on the roof, Isis flopped in the corner and gave herself a good grooming and Tigmut'hep decided to prune the herbs - all our fave outside activities! :)

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Fun in the Run!

It's been a great week here so far... Lots of nice dry weather and therefore lots of time to play in our lovely new run! :)
As you can see all of us have been out there making the most of it, though to be honest I think Isis and myself spend more time out there than Tigmut'hep. He seems to like it first thing in the morning and then late in the evening, where as I like it all the time and since Isis follows me around (she's got a thing for my tail!) she spends lots of time out there too. The good thing is I can climb to the top of the mesh with ease and none of the other cats can, though Isis is doing well Tigs is totally useless at climbing... ;) This is great as it means I can get my tail out of Isis reach when she gets herself over excited about it! I know it's a lovely tail and I'm personally very fond and proud of it and the way it looks, but honestly her obsession with it is something else... ;) Mummy promises me she'll eventually grow up and then my tail will be of far less interest to her, ok Mummy I'm counting the days! ;)

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Sunday sunroom!

Yay, at long last our sunroom is finished and we can all hang out in it together! :) It's just the best place to cool your fur on a hot day... It's also a good place for climbing around and playing games in too! :)

It's taken Mummy and Dad weeks of hard work to build us this place, but now we can all get out into the garden safely I can see it's all been well worth it! :) The room comes off of the dining room patio doors, so that they can be left wide open and the house can be kept nice and cool. It's about 8ft long and 6ft wide and I think it's got to be 7ft high. There are three shelves built into it so far and Mummy says they'll be adding more ones higher up over the next few weeks, that way we can do lots of climbing and jumping around that we can't normally do in the house. Mummy's impressed at how well Isis and I both climb the weld mesh, Tigmut'hep can't do this yet, so unless he learns or can jump good we'll get the new higher shelves to ourselves when they're added in... ;)

We've also got some nice toys to play with outside, a big rat toy hanging on elastic a few good feathers, a big soft ball and a good scratch post. I hear we'll be getting a big bit of tree in a few weeks, so we can do proper climbing. It's all so exciting I think I'll go back outside into my sunroom and have a good flop and watch Isis playing with one of the feathers - that's what I call good entertainment! :)

Oh and I'll get Mummy to take some photos of us all in the sunroom this week, now we just need this good weather to last so we can make the most out of it!