Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Tattle Tail Tuesday

Since a few cats have asked me I thought I'd tell you all about how life has changed here since my 'sis came to live with me here! :)

This first photo is my very first meeting with Isis on July 14th last year when she arrived home with My Mummy and Dad. We never hissed at each other, not even once - well Tigmut'hep does enough hissing for all of us here! ;)

Within just 10 days we were both snuggling with My Mummy at night and spending much of our time together, even though she was 6 months old we found we had lots in common as well as sharing the same Father! So it didn't come as a surprise that after just 1 month of living with us Isis and I had become bestest friends and snuggle buddies... Though I was more than a little shocked the first time she decided to give me a darn good wash, I mean shortly after she'd tackled my ears and face she robbed me of all dignity and decided to clean my lovely belly fluffs! Oh yes not one single fur escapes the tongue of Isis, not even if you wriggle and squirm and tell her to leave your mancatly bits alone... She was one determined girlykitten and has grown into one very strong minded ladycat and an excellent momma cat too, but oh how my dignity has suffered at times, although I have to admit my fur has never felt better! Even if often left feeling like a big soggy lump while she carries on with her own personal grooming - how does her tongue cope with all the millage?! But even if she does occasionally bully me into having an extra wash when all I want is a peaceful nap, when I'm really down and feeling unwell and more than a little sorry for myself she's sweet and snuggles up to me to let me know I'm not alone... What more could a mancat what in life than to have a 'sis like that around? She's the best thing that ever happened to me other than finding My Mummy!
Then just when I think life is as good as it gets she goes and produces a litter of cute little Aby kittens for me to help her raise! :) It's such a privilege to be there for her and to have those cute little kitten nieces and nephews here to love for a while... Well they sure are cute and I somehow think I've found my own special niche in life! That of beloved Mummy's boy, well cared for bother and adoring uncle... For me life is as sweet as can be and I'm already looking forward to Isis next lot of kittens so I can get back to dotting on them! Yep, it's wonderful!!! :)


Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Ohhhh Ramses, I loved hearing your story about you and Isis! I have to agree that having a sister is a wonderful thing; Sabrina and I are the bestest buddies too, although when I first came to live here she did hiss at me ... hee hee! We are a couple of lucky mancats having them and our wonderful Mommies too, aren't we!
Purrs and headbutts,

Sen and Tom said...

Ramses, you are a good friend and of excellent counsel! I very much enjoyed reading your account of Isis' arrival and her ongoing cleaning services! I must say I wish someone would occasionally do a better job on me than Tom who does my whole head at one go with one lick of his giant tongue!

Your Red Brother,

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I'm very glad that Isis has been such a light in your lives. She sure does sound like a useful sisfur (unlike ahem...Kaze).


Dennis the Vizsla said...

Nothing's cuter than kitties cuddling!

The Crew said...

Ramses, you old softy. What a sweet story.

My sister Tipper bathes me, but mostly my head & ears.


Shadow / Molly said...

That is a great story! I can see why she loves you to bits too!

~ Molly ~

Derby said...

It's a wonderful life Ramses!

Dragonheart and Merlin said...

It is wonderful that you and Isis are such good friends, Ramses. :) Merlin and I are best friends too, and were inseparable after only a week together! You are a wonderful uncle cat, too, Ramses. :)

michico*Adan said...

That is very sweet of you and Isis~!
I am glad you 2 are together~~~~ You can take good care of your sister!

Lux said...

You two are just so beautiful and so sweet - Isis has been a very good sister to you (and vice versa)!

Princess said...

I am so happy that Isis is with you. You two make a good team, friends forever from now on! Sisters are so careful about cleaning!

The Cat Realm said...

Oh boy! You got it made!
We posted the winning Dare and I Dare You to accept the challenge!