Thursday, 18 December 2008

Thinking Thursday - Step 5 - Operation Daddy!

Step 5 - Now that your Daddy has started to understand that he must work very hard to earn your love and attention, he will become a man driven! Oh yes you can now show him how to earn a little more attention from you on a regular basis - for this I suggest investing in a clicker, so that you can train him properly...

You see male beans are not as intuitive as the females and this is why we need to put in that little bit of extra effort into training them. As most of you will know a female bean pretty much knows what is going on inside your head most of the time and can therefore anticipate your needs and demands. There are of course come female beans such as my poor long suffering friend Yao-lin's slave who are not so well equipped in this department, after studying this and Isis interviewing the slave, I have come to believe it's some form of retardation... See Yao-lin, it's not your fault she's untrainable! ;) However most males are trainable if you put in the initial effort...

So now you have a clicker and a supply of treats and a Daddy who is desirous of your attention. Soon you will be able to get him to click and offer you a treat as and when you require one. Oh yes with a little effort your Daddy will become very well clicker trained and will understand the need to get it out at regular intervals throughout the day. His reward for clicking the clicker and giving you a treat will be your brief tolerance of him being close to you and maybe, just maybe you headbutting him - remember not to give him too much attention too soon or he'll loose his driving desire to do what it takes to get your attention too. Oh and it never hurts to go over to your Mummy after he's been feeding you treats and start falling all over her and smothering her in love, affection and furs!

This weeks motto for Training a Better Daddy is: keep 'em keen and treat 'em mean!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Belated Mancat Moanday

Yes, you're right it's not Monday and I'm moaning... I had to spend a good 90 squillion hours on my own yesterday while My Mummy went off to collect Isis from Solo's house! :( She should know I don't approve of her leaving the house by now, especially if it's collect my whoremoanall sister from her long weekend of fun... I mean I've been deserted by My Mummy and betrayed by my 'sis - she should know she's not allowed to go off an have fun without me! So all in all I'm in a bit of a grump according to My Mummy...

I guess the good news is that Isis is back, even if she smells strange - regardless of My Mummy's efforts to give her a good dry bath before bringing her home! I guess it coud be worse, but it takes me ages to get Isis smelling just right and it takes effort you know... Firstly I have to sniff her all over to assess the damage and then I have to give her a bit of a groom, then it's off to bed for her so that she picks up the lovely scent of My Mummy's bed! Then it's making her fuss D'boy, Dad and My Mummy to pick up the right mixture of their scents, add to that a hint of cat food and a few Tigmut'hep licks and she'll be getting close to smelling correct - but it's going to take me days!

Anyway back to training Daddy I think - I guess I've been neglecting my training sessions with him what with Isis being away and all... Oh well never fear I shall have Daddy feeding me from the plam of his hand in no time! ;)

PS: I hear I have some post to inspect later! :) Thanks to everycat who has sent us a KissMouse Card and to the Beans who've been sending Mummy postcards - we just love to sniff those they're so interesting! :)

Monday, 8 December 2008

Mancat Monday

Well I've had a pretty good weekend with lots of snuggling with My Mummy and showing her the ramifurcations of loving me so much. Needless to say her PJ's are a lot warmer since I got hold of them! ;) Mostly all the family was waiting around for Isis to get whoremoanall and start "calling", so they can take her to see Solo. We're all hoping it's soon so she doesn't start up over KissMouse like she did last year... After all Tigmut'hep and I don't want to miss out on KissMouse dinner because of her Whoremoans! :( Though the thought of having some cute little baby bed moles here again has everyone happy and excited! :) I just love being an Uncle you see and when we have bed moles My Mummy stays in even more than normal - giving me extra chances at snuggle time! ;)

Anyway I have just finished helping My Mummy write KissMouse cards to the Kittens and their families so I guess I had better accept the fact that she'll be going out later to post them... Oh and tomorrow I have Daddy home all day, as Mummy's having another injection of cortisone in her bad shoulder to see if they can make it work again! I hope they do get it working as it's my fave cuddle shoulder/armpit and it's just no good with it half frozen in place...! :(

Monday, 1 December 2008

Manflu Monday - Step 4 - Operation Daddy!

Step 4 is simple - Never give up a good opportunity to teach your Daddy a lesson!

Well it seems I have Daddy just where I want him at present, his defences are low and he's in the mood for laying around under a pile of blankets! I shall therefore be putting in quite some time and effort to his training today... ;) I think I shall start with the demand feeding and maybe work on up to clicker training if he starts to improve later today! :) Oh yes you really do have to take advantage of all your Daddy's weaknesses to get one perfectly trained... ;)

Now come on Daddy, my belly wants a rubbing, get it right or I'll just have to disembowel your forearm! Oi, that bit of blanket is MINE, you really do have to learn to share Daddy! ;)

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Step 3 - Operation Daddy!

Now that Daddy feels rejected and hopeless offer him a small glimpse of hope! Just look at him with your big pleading eyes and then at the bikky pot, eventually a good Daddy will work out what this means... Soon you'll have access to the bikky you desire at a moments notice as your Daddy will have at long last found a way of getting close to you! ;) You should encourage this, but carefully or he may start restricting your access to the bikky for fear you'll turn into a bloater and he'll get told off by your Mummy. Keep your Daddy working hard for every scrap of attention you might offer him, it's just like fishing really... :)

Your Daddy will now also let you get away with more at bedtime as his need to please you will have greatly increased when you agreed to let him feed you treats on demand. Use this to your advantage and get yourself the prime bed location for sleeping and fussing each night you feel like it now! Once your Daddy has accepted the fact that you should at all time remain firmly snuggles between him and your Mummy, he will start to find it hard to sleep without you... Soon you will be called to bed and offered time to settle and get yourself comfy before he calls it a night, don't give in too quickly and remember to make him work for every inch you give so that he fully appreciates the privilege!

Soon you'll be ready for the next step...

Today marks my 3rd Gottcha Day, so I shall be making my demands known very loudly - so far this has resulted in a late night bowl of Applaws last night and some Reindeer Pate food for breakfast, so keep up the good work and know it will one day pay off big time! :)

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Step 2 - Operation Dad

Now that you have spent the past week or so making your Daddy bean feel really unwanted, unloved and generally in the way of your relationship with your Mummy. By now he should be just about ready for the next step in the process... ;) That's right you're one step closer to having him wrapped around your little dew claw! :)

Step Two:
Operation Dad should continue along the same lines as you've already gone to pains to establish. That of your adoration of you Mummy and general acceptance of any strange females who come to visit, while grumping at him and avoiding him where ever possible. You can now add in the occasional hiss, directed at your Daddy bean if he comes too close to you. You must convince him that he is persona non grata to really make this work! Now you might also like to try out the full ears back treatment just to make 100% sure that he feels unwanted and most sincerely unworthy of your affections. During this time, never once forget to fuss your Mummy and show her undying devotion on an epic scale! This will add to your Daddy bean's frustration and a growing desire to be one of your "chosen few", if you feel it's necessary even start to let some male visitors fuss you while rejecting your Daddy totally. Oh yes your Daddy must feel total and utter rejection, even bordering on thought that you might actually hate him! Soon you will see he'll be putty in your paws... ;)

Now that you've built your rejection of your Dad's advances to a massive crescendo, his self esteem has hit rock bottom and he can clearly see that you have replaced him in your Mummy's affections too; phrases like "I'm going to bed early tonight dear, the cat wants to cuddle, don't bother coming up early yourself you know he doesn't like that" should start appearing. When this happens you'll be ready for Step 3 as at last your Dad will know his place in life! :)

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Ten Steps to a Better Dad! ;)

Recently I have noticed a worrying trend amongst my friends, that of poor parenting from their beans... It seems that quite often the Daddy beans are worse than the Mummy ones, or at least that's the case here. So I have decided to dedicate one day a week for the next 10 weeks into offering you all a little advise on wrapping your Daddy beans around your little dew claw! ;)

Step One:
Operation Dad should commence with the establishment of a few basic facts, mainly that you see your Mummy as a far superior bean. In fact it will help your cause to flaunt yourself at any strange lady who happens to come and visit, this will establish in your Dad's mind a feeling of deep inferiority - this should trigger his male desire to always be better than most women at stuff! ;) Walking past your Dad and ignoring him while focusing lavish attention on your Mummy will only but enhance this feeling to grow within him. When snuggling in bed with your Mummy, make sure that you always give your Dad a goodly view of your butt, especially after consuming large amounts of volatile cat food if you get my drift! ;) There is after all nothing quite like a good blast of bad cat gas to gain a persons attention... Now remember to cuddle close to your Mummy during the night and push hard with your paws against your Dad, so that he knows your trying to usurp his position in bed. By now he should be utterly convinced that you're Mummy's little lover boy and he's barely tolerated at best. You'll need to keep this up for a while if you really wish to train your Dad, as bean men are notoriously stubborn about changing their ways...

Once your Dad is totally convinced that you barely tolerate his existence, you too will be ready for the second step towards a Better Dad! Drop by next week to find out how to start moulding your Dad into the kind of Daddy a cat really wants... :)

Monday, 10 November 2008

Mancat Monday Moaning...

OK, so it wasn't a "Bad" weekend as such, but I didn't get enough Mummy time and am therefore suffering from a lack of snuggles... It seems My Mummy felt she needed to go help Dad and D'boy tidy up Dad's Mum's Garden, which meant I had to go one whole night without My Mummy cuddling me! :( I know it's utterly horrific treatment and I think I might have to take strategic action, but for now I'm working out exactly what form that might take as I hear My Mummy's going to be abandoning me for another 50 squillion hours to go to "Fizzy-O" midweek. What exactly is "Fizzy-O" for a start and why can't they do it without My Mummy being there?! Surely they should understand I'm a cat with needs and one of those is constant access to My Mummy!

Mummy keeps telling me it's not going to take a long time and it's going to help her left shoulder that hasn't worked properly in about 12 months now... Honestly I don't see a problem with the shoulder myself, I mean she can still snuggle and fuss me - so what's all this about seriously restricted range of movement and a need for "Fizzy-O" and then a cortisone injection? The last I heard cortisone's what they used to try and stop Tigmut'hep over grooming his belly, I'm sure I'd have noticed if My Mummy was over grooming her own belly too! ;) So why all the fuss and bother? Really what they need to do is put her on complete bed rest with hot feline therapy sessions and by that I don't mean my naughty little sister burrowing her way down the bed in the middle of the night to lick My Mummy's arms before crawling off to sleep by Dad's legs... Oh no I mean my snuggling in My Mummy's arms for hours on end - I mean surely there's nothing else out there that couold possibly make her feel as good as that?! ;)

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Well again Wednesday!

It's a bit of a busy week here as D'Boy is off on his half-term holidays... The upside of this is My Mummy gets to snuggle us in bed for a little longer in the morning, before having to get up! :) The other bit of good news is that my eye is all better it seems and I've not had to have drops for a few days now! :) It's so good not to have an itchy, sore eye and even better not to have to be pinned down 3 times a day by My Mummy, while she forces drops in my eye... :( While I just love cuddling with My Mummy, I can do without being pinned down by her thank you very much!

Anyway just to prove that as soon as the drops had ended I was over my sulks at her, last night I squirmed down the bed and made myself really comfy and warm all snuggled up against her side with my little nose being all you could see above the covers! ;) Well it was cold and snowy here and I'm not one for holding a grudge when there's a nice warm patch to be had you know... :)

Friday, 24 October 2008


Honestly, what is it with this time of year and my eyes? Yep, I've gone and got myself an eye infection once more... :( It's not a bad one like last year at least and Mummy says I only need to have the drops in for a few more days now as it's clearing up, but it's just not fair! So ok maybe I don't wash my paws as much as I should before rubbing my eyes, but I don't deserve a week of drops in the eye or worse yet a ride in the PTU and a visit to the VET! Oh no not me, I'm a good boy...

Well at least Mummy'd arranged for it to be a Lady Vet, and one who appreciated my good looks and superior character. In fact the only thing wrong with her, was the fact that she hasn't learnt to talk Abyssinian, so she couldn't understand me when I told her to get her great big pink paws off of my gorgeous sorrel furs! But she did make the examination quick and of course My Mummy was by my side the whole time, so it's a trauma I will get over in time... well ok will enough treats applied! ;) Anyway Sue the receptionist is well on her way to understanding quite a bit of Abyssinian and fully understood me when I told Mummy that she could think again if she thought I'd co-operate when it came to drop application time. Nope I wasn't going to give in to her bribary, not no way... So other than my itchy eye and the nasty drops, I've been doing rather well this week with 24/7 access to the bed and lots of yummy treats, including some ducky jerky for kitties! :)

Oh well off to claim some more treats as I gather I'm needed for another round of torture and the application of a medicated drop to my right eye... Then I think I'll have a nap in the bed with my 'sis before lunch!

Just remember Mummy I'm not going back to the Lady Vet or any Vet for that matter, even if the Lady Vet comes from High River, AB and knows a lot of the places you used to live in!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Mancat Monday...

Once more it's Mancat Monday and I'm left here wondering where the weekend went and why I didn't get more time snuggling My Mummy in bed... Well ok so I did manage a good 8 hrs or so on both Saturday and Sunday night, but it's just not enough for a cat like myself who was just born to snuggle!

Additionally we were abandoned for about 90 squillion hours on Saturday, while My Mummy went to the bean vets for her annual shots and then all the family went off for the day to help Dad's Mum tidy up her garden in time for winter. As you can see from these photos My Mummy took a little while ago at the garden, it's rather big and so takes lots of looking after... So it took My Mummy squillions of hours to mow all the grass, while Dad did some fence mending and helped his Mum harvest some of the apples in what's left of the old orchard. D'boy helped with that too as he just loves My Mummy's apple pies and tarts as well as the apple sauce she makes to go with yummy roast pork!Sadly there was no roast pork this weekend for us cats, just more yummy roast chicken! ;) Boy oh boy did I enjoy our share of that as this time it made us a Sunday dinner just like our bean family as well as a Mancat Monday breakfast!!! :) Well you know I'm always ready and able to eat chicken... ;)

So to the week ahead... Today it Mummy's last day before turning older once more, so I shall expect more cuddling later and yet more on her big day tomorrow. Hopefully Dad will make her breakfast in bed so I don't have to get up so early, though I'm not sure he'll go as far as bringing me my bowl up with him too! ;)

Anyway I think that's all for now and I'm about ready for my first nap of the day.

It's a hard life being a cat... ;)

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Thinking Thursday 13...

Well I've not been doing much thinking of late, so I thought I'd do some today since it's Thursday... My thoughts for the day are as follows:

1. I just LOVE My Mummy's new bed, it's soooooo comfy.
2. Why did My Mummy have to get up, I was soooooo comfy.
3. Why does Dad have to take up so much room, if he'd move over a foot or two I'd be even more comfy! ;)
4. Why does Isis have to be in a playful mood when I'm soooooo sleepy?
5. Why did Tigmut'hep get up, it's practically unnatural? ;)
6. Why isn't the catnip growing as well now, it's just not fair... :(
7. How come Tigmut'hep always manages to get the largest portion at breakfast, he's such a piggy!
8. Why is Tigmut'hep obsessed with his own belly?
9. How come Isis keeps on talking about boys as soon as the weather starts getting cooler?
10. How many kittens will she have in her next litter and can I play with them all? :)
11. Will I get extra treats for being a good Uncle from My Mummy?
12. When do the clocks change so I can have an extra hour in bed with My Mummy?
13. How much longer is it until bedtime, I'm soooooo sleepy? (ok so I shouldn't have stayed up most of the night playing chase with my 'sis....)

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Thinking Thursday...

Today I'm mostly thinking that in a few hours the new bed arrives and I wanna be the first to try it out! Isis has the same idea, so we're both laying in wait for the delivery men to arrive... ;) Tigmut'hep has been shut out of D'boy's room as it's a mess and My Mummy says he has to tidy it up, so he's taken D'Boy's big toy rat and has dragged it off to his own bed! Honestly he's such a big baby wanting to sleep with teddies all the time, you'd never find me doing a thing like that, well not often anyway...Other than that I think I had a very good cuddle and fuss with Mummy last night, so did Isis! I can't wait 'till bedtime tonight to see if snuggling with Mummy in the new bed is even better... After all Mummy's going to be really tired tonight as she had to get up early to take Dad to the train station this morning and not only has to go pick him up again later, but has a meeting to go to at D'Boy's school after dinner!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Mancat and Manflu Monday

It seems that D'boy has responded well to our treatment, My Mummy's on the mend if still unwell but Dad seems to still have raging manflu really badly... So badly so in fact that My Mummy is going to have to take him to the vets in a bit. The thing is we're a little concerned that due to his advanced years (he's well over 20 yrs old now you know) and the serious condition he's in - well you know what we're worrying about...! :( I mean he's a good Dad and has over the years become quite expert in giving belly rubs and general fusses, so we'd kinda like to keep him. Honestly when he's not suffering from manflu he seems fit and healthy, so paws crossed the vet will think he's worth the effort too! ;) Oh and My Mummy seems to like Dad as well, so I'm sure she'll put in a good word for him with the vet... :)

Other than that Mummy fed me the bestest chicken ever this weekend and it seems all the family have clubed together to buy us cats some nice new beds and pillows to match! Oh yes, Tigmut'hep has a soft and comfy new single bed that he likes to share with D'boy, while Isis and I have a brand new memory foam double bed sized matress arriving later in the week, though we already have some very nice new soft fluffy pillows to share with My Mummy and Dad... We're both very excited about the imminant arrival of the new matress as it's supposed to mold to our bodies and kind of cradle us as we sleep! It took ages for Dad and My Mummy to find just the right one for us, so I hope they got it right - after all a cat likes to be very comfy when it sleeps! :)

Thursday, 25 September 2008

A Mancat's work is never done...

It seems I am working round the clock at the moment as My Mummy and all the other humans here have gone down with a bad cold... My Mummy even says that it's more yucky than that dreadful and deadly disease "Man Flu" - so it's gotta be bad! :(

So I have been up and awake much of the night making sure that My Mummy had somekitty to snuggle with, while she turned from hot to cold and back again and Dad wheezed, coughed and gave off more radiant heat than a total nuclear meltdown on his side of the bed! Even D'boy is sick and whiny, so much so that even Tigmut'hep can't interest him in a game of toy cars or Lego...

I must say Isis is being a good little nurse kitty too, she now wants a cute little "candy stripe" uniform, though I've told her she can't have one until she still can resit putting the bitey on a moving toe under the covers! ;) Well it's most off putting to have your sick patient suddenly bolt upright and screaming, when you've just got them nice and settled and were starting to doze off too...

Friday, 19 September 2008

Fun Friday

Ahoy me hearties, it's that time of year again! So all you land lubbers better watch out as I "Capt. Ramy Red Beard" go a pillaging and a raiding with my trusty ship mate "Yo Ho 'Sis" and that old salty dog "Tigs the Terrible". We are a hoping to plunder the bikky barrel and once our bellies are full we'll swig some grog and partake of a little 'nip! Oh yer it's a pirate's life for me all right, though I do worry about "Yo Ho 'Sis" and her desires for a Jolly Rogering at times... ;)

Monday, 15 September 2008

Mancat Monday

Well since we're all very environmentally minded cats here, but also very refined and well mannered on the whole (Tigmut'hep being the exception), we decided to tell you all a little about the wonderful environmentally friendly products we use here! :)

Firstly there's our lovely cat litter Cats Best ÖkoPlus it makes unpleasant indoor odours a thing of the past, as they are be trapped within it's organic fibres. The fibre itself comes from untreated domestic fir and spruce wood, which accumulates naturally in the environmental cycle. Using this wood is a help to maintaining healthy forests.

ÖkoPlus is currently the only clumping litter that is both compostable and biodegradable and because it is made from organic fibre, it is much lighter and easier to handle than comparable mineral litter. This in turn saves on transport costs and makes ÖkoPlus a truly environmentally friendly litter. What's more it's also velvety soft on the paws and darn good for digging around in! :) The other thing that's good is that because it clumps so well it lasts about 3 times as long as any other wood or paper pulp based cat litter (apparently this saves money, which can be spent on cat food and 'nip!), oh and it doesn't track too much and isn't all dusty and horrid either...

I think you'll all agree this is far better than a photo of one of us using the litter box! ;)

Our next environmentally sound product of choice here has just gotta be Bozita cat meat, it's just so darn yummy for a start and comes in easy to open and recyclable Tetra Packages, so it's also light weight and easy to store beacuse of it's shape. The other benifits that Bozita provides a perfectly balanced diet for your pet's entire life cycle. This food is made exclusively from 93% fresh lean Swedish meat - which means it's antibiotic and hormone free and none of the chickens have been battery farmed or had their beaks clipped! There are no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, no nasty sugar in it, is wheat gluten free, while containing a high level of taurine to look after our eyes and reproductive systems (ok that last benifit is a bit lost on Tigmut'hep and myself, but it's great for Isis). It also contains a natural betaglucan they call Macrogard® to help keep us fit and healthy as it boosts our immune systems. Oh and did I mention that it's incredibally tasty or that the Terta packs are made to reseal between meals?! It comes in a whole host of tasty flavours too, like reindeer which is Tigmut'hep's fave!

Again don't you think this is so much better than a photo of Tigs with his face in a big bowl of food?! ;)

Though not wishing to dissapoint anycat, here's a shot of Tigmut'hep after a heavy night on the 'nip! All our 'nip is organically grown by My Mummy and harvested at it's peak, carefully dried and snorted in abundance by our housemate and self confessed addict...

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Tattle Tail Tuesday

Since a few cats have asked me I thought I'd tell you all about how life has changed here since my 'sis came to live with me here! :)

This first photo is my very first meeting with Isis on July 14th last year when she arrived home with My Mummy and Dad. We never hissed at each other, not even once - well Tigmut'hep does enough hissing for all of us here! ;)

Within just 10 days we were both snuggling with My Mummy at night and spending much of our time together, even though she was 6 months old we found we had lots in common as well as sharing the same Father! So it didn't come as a surprise that after just 1 month of living with us Isis and I had become bestest friends and snuggle buddies... Though I was more than a little shocked the first time she decided to give me a darn good wash, I mean shortly after she'd tackled my ears and face she robbed me of all dignity and decided to clean my lovely belly fluffs! Oh yes not one single fur escapes the tongue of Isis, not even if you wriggle and squirm and tell her to leave your mancatly bits alone... She was one determined girlykitten and has grown into one very strong minded ladycat and an excellent momma cat too, but oh how my dignity has suffered at times, although I have to admit my fur has never felt better! Even if often left feeling like a big soggy lump while she carries on with her own personal grooming - how does her tongue cope with all the millage?! But even if she does occasionally bully me into having an extra wash when all I want is a peaceful nap, when I'm really down and feeling unwell and more than a little sorry for myself she's sweet and snuggles up to me to let me know I'm not alone... What more could a mancat what in life than to have a 'sis like that around? She's the best thing that ever happened to me other than finding My Mummy!
Then just when I think life is as good as it gets she goes and produces a litter of cute little Aby kittens for me to help her raise! :) It's such a privilege to be there for her and to have those cute little kitten nieces and nephews here to love for a while... Well they sure are cute and I somehow think I've found my own special niche in life! That of beloved Mummy's boy, well cared for bother and adoring uncle... For me life is as sweet as can be and I'm already looking forward to Isis next lot of kittens so I can get back to dotting on them! Yep, it's wonderful!!! :)

Monday, 8 September 2008

Mancat Monday...

Well other than complaining about the slight lack of attention I received over the weekend, I guess I can't really moan as Isis insisted My Mummy bring us all home some yummy Applaws chicken to help celebrate her latest cat show win! :) Well you all know how I love my chicken (in my mouth or in my belly I don't care as long there's plenty of it), so I'm sure you can see why I forgave My Mummy and gave Isis a big fussing too...

Yes, 'sis got lots more purrty Rosettes after winning her Open Class, getting Best of Breed, winning the Any Colour Aby Not Bred by Owners class, coming a very respectable 2nd in the Foreign Junior Adult class and finally 3rd in a huge class cats not coming from the local area that the show was held in! Oh and she won a mousie toy too as well as a gorgeous golden coloured Challenge Certificate that makes the 2nd of the 3 she needs to gain her Champion title like I did ages ago before I had My Mummy... The good thing is the fame isn't going to her head, and she was happy to get her nose into the bowl with Tigmut'hep and me still as we scoffed the Applaws! :)

Talking about chicken, my silly Mummy forgot to put the roasty chicken in the oven for 2 hrs - well the 2 hrs thing was Dad's fault as he was supposed to call her after 45 mins and didn't and Mummy just carried on doing some housework that needed doing... Anyway the Sunday roast was eventually cooked, but it was pretty late which meant I had to eat my dinner before the chicken was cooked and so had to have a second dinner made up from some of the chicken stock and roasty chicken - what a hardship! ;) Anyway you'll be pleased to know I somehow managed to scoff all the chicken with just a little help from Isis and Tigmut'hep... :) The really good thing is it was a big chicken and so there'll be more of it later in the week!!!

Come to Ramses little chicken you know I love you...

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Terrific Tuesday - Happy Birthday Merlin!

Oh yes today is utterly terrific as our buddy Merlin turns 1 yr old today and finally becomes a Mancat! :) To celebrate this momentous occasion we're having a bit of a party here in the run - so as not to make a mess of My Mummy's newly decorated dinning room and kitchen! ;) There is loads of fresh 'nip and piles of yummy food for all and because it was raining earlier there's even a frog serenade going on to mark the occasion! :) Oh yes nothing is too good for our buddy Merlin or his bother Dragonheart...

We are however keeping plenty of soft food on hand as our friend Baby Mao has hurt his jaw and chipped a big tooth and seems to have lost a little one! :( While there will be a large bucket of KFC to keep HRH Yao-lin going before My Mummy manages to cook us all some juicy turkey! :) You can all test our yummy Reindeer Paté too, it's just the best! :)

Monday, 1 September 2008

Mancat Monday Moan...

Yes, I feel I have the right to moan this Mancat Monday... Not only has My Mummy been preoccupied with DIY of late and kept me from writing my bloggy, but Dad managed to paint me all white yesterday afternoon! Oh yes I got a large patch of white gloss paint all down one side of me and my face! :( While I adore the pretty white furs of My Marie and find Lux's furs also very attractive in a Mancatly sort of way, I just don't want any myself... So there I was all white and very cross with Dad and who came to my rescue when Dad suggested I get a bath and fast, yes it was My Mummy! :)

It seems that she'd worked out fast that since the paint was nearly dry she could probably get most of it off with my lovely sctitchy brush! :) Well you all know that I love to be brushed, so what had once looked like a complete disaster and seemed to be about to be compounded by the horrors of the bath, could in fact be sorted by having My Mummy give me a darn good brushing and then grudgingly letting her carefully rub the remaining paint off my face furs.

So after a good deal of brushing and quite some careful rubbing of the fur around my face that got painted I am pretty much back to normal and looking mighty gorgeous. While there is a little incresed lightness where the paint once was a few more brushing sessions and I'll be good as new. See Dad I didn't need a nasty bath and I no longer need to put a contract out on you! ;)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Two Aby's Tuesday...

We've had a nice few days with Dad home with My Mummy, he's just got a few days to work this week and then he's off again for over a week! :) Heck even Tigmut'hep is starting to cheer up as it's only one front paw and one back paw's claws until his boy comes home! ;) In fact he's been in such a good mood since yesterday morning when he found out it was just two paws worth of claws until he got his boy back that he joined in our game of "Herd of Thundering Elephants", what's even more impressive was his go at "Running as if you had a Firecracker up your Bottom", you know the run with your tail high in the air where your bottom almost overtakes your front and you kind of run sideways as well as forwards - well Isis and I are pretty much experts at this when the mood takes us, but we'd never seen Tigmut'hep attempt it. He's very good at it for a beginner, I must say! ;)
It was also a nice surprise to see that both Isis and myself had been given this lovely award by TT's family. Sorry we've not been around much, and for that matter won't be for another week or two. We do try and read our friends Blogs each day, but when you're busy snoopervising painting and decorating it's not all that easy... Plus as some of you know Isis will be meeting Yao-lin's slave this Saturday to see if his tales of suffering are really true. If they are I think the combined forces of the BritBlog Kitties should mount a rescue operation, to save him from the extreem levels of suffering he has to face on a daily basis! We do so worry about him, though seeing as Tigmut'hep is at least in spirit a meezer, we do occasionally think he might be exagerating a little! ;) Anyway Isis will perform a through investigation of the situation in just a few days time and make sure that if his slave is really as unfit for service as he says that the approperate authorities cart her off... ;)

So you see we are all very busy around here and about to do a big service for worried Kitty Bloggers everywhere! Once that's dealt with we'll be back to snoopervising the decoration of two of our favourite rooms in the house, yes the kitchen and the dinning room - those vital rooms where food is prepared and served. So paws crossed that the weather is good as our litter boxes will have to go out into the cat run during much of the time the renovations are going on and I do so hate icky wet fur and rain!

Oh well back off to My Mummy's bed for cuddle with those I love most. Having just heard of the loss of sweet baby Violette I feel a little bit of family together time is needed. Never take those you love for granted, shower them in fur every day, so they always know that they are loved deeply...

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

We'z sad on Wednesday...

Today we are all very quiet here thinking of our sweet friend, and Isis fur-sister, TT as she crosses over the bridge with the help and guidance of her loving Mom... While TT had only come to live with her family a little less than 2 years ago, she has made a big place in all their hearts. Having rescued her they have a special bond and had promised to fill her life with happiness and love. We know that they have done this and in helping her take her final journey they are continuing to do this to the very end... TT may be leaving them physically, but her love has forever changes them for the better, they now have a sweet baby bean and a little woofie Jake - things they probably didn't think possible before TT came to live with them. We Abys have a way of making everything seem possible you know, that and our gift for incredible acts of love and trust. So while we know TT's family will be very sad right now and are probably leaking even more than My Mummy, we trust that this will pass and that the good times and love will be remembered forever...

Goodbye sweet girl, may your crossing be eased by the knowledge that you have and will always be loved...

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Totally Beastly Tuesday...

Well in my brotherly effort to stop Isis moaning herself daft I decided to attempt a little late night frog bothering in the run with her... Low and behold we caught ourselves a silly little suicidal froggy in no time and feeling really proud of ourselves bough it in to show Dad! No sooner had he seen it he was on his feet and off to get a paper towel - it seems that Dad wanted my frog all for himself, so quick as you like I popped the wiggling froggy into my mouth and scooted under the big TV table. Well I don't know about you lot, but I find it hard to keep a fidgeting froggy in my mouth for long, so I let it hop out and got out of Dad's way really fast! But did this stop Dad and his paper towel from wanting to get to my froggy, oh no... In fact he called My Mummy to come and help catch my froggy! :( So after Dad having to half get under the TV table while My Mummy talked nice to me, he got my froggy in the towel and took it back outside to the pond! He seemed surprised to see that the froggy was unhurt, well had he bothered to ask I could have told him that I only wanted to play with it and get 'sis interested in something new... So that was the end of my frog bothering for the evening! :(

Anyway I went on to have lots of fusses from Mummy and a really good snuggle in bed with her even though it's very hot here, so she at least was forgiven - especially when she gave me my morning brushing in the bath, oh how I love to squirm around in the bath while being brushed good and hard - it's just the best way to start the day! :) Way too soon the brushing was over and Mummy was back to getting herself ready for the day ahead, but in the after glow of a good brushing I didn't notice that she'd turned the shower on until it was way too late and I was already in the bath getting myself very wet indeed! :( Oh the indignity of it all... There is sit looking more like a red hedgehog than a cat, suddenly thankful for the hot weather as my coat dries off. The only upside to all this is that Isis has stopped moaning about wanting a mancat, but I do wish it wasn't because she's too busy giggling at me to think of anything else... ;) One small mercy is that Mummy didn't get her camera out to record this moment of deep distress for posterity!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Mancat Monday

Honestly why do I put up with it all?! Oh ok 'cause I love My Mummy to bits... :) But she's rather busy getting D'Boy ready for his summer trip to Canada at the moment. This does mean that he can take stuff over for my Sweety Marie of course, if I can only get My Mummy to help me put paw to paper that is... ;)

Oh well at least she'll be getting a few early nights in as everyone is very tired after the weekend and I hear they're all planning on getting up early on Wednesday to take D'Boy to his "hairyplain" or what ever it is he has to catch at Gatwick! Early nights mean more snuggling for me and early mornings mean breakfast served at a decent hour for a change, so they'll have no fuss from me about it all... ;)

Hopefully I'll be able to blog properly again before the week is out, if not by the beginning of next week once they're sort of back to normal here... For now I think I'll go make sure that Mummy made the bed properly this morning, while she finishes off the laundry! ;)

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Tails on Tuesday

Well since TT asked nice and I don't think I've ever put it all down in words, I thought today I'd tell you all a little about how I came to live with My Mummy...

I was born in Bristol and spent my first few months of life living there with my momma cat and dad too. When I was a few months old I went to live with some other people in Kent, they were nice too but as I got bigger and older and started getting urges that would put Skeezix ones to shame I started to have to live in my own little house and run. I liked that a little less than the big house, but got used to it ok in the end when they let some of the girl cats from the house come and visit me. This was mighty good for my urges, but as soon as I'd eer dealt with the urges the girl cats left me and went back to live in the big house. I liked this bit less... Though I was offered other companion cats they didn't wanna help me with my urges, so I didn't think much of that as you can guess! ;) Then they started taking me to cat shows and to start with they were kind of ok, but soon I got sick of the judges all that picking me up and looking at me - well it's not for this mancat I can tell you! So I tried the bitey and they left me alone and told my owners about it, saying that if I put the bitey on one of them again I would be banned from attending shows. So hearing that I made sure to give the big tall man judge that I didn't like a really good taste of the bitey at the next chance I got! ;) So that ended my show carrier shortly after I'd been made a Champion.

Next I had a strange girl come and visit me, she didn't smell at all right so I got really, really cross and told her to go home and leave me alone in no uncertain terms... Apparently I was supposed to like her just like I did the house girls who helped with my urges?! Sorry, but I'm one picky mancat and soon became one cranky mancat as they tried to introduce another visiting girl to me.

Next I know I was having my bits removed to see if that would make me a happy boy again... That was it as far as I was concerned, I was quite happy having my bits thank you all very much! So I decided to lash out at everyone as they just weren't listening to my complaints or meeting my needs... Soon no one could or would touch me as they were scared that I'd put the bitey on them, this made me desperatly sad so in the end they decided to see if they could find me a proper Mummy with the time and courage to deal with my issues and help me be a happy boy once more. Luckily for them My Mummy phoned to see if they had any Abys needing rehoming and after a long talk on the phone with the man, and then the lady phoning Mummy when she got home too, they arranged a visit for me! :)

It was just 3 days later that My Mummy arrived to see me in person. The lady took her to see me in my special little house over looking the chicken coup (maybe this is the reason for my obsession with chicken?!). At first I was my usual grumpy self and wouldn't let the lady touch me, then I saw My Mummy and started getting brave. Soon I was letting My Mummy touch my furs! The lady was quite shocked by my attitude, but very pleased too as I was letting My Mummy get closer to me than I'd let anyone get in months!

After a squillion hours of talking with the lady and man, My Mummy came back to my house with a carrier and a lovely crochet blanket made just for me! :) Soon I was on my way to live with My Mummy, the tall man who was to become Dad and D'boy...

When I got here I met Tigmut'hep and even though he's known for being the biggest grumper ever known to cat kind he decided he felt sorry for me... Soon he was showing me how to play games and when ever I got really scared he'd come running over to check up on me and give me a pep talk - so you see he really can be a sweet boy too when he wants - just don't tell him you know this ok?! ;) I can't say it was over night, but over time I started to relax and soon I was starting to fuss My Mummy and purr. Then I started to sit on My Mummy and purr too! Now I just throw myself at My Mummy and cover her in furs while purring like a mad thing, because she made my life so much better than it was before... :)

Before I met My Mummy I'd pretty much lost all trust in humans and was scared stiff of girly cats too. But with time and love I have learnt to be the cat I really wanted to be all along... I now have My Mummy to love as well as my own sweet little half-sister to cuddle up to and play with. Tigmut'hep is still my bestest buddy even though he's Da'Boss here and didn't like my 'sis for ages. I'm the one who got him to change his views on lady cats it seems, so have returned the favour he gave me when I first arrived here... :)

Now I'm a happy, healthy and very playful mancat. I've even been back to visit the lady and man who used to own me and they were so impressed as I'd let them fuss me like I had as a kitten, all that fear and anger was gone and I was the real me again all thanks to My Mummy and their good judgement in placing me with her! :) The man and lady still breed Abys and have helped My Mummy at every turn in making her dream of breeding Abys come true. They have also just promised My Mummy that when the time is right for her they will try and breed her the right stud cat to keep for Isis and her daughters that stay with us over time. Mummy hopes to one day be able to help more with Aby Welfare to pay back the help and friendship she's been shown since my adoption, but for now she's plenty busy enough with us cats, showing, breeding and writing for a cat magazine...

So there you have it sweet TT, the story of how I came to live here and why I love My Mummy more than anyone... While Tigmut'hep says he owns D'Boy and Isis quite likes Dad, when it comes down to it we all flock to My Mummy's side if she's even the slightest bit off colour - you see she special to us all so we have to make sure she's well looked after... As I have said before this is the "ramyfurccasions" of love! :)

Monday, 14 July 2008

Mancat Monday Meme - Fridge Meme

It seems that Isis and I have been tagged by our wonderful friend Yao-Lin from his special island home for the Fridge Meme!

Here are the rules:

A fun and simple MEME for the hot summer. Show us a photo of the front of your Cold Box (Fridge) and tell us about at least one thing on it and one thing you keep inside of it! Tag your friends and remember to stay COOL!

Firstly this is the Fridge, apparently it is the place to put "everything that hasn't for a home or that Mummy needs to be reminded off" Sadly neither Isis nor myself found a message reading "Feed the Cats!" on it, though luckily for us she seems to remember that bit anyway... ;)

Next comes the freezer where D'Boy and Dad work out what's "Cool and what's Not!" It seems all things Dr. Who are pretty darn cool! ;)

This is the "Bunny Boiler" - I'm not sure what My Mummy keeps giggling about when she talks about it, even Dad and D'boy laugh - I guess it's some sort of "bean joke". Anyway if things aren't cool enough for the "Cool Wall" on the freezer, or if there's a lack of room on it, they come here. That's D'Boy's artwork with added dino magnets for fun...

This is My Mummy's special note pad for leaving Dad messages, I think the message at the top is designed to remind him not to argue but just do what My Mummy tells him to do! ;)

This is my favourite saying on the Fridge, it's so true. Isis likes this one best too, but is still looking for one that tells her that putting the bitey on Mummy's toes will get her all she wants! ;) I gather My Mummy would disagree with Isis view on this...

Because he insisted I'm also adding Tigmut'hep's favourite saying on the fridge... Sadly he thinks because the photo on it is of a black cat who looks quite a lot like him it means we should all worship him! This of cause makes Isis slightly interesting ideas on getting her own way seem compleatly sane in comparison! ;)

Lastly this is a rather sweet photo of me on the fridge, please note that Tigmut'hep is bossing me around in it as usual... He's always got to have the final word it seems! ;)

Oh and as you all know our fridge is full of yummy catnip jelly and turkey chunks in jelly too that Mummy made us late last week! Sadly we have nearly eaten all the turkey chunks in jelly, but we have plenty of 'nip jelly still left to have as a cool lunchtime snack or to add to our meals to make sure that Tigmut'hep take on enough fluid in the hotter weather - the silly boy doesn't seem to like drinking much and sometimes makes himself unwell because of it... Luckily we all get to eat the 'nip jelly though! :)

Friday, 11 July 2008

Food on Friday

It seems there is quite a demand for My Mummy's special catnip jelly recipe! Anyway since she made us a big batch of it this morning I thought I'd better make notes so I could tell everykitty all about it as it's so darn yummy on a hot day, well on any day really... ;)

500g Chicken or Turkey meat - other meat works too if you have a preference or just some spare
2 tbsp Pudding Rice - any rice will do really
3 pints Water
4 tbsp Dried home-grown Catnip leaves, cut that to 4 tsp if you're using the finer cut up commercial dry catnip or you'll all wind up like Tigmut'hep! ;)
3 packets of gelatine or enough to set 3 pints of fluid

Cube up the meat and put in a large pot of pressure cooker (Mummy has special little baskets for her pressure cooker, each basket holds about 250g of cubed up meat the right amount for one tray of turkey terrine or chunks in jelly). Add the rice, water and about 1/2 of the catnip. Cook until the meat is nice and tender and the rice is done, allow to cool a little and add the remaining catnip leaves to the stock/tea. Remove the meat and most of the rice and put in a container or two, next take 1 pint of stock/tea at a time and add 1 packet of gelatine to each - stirring until dissolved. Pour in enough to cover the meat in it's containers and then take the rest and pour that and any remaining rice onto the other containers (nice flat bottomed shallow ones make it easy to cut off bits and serve without it sticking) . Now just leave to cool, once cool refrigerate until set. Serve as desired or freeze some for a later date (defrost before serving).

This recipe gives enough for 2 containers of meat jelly or terrine (just liquidize the meat and rice in the stock/tea and jelly solution for terrine), and 3 of jelly that is great as a treat in the summer to assist in keeping your cat adequately hydrated and cool. It also makes a good placebo meal for a cat who's living with kittens and wants to join in at every meal time without causing them to gain too much weight! If you want to feed your cat like this on a regular basis you need to add a good quality vitamin supplement to the jelly, containing turine, biotin and the like. It's also a good idea to add in a little processed cooked carrot to help achieve a more balanced meal including dietary fiber. As the recipe is it's just good as a hydrating treat and the meat in jelly or terrine can be used along side a top quality dry food as a part of their daily meat.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Thinking Thursday

I've been thinking again and I must say I'm very happy that Isis has found herself a nice Mancat at long last! One who's understanding about her desire for kittens too, so she can have the best of both worlds... A sweet natured Mancat to flirt with and call her own as well as still being able to enjoy the life of a Queen, with her occasional eer professional eer relationships that result in Isis coming home all happy and pregnant! :)

The other thing I've been thinking about is the fact that we've not had enough summer fun treats recently! While I understand that Mummy's trying to keep an eye on my weight after my attempts at eating for 4 during Isis pregnancy, a Mancat still needs his summer time treats or he might fade away... ;) So I've been helping My Mummy think and gather that she'll be making us some chicken stock and catnip jelly that we can snack on when it's warm - how cool is that?! :)

This got me to thinking about how much I love My Mummy, which resulted in her noticing my claws were a little sharp and I was decididly furry! :S Yep, I had a pawdicure, a light bath and a good grooming - all under a goodly degree of protest I might add... Oh well I still love My Mummy, 'cause I got to sleep in my best cuddle spot all night with her 'cause apparently I small really nice now! :)

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Tribute on Tuesday

Today being Canada Day is a special day for many of our friends and family, so I thought I'd do something special for one of our friends to mark this day... So here are some lovely golden roses that My Mummy took photos of a few weeks ago in Stratford-upon-Avon in the garden that marks the birthplace of Shakespeare for the lovely Miss Peach! I know she has a soft spot for purrty roses and they are almost the colour of her lovely furs too, so I think that makes them extra nice just like her! :) So have a wonderful Canada Day and make it special in your own way... But most of all make it wonderful for your friends and family! :)

Monday, 30 June 2008

Mancat Monday

Today I'm being a wonderful Mancat and am letting my housemate and fellow Mancat Tigmut'hep have the blog time as it's his 8th Birthday and he's all excited by his new toys and food! ;) I must say the food is great and it's nice of My Mummy to get enough for all of us to share in the treat... :) Though Tigmut'hep might try remembering the sharing rule when looking at his new toys! ;)

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Here are thirteen things My Mummy didn't do at the Dr's that I might have tried on my vet if he showed me a needle that big, as well as things I've done to take My Mummy's mind off of the shoulder pain:

1. Mummy says she didn't bite the Dr.
2. Mummy says she didn't even scratch the Dr.
3. Mummy didn't even scream the surgery down according to Dad!
4. Dad didn't have to chase Mummy and catch her and drag her back to the Dr's for her shot!
5. Mummy didn't need to have a bath when she came home, so I guess she didn't even pee herself with nerves!
6. Mummy didn't have to be bought home from the Dr's in a PTU!
7. Mummy didn't get a treat bikky from Dad for being good at the Dr's! :(
8. I stuck my claws into Mummy's leg so she stopped thinking about her shoulder!
9. I rewarded Mummy for being good by giving her a new fur coat!
10. I rubbed my head against Mummy's shoulder to make it feel better...
11. I didn't bug Mummy for cuddles all night, I just slept quietly between her and Dad!
12. I didn't jump on Mummy like I usually do to wake her up and poke her in the shoulder, I just stood up in bed and asked her to wake up in my bestest voice!
13. I've offered to cuddle with Mummy in bed all day if she wants to rest her shoulder that much, it's a huge sacrifice to make, but I'm a very devoted and loyal kinda mancat so I'm only too pleased to offer this sort of intensive care to My Mummy!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Mancat Monday

What a week I've had here, what with My Mummy spending a lot of her time getting D'boy ready for his trip to the Isle of Wight (aka Yao-lin's Island) this week. I'll be quiet here without him and thank goodness My Mummy will not have to get out of bed at 5:30am again all week! I do so hate it when she wakes me at that time and it's not just because she needs an extra fussing... ;)

The thing I'm a little moody about this week is that My Mummy's got to have a big needle put in her ouchy shoulder on Wednesday morning and after that she's not allowed to do much with that arm for 48 hrs... This means no left handed belly rubs and no sleeping under her arm between her and Dad all night! :( I'm sure I shall wither from neglect during this time of no left handed fussing as I like left handed fussing better than right... I'm not sure if she can cope either! :( I know she needs to rub my belly with her left hand to get to sleep at night for a start... I'm sure the Dr's have it all wrong and fussing with her left hand should be allowed, after all I'm not sure she knows how to do it with her right hand! :S The fear and worry is almost too much for me, I shall have to go for a lay down on her bed until the moment passes...

Oh and my other fear is that Dad can't open a stinky goodness pouch properly! He certainly can't cook properly and so My Mummy is being forced to stock the house with things he can feed them on without poisoning them or burning the house down trying to do... No joking Dad once cooked a frozen pizza with the wrapper still on it! My Mummy might starve and so might I while her shoulder and arm are out of action... No wonder D'boy has left home while this is going on! I mean Yao-lin's slave is a better cook than my Dad and you all know how much he suffers as a result of her cooking! Oh woe is me, I shall soon look like a hard done by and skinny meezer and I may well wind up with food poisoning just like Baby Mao did! :(

Monday, 16 June 2008

Mancat Monday

Well it seems my ears will be cleaned until they are pink if I don't do what my little 'sis tells me to do today and report on her big day out at the cat show on Saturday! ;) You can see above that she bought home some pretty ribbons for all to look at and sniff carefully... I have to agree with Isis, in that the big one in the middle smells best even if it's only a 2nd place in the Club Class, since she came second to a newly made up Imperial Grand Champion! She placed better than a Grand Champion in 2 of her classes and about 3 or more Champions, even if she didn't get herself a CC this time round - you need 3 CC's before you can be called a Champion (like me). So it looks like Isis will be going to a number of other shows this summer and on into the autumn too, in an effort to win herself 3 CC's and become a Champion before becoming a Mum for the second time! :) Oh and Mummy tells me Isis was a good girl and didn't try and go to say hello to every gorgeous male Aby at the show! ;)

While Isis was off being beautiful, Tigmut'hep and I had fun babysitting Dandy and Delta here at home. They were pretty good all told and let us eat plenty of their kitten food when the timer bowl opened at lunch and again at dinner time! ;) Oh and when My Mummy and the family came in with some KFC, Tigmut'hep and I got a little of that too - so did the greedy little kittens! ;) Isis had her share too when she got home as she'd not really felt like eating at the show... Mummy says she's going to buy Isis a chicken or some yummy turkey as a treat this week so she can celebrate her 2 wins and 3 2nd place's in real style, along with starting off her rest from the kittens properly! ;) It seems I rather like my sister showing with all these yummy treat dinners we're getting as a result, even Tigmut'hep is becoming a big supporter of her professional modeling career as Isis herself likes to think of it. Oh and yes I have pointed out to Tigmut'hep that if he keeps appreciating the food so much he'll turn into a bigger supporter in no time! ;)

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Belated Mancat Monday

Well this is the last picture of Isis son's all together. From left to right, you can see Django, Dandy and Dizzy. It's certainly a little quieter around here with out Dizzy, but Mummy's been busy with paperwork so I guess she's pleased it's quieter so she can get it all done... Just today and 2 more full days here and Django goes to his new home too. It'll be a lot quieter after that I bet! This is defiantly a good thing as Mummy's explained to me that I have to babysit Delta and Dandy on Saturday with some help from Tigmut'hep... Yer right Mummy Tigmut'hep probably needs more babysitting than the kittens do! Honestly you'd think she'd know that by now... ;)

My sweet friend Storm, (the most beautiful Siamese cat in the World) has given me a lovely award and called me handsome too! Yes, I bet you can all see that I'm still blushing in this photo of me helping Mummy make the bed this morning... ;) You see she's got a new bedspread and it needs a lot of attention to make it just right and I'm the mancat for the job as you all know! I'm a bed specialist and can kneed and burrow with the best of them... ;)

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Belated Mancat Monday! ;)

Oh well I was too busy to get to my blog yesterday and with the kittens getting so big Isis has given up her "Titty Tuesday" post, so I'm finally getting to my Mancat thoughts today... So I guess my first thought is; real mancats put off today what could possibly be done tomorrow if they can't be bothered to drag their furry butts out of bed! ;)

It was a good weekend though as Tigmut'hep spent most of it sleeping off the effects of too much catnip at Karl & Ruis's wedding reception! Added to that Dad's away and so I got extra Mummy snuggle time! :) She and D'boy had a number of DVD's to watch and so all us cats piled onto their laps and curled up to watch them. The thing is I gather 4 kittens on one 11 yr old's lap makes for one very hot child, so he had to have a shower before going to bed as he felt all hot and horrid! Not that I can understand why feeling hot should have anything to do with feeling horrid... ;) I think that when Tigs joined in on his lap with the kittens was the exact point at which he reached critical mass and started his nuclear meltdown below his lap blanket! I on the other paw had Mummy pretty much all to myself, although Isis was snuggled up behind Mummy's head! :)

On Sunday Mummy roasted me a chicken! :) It was very tasty and being a good cat I shared MY Chicken with all the other cats here as well as they kittens who made little piggy noises just like Isis does when they ate it! ;) It seems that it must have smelt very yummy as Mummy and D'boy had some of MY Chicken too with some vegetables and roast potatoes, but being a good cat I didn't mind too much as I got 2 large servings of chicken and so slept very soundly on Sunday night. You know I have the bestest dreams when I have a belly full of chicken! :)

Yesterday Mummy helped D'boy get himself ready for back to school today and in the evening we had our kitty sitter Unca' Pete visit us! :) He bought us gifts of kitty milk and nice smells on his trousers, as well as a good lap for the kittens to have a nap on... It seems he likes a lap full of kittens even more than D'boy does! ;)

So after a long weekend of chicken and snuggles D'boy's gone back to school, although I hear that My Mummy and Dad have to take him to his secondary school tomorrow at lunchtime for an interview or something, so I'll have all the family home for a quick lunch before taking D'boy back to school I hope! :) I think I'm actually missing Dad while he's been away... Just promise not to tell him that I love him, ok?! My Mummy can't manage to fuss my back and give me belly rubs in bed at the same time with out Dad and I do so love my combi fussing that I can't wait for him to get home tonight! :) I've saved up lots of furs to apply to his PJ's and an all excited about sniffing his trousers to see what he's been doing... Oh and I hear he may be bringing home a BIG bit of willow tree for the cat run so we can have a tree to climb in it!!!! Oh boy am I going to enjoy that! :) You see with the levels of catnip that Tigmut'hep takes he can't even climb the wire in the run, so I bet he'll make a real mess of tree climbing and I wanna watch it and then show off my skills! ;) Oh yer there's nothing quite a mancat showing off his prowess! :) Talking of a need to show off my mancatly prowess and all that, it's wonderful to have My Marie back after 6 whole weeks away...

Monday, 26 May 2008

Mancat Monday

That's it I want a refund! What sort of weekend is it when your Mummy gets out of bed before 6am?! What's an Ice Hockey tournament anyway? It doesn't sound edible for a start, so why get up that early to catch it? At least My Mummy's spent the weekend at home with us, even if Dad and D'boy have been out all day... But I treasure my 3-4 hrs a morning snuggling in bed with My Mummy and I get told off if I start my snuggling at 1 or 2 in the morning for some reason! :( So being a really good cat (and not much liking my beauty sleep being disturbed), I've had to make do with an afternoon snuggle... But I'm telling you it's not the same and just not good enough! Mancat can't survive on a fuss mid afternoon I tell you, well this mancat can't! I need at least 3 hrs a morning of snuggling on the weekend and at least 1 hr during the week, though I do try and get more then too! ;)

So Mancat Monday has found me feeling deprived and neglected and in serious need of a snuggle... At this rate I'll be forced to cuddle up to Tigmut'hep and you know that's a last resort and the rather desperate act of an under loved mancat, don't you Mummy!

Yes I know you cooked me sirloin steak last night, but that doesn't make up for the hours of serious deprivation I have suffered, even if Yao-lin would have just loved it and is probably now a meezerly shade of green with envy, it doesn't cut it with me... Nope I want snuggles now and if you don't want to lay down and let me cover you in my lovely furs, I shall pack myself off to the Isle of Wight with D'boy in a few weeks time and see if I can get some there! :P

Monday, 19 May 2008

Mancat Monday

Well it's been rather busy here of late, what with D'boy having SAT's last week and the beans leaving us for 9 squillion hours on Saturday to go look at the Air Museum at Duxford as well as the Suffolk & Norfolk cat show... But being a good Mummy, My Mummy made it up to me by letting me snuggle in bed with her and Dad all night! :) This was so wonderful as it was rather cool and I got to burrow under the covers and rest my head on My Mummy's pillow all snuggled up in the middle of the bed... This is the purrfect spot to sleep in as you get nice and warm and you can demand fussing from either parent! :)

Mummy bought us presents home from the cat show, it seems the nice people at Applaws and Hills wanted to give us all some yummy food to eat! Though the roast pork loin My Mummy cooked for dinner yesterday was even more to my liking, especially with a little gravy added... :) Look I only got a tiny bit, I'm not *that* spoilt! ;) But it still counts and Mummy's on my good books again... Now if only I could get her to take an afternoon nap with me! ;)

Monday, 12 May 2008

Mancat Monday

Well it's a little sad this Mancat Monday as I've just found out that one of my former wives has passed away... She was I admit a good deal older than me when we had kittens together and that was nearly 4 years ago, but she was only 12 years old and although that's a good age it's not as old as many Abys I know!

But I know her life was happy and full of the kittens she loved so very, very much... In fact dear Lou was never happier than when she had a litter of kittens to mother and love! :) I have fond memories of her and our three kittens; Caitlin, Cat Anderson and Cottontail - all of who have lovely lives and homes of their own...

I know she is missed by more than just me and My Mummy's had a lovely long talk to her beans today to pass on her condolences and talk about kittens and seeing them soon at the cat show Isis is planning to attend with My Mummy! :)

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Mancat Monday

Oh what a wonderful weekend... :) Not only was it my Birthday, but with it being a long weekend and stuffed full of yummy chicken eating opportunities as well as sunny and warm weather for playing in the run, but My Mummy got me 3 new and different varieties of catnip for the run! :) Now how many Mummy's are that good to their cats?! It's official I'm keeping My Mummy! ;)

The kitten visits went well too and everyone kept telling me I was very lovely, so they've got to be very wise and intelligent people... My Mummy and Isis like them too, so 3 of the kittens have now met their new families and have their collection dates roughly sorted too. None of the kittens gets to leave home before they're 13 weeks old, so I have still got about another 5 weeks of Uncle duties! :) Then I get a holiday from kittens and lots of time to sun my tummy furs in the run...

Talking about my tummy furs I managed to snuggle with Mummy and watch TV last night for over an hour, in which she fussed my belly fluffs in the most delightful way - making sure all the chicken goodness was evenly distributed! ;) I then had a bit more snuggling between My Mummy and Dad in bed before Dad's snoring put me off and I went to hang out in the window cooling my fluffs, as it was 27C here yesterday and stayed warm all night. It's not good to let your belly fluffs get too hot for too long you know! ;)

Saturday, 3 May 2008

My 5th Birthday!!!!

I'm 5 years old today and as such I've got a huge plate of chicken from My Mummy, Dad and D'Boy to share with all the kittens and cats here as well as my friends here! :) It's pretty much an all you can eat chicken feast, just like I asked for... Oh boy am I ever a lucky cat and as such I spent most of last night snuggled between My Mummy and Dad, having an extra special birthday fussing! Oh yes I even let them give me belly rubs without ritually disembowelling their forearms to show them just how much I'm appreciating the chicken and other party food, though for the life of me I can't understand the attraction of cake! ;) Oh ok Mummy, the cake is for the beans so that there's more chicken left for us cats. In that case you really do think of everything! :)

So come along and help yourself to a slice or two of chicken and make yourselves comfy and celebrate my 5th Birthday in style! :)

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Thinking Thursday...

I've been thinking that the calenders and clocks must have it all wrong... You see I can't be about to turn 5 yrs old on Saturday it's just not possible, 'cause I'm still a kitten! Well that and that the kittens can't really be turning 8 weeks old then too, after all they're ickle babies! So they've got to have the time and date thing all mucked up... Yep, that's gotta be the answer! :)

The only good thing is that if they don't have it all wrong and I really am about to have my 5th Birthday on the weekend, I'll have been with My Mummy for half my life! :) It'll also mean that I'm about due some new toys and some very yummy dinner... ;) Oh yes it'll be chicken for me all the way! Maybe a side order of gravy to go with it too, but defiantly chicken and maybe one of My Mummy's famous chicken or turkey terrine's with added fresh catnip leaves...Mmmmmmm... Yer that'd be good! :)

I hear that I'm getting a proper party with people visiting and all, so maybe I'll go even better for prezzies than normal! ;) After all I've been such a good Uncle to the kittens and it's some of the kittens new parents coming to visit! :)

One last thing that's had me thinking since I watched it late last night was a bit of video on You Tube of a cat playing the piano rather well! It's such a shame we don't have a piano here as I'm sure I could do far better than they did if I put my mind to it, but I just don't think I have much chance with My Mummy's flute or D'boy's guitar... ;)

Get a Voki now!

Monday, 28 April 2008

Mancat Monday

It's been a lovely weekend, with lots of warm dry weather and time out playing in the run with Isis and the kittens! :) They really love the run and Mummy's been busy building a few new shelves for the run, so extra places for us to sit on as well as devising and building a removable ladder/ramp for the kittens to access the second level of the cat condo safely, this can be moved to the higher levels and rested on one of our huge scratching logs too when they are bigger and more capable of climbing! :) I must say having the kittens in the run is a lot of fun as they're constantly playing games and love it if we join in with them too... The only thing is Tigmut'hep prefers peace and quiet more and more these days, so grumps a LOT - he's so foul tempered at times that I've come up with a word to describe it perfectly! The word is T'ignorance ;)

Other than that I've had plenty of movie snuggle time with My Mummy, which is just the bestest time of day, any day! :) I had a full 2 hr snuggle with her last night and for me that was just the most wonderful end to a great weekend... In fact my snuggling in bed with Mummy and Dad were going well too last night until the kittens descended en mas to play a game of "bop and run" at 4:15am. You see once they'd finished using My Mummy's feet as obstacles in their game they decided to play the "bitey" game and that focused on my tail and Mummy's toes! :S The upside of this was Mummy was so tired she had a sleep in after feeding us breakfast and I got extra cuddles from just Mummy! :)

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Thinking Thursday...

Well there is only one thing to think this Thursday... Yes, that's it! Why, oh why do I put up with the abuse the kittens dole out at times? Here I was asleep and getting nice and warm with two kittens, when number 3 turns up and puts the bitey on my ear! :S My poor ear, all it did was twitch a little and Dizzy had it between his paws while applying the bitey good and proper...

However; Mummy says I'm just the bestest mancat ever for putting up with this and is planning on cooking me a chicken for my 5th Birthday on May 3rd! We're even having a party here with two of the kittens new families coming to play with them and share a little of my chicken around (not too much though as most of it's mine, mine all mine I tell you!) I must say I'm kind of hoping one of them brings me a catnip cigar for being so darn good, cause drugs would really help right now... ;) What's that Mummy? You're going to put some Valerian drops on my pompom and let me ritually disembowel it this afternoon for being your bestest mancat! Oh well, I'll put up with these kittens a little longer for a treat like that! :)

Monday, 14 April 2008

Mancat Monday

My Mummy and her human family ran away from home twice over the weekend, on Saturday they came home smelling really interesting though and carrying lots of new cat toys! So I guess forgiveness is granted... ;) It seems they attended the Abyssinian Cat Association's 22nd Annual Cat Show, which is why they smelt so darn interesting! They saw my half-sister Ch. Mikkar Little Mynx there (she's Isis sister and litter mate) as well as Isis (and Mynx) little half-brother Mikkar Ashanti Warrior. He did very well, earning himself a First in the male kitten class, as well as the Best of Breed for Aby kitten and Best in Show too! :) So to celebrate My Mummy bought us some of our fave Applaws chicken cat food, the kittens got some of their kitten food too, which they loved as much as we love our chicken! :)

On Sunday the excuse for them all running away from home again, was that of a family christening to attend... At least they came back home by lunchtime on Sunday! ;) Well I do so hate missing the chance of asking for a midday treat... :)

Today they slept in a whole 20 mins late! :( This meant I was nearly dying of starvation by the time they awoke and got around to feeding me! The kittens had also escaped and come down ready for their breakfast, so Isis and I decided to jump all over their bed and get them moving fast before we became too weak with starvation... My Mummy made me a yummy breakfast and fed the kittens too before she even had her usual mug of tea! I think this was to show her repentance for making us suffer so badly... Though this didn't stop Tigmut'hep from wailing at the top of his lungs about the mistreatment he had suffered!

It seems tonight the family are having pizza and then My Mummy's promised that we can all play with the new toys as long as we agree to play nice with the kittens too! :) I can't wait to bash the heck out of the new furry puff wand for starters, then the leather thong tipped fishing rod will be my next victim I think, or maybe the pig pink eared furry rat?! So many toys, so little time... Then I shall have a big, huge, yummy dinner and crawl into bed with My Mummy for a fussing in her new bed cover! :) The only thing is My Marie's purrty white furs will show up on this far more than they did on the old one... I think her regular teleporting over here for a snuggle on My Mummy's bed might have to change to a snuggle on the sofa in the office! ;)