Monday, 29 September 2008

Mancat and Manflu Monday

It seems that D'boy has responded well to our treatment, My Mummy's on the mend if still unwell but Dad seems to still have raging manflu really badly... So badly so in fact that My Mummy is going to have to take him to the vets in a bit. The thing is we're a little concerned that due to his advanced years (he's well over 20 yrs old now you know) and the serious condition he's in - well you know what we're worrying about...! :( I mean he's a good Dad and has over the years become quite expert in giving belly rubs and general fusses, so we'd kinda like to keep him. Honestly when he's not suffering from manflu he seems fit and healthy, so paws crossed the vet will think he's worth the effort too! ;) Oh and My Mummy seems to like Dad as well, so I'm sure she'll put in a good word for him with the vet... :)

Other than that Mummy fed me the bestest chicken ever this weekend and it seems all the family have clubed together to buy us cats some nice new beds and pillows to match! Oh yes, Tigmut'hep has a soft and comfy new single bed that he likes to share with D'boy, while Isis and I have a brand new memory foam double bed sized matress arriving later in the week, though we already have some very nice new soft fluffy pillows to share with My Mummy and Dad... We're both very excited about the imminant arrival of the new matress as it's supposed to mold to our bodies and kind of cradle us as we sleep! It took ages for Dad and My Mummy to find just the right one for us, so I hope they got it right - after all a cat likes to be very comfy when it sleeps! :)


Kimo and Sabi said...

Chick-hen! That would make anybody feel better!

goldenshade said...

That sounds like super duper cuckoo manflu over at your place. I don't think that is the real medical term though.

Sen and Tom said...

Hello Ramses,

I do hope your Dad is better soon and thus able to resume all this important activities, such as looking after you!

The new bedding sounds excellent!

Your Red Brother,

Shadow / Molly said...

Make the dad some chicken soup wif noodles and carrots and broth (yoo shud keep some chick hen fer yerself of course), that seems to work here fer when the beans are sick.

~ Shadow ~

Peeeeeee ssssssss: The mom and big male bean share their memory mattress wif us too, its furry comfy and warm!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello ramses its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hope yore dada feelz better soon and as for the matress my mama and dada got wun like that a fyoo munths ago and it is pretty nice espeshly sinse its big enuf for them and for too vizslas too no more falling off the bed for me or at leest not as much ha ha ok bye

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Chicken sounds wonderful I hope everyone continues to get better.

Daisy said...

I cannot wait to see your new beds!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Yesh, what is it with sick human men? They just can't get better easily it seems.


michico*Adan said...

Oah Nom nom nom~~~~~
Very Very delicious~!!!

Lux said...

I hope your dad feels much better soon. Those new beds sound really comfy!

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

I hope your Dad will get better real soon, as well as your Mummy and the Boy.

I'm glad that you got some pawesome chicken and nice beds, sweetie! And I think it awful generous of you to share your bed and pillows with Mummy and Dad, hehehe... ;)

I missed you terribly, I hope that I can teleport and visit you lots and lots now that I am more or less back. :)

~your dearest Marie