Monday, 15 September 2008

Mancat Monday

Well since we're all very environmentally minded cats here, but also very refined and well mannered on the whole (Tigmut'hep being the exception), we decided to tell you all a little about the wonderful environmentally friendly products we use here! :)

Firstly there's our lovely cat litter Cats Best ├ľkoPlus it makes unpleasant indoor odours a thing of the past, as they are be trapped within it's organic fibres. The fibre itself comes from untreated domestic fir and spruce wood, which accumulates naturally in the environmental cycle. Using this wood is a help to maintaining healthy forests.

├ľkoPlus is currently the only clumping litter that is both compostable and biodegradable and because it is made from organic fibre, it is much lighter and easier to handle than comparable mineral litter. This in turn saves on transport costs and makes ├ľkoPlus a truly environmentally friendly litter. What's more it's also velvety soft on the paws and darn good for digging around in! :) The other thing that's good is that because it clumps so well it lasts about 3 times as long as any other wood or paper pulp based cat litter (apparently this saves money, which can be spent on cat food and 'nip!), oh and it doesn't track too much and isn't all dusty and horrid either...

I think you'll all agree this is far better than a photo of one of us using the litter box! ;)

Our next environmentally sound product of choice here has just gotta be Bozita cat meat, it's just so darn yummy for a start and comes in easy to open and recyclable Tetra Packages, so it's also light weight and easy to store beacuse of it's shape. The other benifits that Bozita provides a perfectly balanced diet for your pet's entire life cycle. This food is made exclusively from 93% fresh lean Swedish meat - which means it's antibiotic and hormone free and none of the chickens have been battery farmed or had their beaks clipped! There are no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, no nasty sugar in it, is wheat gluten free, while containing a high level of taurine to look after our eyes and reproductive systems (ok that last benifit is a bit lost on Tigmut'hep and myself, but it's great for Isis). It also contains a natural betaglucan they call Macrogard® to help keep us fit and healthy as it boosts our immune systems. Oh and did I mention that it's incredibally tasty or that the Terta packs are made to reseal between meals?! It comes in a whole host of tasty flavours too, like reindeer which is Tigmut'hep's fave!

Again don't you think this is so much better than a photo of Tigs with his face in a big bowl of food?! ;)

Though not wishing to dissapoint anycat, here's a shot of Tigmut'hep after a heavy night on the 'nip! All our 'nip is organically grown by My Mummy and harvested at it's peak, carefully dried and snorted in abundance by our housemate and self confessed addict...


Sen and Tom said...

It is clear that you are nothing but stellar in quality of life, Ramses!

Please give ISIS lost of little kisses from me and tell her I shall always be devoted to her, and that I miss her postings! Can we PLEASE have one soon?

Your Red Friend,

Shadow / Molly said...

heh heh Tig dood, that is the best catnip look there is! I will has to try that one later on when I gets my nip!

The mom likes the sound of that litter but its only available there! :(

(((HUGS))) we feel like hugging all our friends today!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Hmm ... "Swedish Meat" + "Rentier" == Reindeer? Very interesting! I wonder if Trouble would eat that.

The Furry Kids said...

Tig is high as a kite! hee hee

We're interested in the litter. It looks like it clumps better than our beloved swheat scoop.


HRH Yao-Lin said...

wow you guys really are treated properly. I'm lucky if the slave gives me left over fishfingers.

I hate to say it but Tigs looks like he has a drug problem.


Team Tabby said...

Those are great products, but we don't see those where we are, for now at least.

Juding by Tig's picture, your mom grows some great nip.

Mindy & Moe

Derby said...

Excellent job in being environmentally 'green' being a cat.

Princess said...

Very cool!
We use swheat scoop. I used to use clay litter with caesar but wow, swheat scoop is a lot better!

happy day!

The Cat Realm said...

Thank you for taking the Dare! Oh my - you really thought this through! Great choices to be environmentally sound every day!