Thursday, 26 February 2009

Thinking Thursday...

Ok, so I was thinking that the kittens bed looked nice and warm and rather cosy... So when My Mummy had the kittens out of it and in their carrier for a bit so she could clean up the "maternity ward" I decided to take my chances and find out if it really is as good as it looks. Well after a good 10 mins of intense research I can affirm that the kittens bed really isn't comfy as you might think, it is in fact far more comfy than you'd ever guess and I was very reluctant to leave it when My Mummy said I had to! It's that all over warmth, combined with slightly supportive softness that I now crave. So when ever I get a chance I'll be back in it for a quick nap... ;)

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Thinking and Thankful Thursday...

Well what is there to think about or be thankful for this week other than new life in the form of Isis new and very wonderful 'ickel baby kittens and My Marie's gorgeous little blurpy sister Evangeline?!

This is a photo of little Evie shortly after birth, isn't she just the sweetest little pink bundle of joy?!

Ok, so I'm a big soft sort of Mancat who simply adores babies and kittens not forgetting My Marie and My Mummy of course! ;)

Now I have the added pleasure of showing you all the kittens close up! :) Here is my new nephew known as "Boy" at the moment, he's a feisty lad even if he has little sense of direction - what with his making it into the world bottom first! ;)

Then came Big Girl "BG", by far the biggest of the kittens and never late for dinner - in fact she's now over 160g's at just over 60 hrs old! I must say I do wonder how big she'll be when she's all grown up?! ;)

Finally Little Girl "LG" arrived, she's the smallest kitten of the litter and in fact the smallest kitten Isis has had so far. However she's just as feisty as either of the others and has been gaining weight just as fast as her siblings. LG also has a good set of ear tufts already!

All in all they're a wonderful litter of 'ickle baby kittens and Isis is duly proud of her achievement, however she's not very willing to share her food with me at the moment... I find this most unladycat like even if My Mummy says I should let her eat in peace, sometimes even My Mummy seems to forget that Isis might have something to eat that I'd like too! Well I am her brother and as such she should share everything with me, well ok not the labour pains, but the good food is something I'm always happy to share with anykitty! ;)

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Thinking Thursday....

Wow, I can't believe it's Thursday again already! This last week seems to have whizzed by whilst my sister's belly has ballooned... My Mummy's now purrty sure that there'll be more than 4 kittens hidden in there this time round, I guess this is kinda good as My Mummy says I can pick the purrtiest Niece from amongst the girls Isis has this time round and she can stay with us forever and ever! :) You know there's even a chance that some of the kittens will have the same colour furs as I have, if not they'll all have the hidden ability to produce sorrel furs on their own babies when they are grown up. This means that my Niece will be able to produce purrty sorrel furs on her babies when she's old enough to be a Momma Cat, if My Mummy takes her to visit a stud who has this hidden ability too, or who has sorrel furs in the first place... So I've been thinking of all the cute little "mini me's" that might be born here sometime in the future! :)

My next line of thought was about My Marie getting a Blurpy sister very shortly. I'm mega excited about this as My Mummy has known My Marie's Mom for 3 or more years now and she's told me that she's purtty sure that this little Blurpy is going to be one of the best loved Blurpies ever (well as well as D'Boy (even if he's a mega big Blurpy now), Kimo & Sabo's little Blurpy and TT's little Blurpy that she watches from over the Bridge and left with Jake the woofie, Truder, Molly and Shadow to look after), all of you who know me will know I'm all for love! :)

Talking of love, I had lots of it last night with My Mummy and Daddy too! So much so in fact that I came back for seconds around 4am thinking I was onto a good thing, only to get some very mixed reactions as I burrowed my way down the bed and stuck my then cold nose onto Daddy's leg... I see he still requires a little fine tuning on the training front! ;) My Mummy however mumbled something sleepily and put her arm around me for a good long cuddle session that was only upset by the rotten alarm going off and Mummy realizing that she didn't hear D'Boy's alarm go off too. It seems she had to make sure he woke up and got to school on time, so I had to give up my snuggles rights and let her get on with the day. Though I got a little snuggle from D'Boy before he left for school to help make up for it! :)

Finally my thoughts turn to Calgary where Grammy has started just her Radiotherapy and where my beloved Marie lives. She is the only ladycat for me! :) Marie my furever Valentine... :) Oh and yesterday my half-sister (who had 6 kittens last week) Noodle's housemate Indie gave birth to 4 beautiful blue Aby kittens and today is My Mummy's Baby Brother's Birthday today and on Saturday it's Daddy's Mummy's Birthday, so this is a lovely time of year!

PS: I gather Marie's Mommy is in hospital being purrsuaded to give birth right now!!!!!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Thinking Thursday... Step 10!

As many of you are probably aware from seeing the news we're suffering with some beastly snow this week... Yesterday much of it cleared and I got to thinking we'd seen the back of it and life would get back to normal once more. Boy was a wrong as these photos of my run will show you! So once more D'boy is home and able to play with Tigmut'hep all day, keeping him outta my furs and leaving me extra time for snuggling with My Mummy! :) What's more My Mummy is roasting us a chicken later today to make us all feel better about this beastly weather as she was able to go and do the weekly food hunting last night while the roads were clear. My Mummy says that the real issue with snow in the UK is that very few people here know how to drive in it and they're a danger to everyone else... Well that plus the fact that it's not -30C or there abouts when the snow and ice goes all strange and not slippery any more. It's amazing just how much My Mummy knows about this horrid white stuff! Then again My Mummy knows lots about lots of things... :) Best of all she knows lots about feeding me wonderful dinners and giving me extra special cuddles!

Anyway D'Boy is being useful and is shoveling the snow so it's safe for Daddy when he comes home for his lunch and to feed me bikky! I guess that's really been my 10th Step in getting Daddy well trained... Oh yes he now comes home every lunchtime to be with me and feed me bikky from my special bikky pot! Since he started doing this he's a lot more relaxed and content, so it just goes to show the benifits of training your Daddy properly... I mean how many Daddy's get to come home to a loving Aby mancat every lunchtime and have the privilage of hand feeding him a little bikky?! Yes, I know I now treat my Daddy well, but he's worked hard to get to this level of training and as such I must keep on rewarding him a little. At this rate I fear I will one day have to let him pick me out without attempting to disembowl him... ;)