Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tattle Tail Tuesday

Well do I ever have lots to tell you all... ;) Oh yes there is so much going on around here right now, including everyone being home sick and ever so willing to let my snuggle with them in bed! :) As you might have gathered this is the best possible news for a kitty like me... ;)

The other news is as long as everyone is over this 'stinkin cold' fast enough, little Setra will make her d├ębut as an adult at the Supreme on Saturday! However My Mummy still has to make up some show curtains for her cage and do a few other bits, apparently this will happen when her head stops 'feeling like it's about to 'splode big time' - I guess this is sensible as curtains with 'sploded Mummy head all over then would look mega yucky!

The next big news is that Grandpur is coming to stay with us for lots of months, all the way from Canada where my lovely Marie lives. In fact her Mom has met my Grandpur so I will be sure to give him lots of sniffing so I can be sure to pick up a hint of 'My Lovely' on him! :) The day after he arrives D'Boy has a big birthday - I guess this makes him old enough to enter the next show class or something... Anyway My Mummy, Daddy and Grandpur are taking him out for a very posh dinner that might - I am therefore living in hope of a duck filled kitty bag! ;)

Lastly there's to be a bit of a celebration on Dec 5th, when My Mummy marries My Daddy - which is not at all fair as I wanted to marry My Mummy! However, if she does have to marry anyone other than me, I guess My Daddy is ok... He does at least make room for me to snuggle up to My Mummy in bed every night! :) Just as long as he doesn't forget his place in household and try and assert any form of male dominance over me or Tigmut'hep things will be just fine... ;)

So as you can see we're very busy here for now, so do please excuse us all... For now I had better get back to snoopervising My Mummy making up bobbing lace flowers for her bouquet! :)