Friday, 30 November 2007

Finking Friday...

Well I's fink our new little squillion buddy is kinda cute and what's better still is Isis now has Seti to groom when she wants to play Momma cat and ickle baby kitten! ;)

I'z also fink I'z found the purrfect use for my conehead! My Mummy was very busy last night making fleece covers for warming pads for when Isis has kittens, so she can wash one and have one clean all the time. Can't have those ickle kittens getting cold now... She also made the inner cushion bits for our new nip pillows she made the crochet covers for the other week! :) That was some primo 'nip she added to the stuffing I can tell you... Then she had to stitch the crochet covers closed around the inner cushion bit and then we'z descended en mass and wrestled them from her grip! ;) Isis ran off with one and Tigs started bunny kicking another, so while My Mummy was distracted I got hold of the third one and pushed my head into it, covering it all with my cone! :) This kept My nip pillow safe from the others and let me get a really good hit of 'nip before Mummy rounded all the pillows up and put them away until KissMouse... I'z fink I know where she putted them and iffen I'z right maybe I can get my paws on one again before then! ;) I mean now I'z found a good use for this dratted conehead I'z just gotta make good use of it... :)

Oh and I fink I'z finished makin' My Marie's KissMouse card, now maybe I can get my paws on a little of that primo 'nip and perfume her card with it?! After all I'z a very romantic type of Mancat and I'z just know iffen you wanna impress a lovely ladycat like My Marie you'z gotta say it with d'nip! It reaches parts that simple roses cannot reach... ;)

Thursday, 29 November 2007

VET's suck! :P

Dat's it I'z quite had it with stupid male vets... Specially ones who act like nervous little girlies and can't even remember their manners! I'z mean what vet in their right mind finks I'z going to let them look at me iffen they don't bother tellin' me how beautiful I am lookin' even with a horrid conehead of humiliation in place!? I'z asked My Mummy if the stand in vet is some sort of special needs case, 'cause he sure was stupid and as nervous as a little girly! He tolded My Mummy nothing she didn't already know and said I'z gotta keep the conehead on for a few more days as well as continue with the auntybiotic eye drops... While my eye is almost better there's still a bit of pinkness to my inner eyelids, so that needs to clear up before I'z can come off the drops... My Mummy tolded him that she finked that I needed at least 3 more days on them and he just agreed with her and said maybe even 5 days. Every time I'z moved the stupid big tall lump jumped and acted all scared and silly and I didn't so much as have to lay a claw on him. I'z willin' to bet iffen I did he'd have pooped his pants! ;) *giggle*

After he finished lookin' at my eye, with My Mummy holding me with one arm and holding my eye open for him to see with her spare hand (cause he was too big a wet sissy to touch me himself), he didn't even bother to tell me I'z been a big brave boy like lovelylady vet does! I mean where are manners these days? Does they really let vets qualify iffen they don't tell cats they'z beautiful and remember to tell them they've been big and good and brave for puttin' up with d'poking?! It just doesn't seem right to me that they're doing this... A good vet is short, sweet and female for a start! Not tall, male, stupid and lacking in manners... :( I mean they call good manners "eticat" or some such for a reason!
  • Eti, from et cetera the Latin for "and so on" or "and other things"
  • cat obviously meaning (Felis silvestris catus) better known as the domestic cat
Therefore the whole word should be taken to mean "Good manners towards cats and other things" :) It's all very simple when you fink about it right! ;)

So here I'z am, stuck in d'conehead for another few days... Feelin' kind of sorry for myself and about ready for nap in My Mummy's office. At least My Mummy bothered to tell me what a big brave boy I'z was last night! She even gotted me an extra yummy dinner full of fishes to make up for my having to remain a conehead for another week, when lovelylady vet comes back off holidays and can see me and tell me how beautiful I am and what a big brave boy I've been living with the conehead for so long...! :) At least she understand the finer points of eticat!

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Wonderful Wednesday!

It is I, Isis here today! :) Ramses is sleeping off all his celebrating yesterday, which consisted mostly of munching all his fave foods! ;) It seems he didn't feel much like playing with that conehead on, so I'z been snuggling with him too! :) But since that cone is so ugly looking, I'z kept myself to his tail end as you can see... ;)

I'z all upset cause Napoleon's Momma's abandoned him and I'z can't talk to him all I want... :( What's worse is that Tigmut'hep's been sleepin' for the past 10 days and so I'z had no one to play with... Though he has managed to keep himself awake for nearly 2 whole hours in the past 3 days, so things is getting better I guess! ;) It seems he's suffering from SAD, which in his case must stand for Seriously Addicted Dopehead... *giggle* Honestly I'z never known such a 'niphead and now he says he's training for the 2012 Olympics marathon sleeping event! ;)

Anyway I'z been snuggling with the boy lots while Mummy's been tormenting me with wools! She makes the wools move in the most tempting way when she crochets us stuff, it's not my fault that I'z gets the urge to put the bitey on the wools! Honest it's not... I'z picked some purrty brown wools for my new birthday blankie as I thoughted they'd go nicely with my furs! :) But I'z just not sure I can take the torment of watching Mummy crocheting it for me... ;) Just must put the bitey on the wools!!!!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Twice as good Tuesday - My 2nd Gotcha Day!

Well other than still having to have 3 drops a day put into my eye and blundering around with a conehead on, I'z must say that this is a wonderful 2nd Gotcha Day! :)

I'z had a yummy breakfast with extra gravy for a start, along with some nice fussing from My Mummy. She then phoned the breeders she got me from and gave them an update on me and gotted to tell them that Isis is "calling" now and should be ready to visit Grand Champion Silversmoke Dan Dare early in the New Year. Since she travels better with me in with her for company, Mummy's checked to see if I could come along too for a visit and the good news is I can! :) Iffen I'z really lucky I can even have a chicken feather from one of the chickens they have there, I'z misses lookin' at those chickens all day! Though after a while looking at them did make me hungry - no wonder I have such strong chicken cravings at times! ;)

With Isis "calling" I'z busy dealing with her being a silly flirty girl, but it's kind of fun too 'cause she's being very playful and keeps hiding under the blankie on d'sofa bed in My Mummy's office. Dis is great 'cause I can pounce her and chatter lots! :) Now iffen I'z could only get d'conehead off I could have a really good game! :) Tigs has been playing with us too, and Isis has even been sharing her sisal string from Canada with us! Though with dis conehead on I can't get into her ickle cardboard box and Tig's bum is too big, so I guess for now it's just her box... ;)

Even though I didn't get any chicken feathers I did get a nice big magic pigeon feather from Gerty d'racing pigeon! :) She often sheds magic feathers for us and My Mummy brings them home for me from Dad's Mum's house where Gerty lives... :)

I'z also gotted a pompom toy dat My Mummy's going to attach to our big cat fishing rod as soon as I'z gotten my conehead off and can play properly! :) I'z loves pompoms and other soft toys bestest!

Finally and bestest of all I'z getting fresh cooked chicken for my dinner tonight thanks to My Mummy! :) I'z can almost taste it already and it's going to be very yummy indeed, not that it'll last long round me! ;)

Monday, 26 November 2007

Mancat Monday...

Well the resting did my eye good and it's almost back to normal, though I'z not supposed to have the conehead off until it's 100% normal, so I'z can't scratch it and mess it up again... Though I'z seeing the stand in VET on Wednesday and iffen he decides it's ok I can have the conehead off, and iffen he doesn't then maybe I'z won't let him live! It's not fair I'z got to go see stand in VET rather than lovelylady VET, or Sally VET... They'z on holidays and I'z gotta see an icky man VET :(

Anyway today is d'boy's 11th birthday and it seems that Isis got presents along with the box that arrived for him from Canada! She gotted a lovely play box and some sisal string... She even gotted to practice her present opening skills in prepurration for KissMouse Day and her 1st Birthday shortly after! It seems that all this getting older has gone to Dad's head and now he's senile, 'cause he tried to go to work this morning wearing his slippers! ;) He made My Mummy laugh lots when he came back to get his shoes... :)

My Mummy cooked us all a yummy roasty dinner last night as a bit of a treat for d'boy, and tonight he's getting my fave chicken! I'z sure My Mummy will cook me a little bit of chicken too, cause she knows how much I'z like it... :) After all it is my 2nd Gotcha Day Anniversary tomorrow and I'z not seen any treats or presents for me yet! :( Maybe I'll get a surprise?! I'z do hope so... :)

Friday, 23 November 2007

Finking Friday...

Mostly I'z been finking about my sore eye and conehead this week... Right now I finks my eye is getting better and so I've been pretty good about letting My mummy put the auntybiotic drops in, I'z not even put the bitey on her once! :)

Other than that I finks it's nice to snuggle with my little 'sis and watch Mummy work... Lifting one's conehead for long is hard work so now I fink it's time for another nap! ;)

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Thankful Thursday!

Today I'z very thankful 'cause My Mummy took me back to the VET yesterday and made them change my auntybiotic drops, 'cause they wasn't workin' rightly! :( The goodest thing is these new ones are! :) I'z got little less puffiness and a lot less discomfort in my eye now... :)

I'z grateful that I'z feelin' better 'cause I was able to snuggle with My Mummy and Dad all night! I'z was even able to wake My Mummy up at 4:30am for a head scratch... :) I'z got her goodly trained at head scratchin' since I'z got this conehead of humiliation on, I'z just poked her with the edge of the cone until she scritches the right place! :)

I'z also grateful that Isis is here, she's such a goofball! She played flying monkey squirrel cat on My Mummy and Dad's bed at midnight to make me laugh, she seems to think she can do daft things at midnight 'cause the clock says 0:00 - she calls it nuffin O'clock and says it's the right time for running round like you've got a firecracker up your butt, cause nuffin you do really counts at that time of day! ;) Honestly I don't know where she gets these daft ideas... I suspect that Tigmut'hep has been tellin' her stories again! ;) He's like that you know...

Anyway I'z feelin' better and have just given Isis a darn good bopping in return for her pouncing on my conehead the other day! I'z feeling better for having given her a good boppin' :) Now it's time for a nap before My Mummy comes to put more drops in my ouchy eye... Then I shall curl up on My Mummy's lap and snoopervise the making of the purrfect KissMouse card for My Marie! :)

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Wonderful Wednesday!

It is I, Isis here! :) Ramses is off sulking about being a silly lookin' conehead... I must say watching him is nearly as entertainin' as pouncing on his cone was until Mummy tolds me off!

Anyway I'z got a new game to play now and so I'z happy! :) I'z got a pretty pink bracelet to carry around in my mouth and when it needs it I dropz it in someone's shoe and gives it a goodly pouncing! :) Then I picks it up and does it all over again... It's just the bestest of all games and I can and do play it for hours! :) Dis is keeping Ramses entertained too, so I'z doing my bit to help his eye recover and stop looking all icky and yuck!

Yes, I'z been learning lots of propurr medical terms like icky and yuck lately! Manky and revoltin' are other medical terms for what's wrong with my brother's eye. He's rubbed at it so hard that he's given it an ulster that the vet and Mummy could only see when they put special drops in Ramses eye, these made him cry orange for a bit - luckily this doesn't matter as his furs are already orange! :)

Now I fink I'd better go kiss d'conehead and make sure he's doin' ok 'cause it's time for his next eye drops and he'll need to to hold his paw while Mummy puts 'em in! :) Sees Napoleon I'z a good girl really... :)

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Treatment Tuesday...

Thanks everykitty, the VET was as nice as she could be, but I'z have now got 3 lots of drops to take for the eye... :( Oh and the indignaty of wearing a cone collar on my head!

One lot of drops I'z only need putting in once a day, the antiebiotics I'z need twice a day and the third lot I'z needs 3 times a day! Oh and I'z need eye baths in saline to clean it up 2-3 times a day too! :( You'z see I didn't leave my paw sore eye alone and have now managed to give it an ulcer, hence the cone collar of indignity!

Just to add to the trauma of it all Isis has turned evilz! She seems to thinks my cone collar of indignity is really a fun toy that needs pouncing on from great heights! :( She'z been caught laying in wait for me behind furniture and doors... She seems to think it's a good idea to play kill d'collar while it's still on my head! Just you wait 'till I'z fighting fit again and I'z will give her such a bopping! :)

Oh and if'z you want to torture your catparents real good for making you suffer this sort of indignity, it's a good idea to go crashing round their bedroom at all hours of the night! ;) The sound of a cat stumbling around with a cone collar on is guaranteed to wake even the heaviest of sleepers... If all else fails bribe Tigmut'hep to go play squish the bladder first thing in the morning! He's a true master of the art of bladder squishing, not only standing on just the right spot to insure greatest pain and need, but shifting his weight from paw to paw while he does this just to add to the torture element, while purring and looking as cute as possible to make them prolong the torture of their own free will, "cause doesn't the kitty look cute!" ;) Now if you can manage to get your evilz little 'sis to put the bitey on their toes about this time you'll have them outta d'bed so fast you'll be amazed at how speedy they can be! Oh and now it's time to take full advantage of the warm bed they've just vacated... :)

Monday, 19 November 2007

Post Party Report...

Oh dis has been great! Loadsa 'nip and food and yummy treats for all, plus boxes to play in and cats to socialize with... Not to mention My Marie to snuggle! :) It's gone a long way to making me feel better regardless of icky eye... Oh and a visit from the lovely Miss Peach too! :) It's all so purrfect... Now where did that 'nip banana go?

Sorry for Isis nutty behaviour, but it was her first time on d'nip and it kinda went to her head! ;) As Tigmut'hep pointed out, there's not much to get in it's way between her ears... I think he's being a bit hard on my little 'sis, but have to agree she was a bit of an airhead over the weekend! ;)

My Mummy and family gotted back just like they said they would and helped clean up d'bits we'd not managed to do ourselves without tellin us off! So thanks to everykitty for helpin' us tidy up the worst of it... :) What My Mummy doesn't know won't make her all grumpy and cross! ;) In fact she even cooked us all a roast beef dinner with loadsa yummy gravy, so we had the purrfect end to the weekend... :)

The only down side is that my eye is still not doing well, so I'm back off to the VET this afternoon... :( But My Mummy says I can go in the posh, luxury PTU and take Isis with me to hold my paw, 'cause I'z a big fraidy cat when it comes to gettin' poked by peoplez I don't know! Specially in de eye... Well I can see 'em comin, so what does she expect?! ;) So for now I'll go sleep off some of d'nip we finished off last night... I may have a puffy eye, but at least I don't look as rough as Tigmut'hep and I'd like to keep it that way, thank you very much! ;) Just look at him, he's sufferin with a bad 'nip hangover...

Saturday, 17 November 2007


Ok, the coast is clear the 'nip is ready and so are we! :) Karl is already here so come on everykitty and join in before Tigmut'hep hogs all the good 'nip and scoffs all the food... ;)

Friday, 16 November 2007

Finking Friday...

Oh boy do I have some finking to do this Friday! Firstly I'z got to make sure that we'z got every thing we need in for d'party tomorrow... Lots of 'nip, lotsa meat, stinky goodness and our yummy chicken jelly with extra fresh 'nip added! :) Plenty of places to nap and relax on and of course the cat run for fun and games, likez my fave game of how'z d'squirrel! ;) I really must try and grow my tail furs more fluffy... Then I'd make the purrfect mega big squirrel! :)

Den I'z gotta fink of a good hiding spot so'z My Mummy can't find me at free O'clock when she wants to take me and 'sis to d'VET! :( I'z not told 'sis yet, cause I's didn't want her getting all upset and worried, but I'z going to get her to join me in a game of "Hide and Sneak" later when My Mummy starts lookin' fur us!

I finks it's time for my annual rejection from the VET and even though I'z hears we'z going in the big, huge, mega luxury PTU together I knows it's still goin' to be real torture... Just look at us, does we lookz like we needs a trip to the VET?! What do you mean one of my eyes looks a little bit sore and I need my booster shots... I'z purrfectly fine and it doesn't matter how much the VET likes seeing me I dozn't likes seen herz! :( I'z dozn't fink Isis needs a microchip to ID her, I'z can sniff her out where ever she hides, can't you?! What doz you mean you can't sniff her furs like that and tell it's my 'sis? You'z beans are mighty strange even if you'z My Mummy! ;)

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Thursday's need for nursing...

It seems Dad's given the boy his germs and now My Mummy has him home in bed for the day! Again this means us kitties has access to the bedroom and the urge to snuggle up in bed is getting really hard to fight... Isis is grumping though as the boy has kept his slippers on to keep her off his feet for once! ;) Seems the boy is smarter than he looks...

Hopefully My Mummy won't get Dad's germs, 'cause if she gets sick we won't get the level of service we like around here! ;) Oh and she needs to make us our celebration jelly! :)

Here's the recipe for those of you who have Mom's who'd like to try it out:

Chicken and 'nip Celebration Jelly

1/2 lb (aprox.) of chicken meat (brown meat is actually best)
1 small carrot - adds vitamins as well as a bit of roughage (dietary fiber)
1 small handful of peas - adds vitamins and roughage too
1 packet of gelatine
1 egg cup full of Cranberry Juice (added for Tigmut'hep's sake - it helps sufferers if FLUTD as it acidifies the meal somewhat)
1 small handful of fresh 'nip leaves

Cube the chicken and put it in a sauce pan, add the carrot and peas and cover with water - at least 1/2 pint (1 Cup). Bring to the boil and simmer for at least 1/2 hr - this makes the meat very tender and yummy! Now take 1/4 pint of the liquid and put it in a bowl and dissolve the gelatine in it, stir and make sure it's fully dissolved. Now take a few of the cubes of chicken and put them into two flat containers (preferably ones that have lids), the rest of the chicken, carrot and pea mixture should be liquidised with the rest of the fluid and add it to the gelatine mixture to make it up to about 1 pint (add extra water if needed) put the fresh 'nip and cranberry juice in now, and stir to make sure the 'nip, meat and gelatine combine evenly and pour over the cubes of chicken in the two containers. Now leave to cool for about 1 hr and then put the lids on the containers and carefully put in the fridge to set - about 1-2 hrs. Once this is set it's time to PARTY! :)

It's just so good! It really will take a lot of will power for us all not to start eating it the second it sets... Though well be good and save it for us all to share at the Party to mark the joint Gotcha Day's of Tigmut'hep, Donny, My Marie and me! :) Each of us found our furever homes in late November and thought it would make the Party extra special if we could all celebrate that fact! :)

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Wonderful Wednesday!

It's me Isis! :) I've been busy keeping Dad warm in bed while he was feelin' all yucky and icky, seems he got cat flu or something nasty like that as he says his head feels like it wants to 'splode and his nose is certainly 'spoldin' lots! But he's been a good ickle sick kitten and let me look after him's properly... :) I'z done sitting on him to warm him up, while groomin' the little furs on the back of one of his hands all nicely! He must have liked that as he fell off to sleep and let me groom it for a good 30 mins, when I was done it looked lovely and pink and clean! :)

Then I followed him downstairs and watched TV with him, perched on the back of the sofa and purrin' in his ear as hard as I could to make him relax! This must have worked as he soon was up and about doing stuff for work on the computer, all wrapped in a blanket I made a nice nest on his feet and groomed the furs on his legs next! Honest I'z never groomed so hard in all my life and soon his ankles was looking mighty good and pink too! :) Mummy kept bringing him mugs of coffee, which like a good Momma cat I tested to make sure it was good and not too hot for my paw 'ickle sick kitten Dad...

I'z is going to be the bestest every kitten Momma, 'cause today Dad got outta bed and went back to his work! All my attention and nursing efforts must have worked real well... :) He's all fixed and better and told Mummy he was sure he'd feel better at work as he was sure he didn't need any more of my intensive nursing efforts! It's obvious from his comments that I'z done my job real good and I'll be just as good a kitten Momma as my big sister Noodle is! :)

When I'z bigger I'z going to be just like her and go and visit Dan (not for Napoleon's eyes) and come home with a belly full of kittens all my own! :) Mummy says I can play Momma cat and ickle baby kitten all I want then... I'z can clean 'em and feed 'em and snuggle with 'em 24/7 and they'z going to love it all and not complain like my big brother Ramses does about how humiliating it all is, specially when I start with the cute 'ickle baby talk to him! ;)

Anyway I've had enough time day dreamin' about kittens and now I need to go clean up any stray cat bikky those messy boys have dropped around our food bowls! Then I'd better check all the cat toys and make'z sure they'z good enough to play with, once that's all done I think I'll check out all the cat beds and other prime napping spots and make sure they'z good enough for guests! :) It's a busy life being the only girlycat in a house... Those lazy boys seem to need me to do everfury thing for them! ;)

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Sick Dad Tuesday...

Well it seems that the cold that's been going round Dad's office has finally got the better of him, so he's in bed feeling all horrid and icky at present... This does however mean I have access to the bed all day (My Mummy has a bad habit of locking me out, so I don't sleep all day...) and never one to let a good thing go to waste I've been making the most of it... :)

Though never fear I've had a good look at our food supplies for Saturday and other than Isis and Tigmut'hep deciding to give the ham an internal inspection to make sure it was up to standard all is doing well! :) The ham situation is now critical, though I am assured that what we did have was well up to standard... ;) We do however have 3 gammons in the fridge that I have managed to keep out of Tigmut'hep's stomach for now (though Isis is nearly as bad as him these days!), I hope that gammon will pass the meezer taste test and that I can keep this lot hidden for a few days longer... If not I'll just have to add a ham and gammon request to My Mummy's next shopping list! ;) I'm sure she won't suspect a thing...

Monday, 12 November 2007

Mancat Monday - More party planning!!!! :)

Well it looks like quite a few cats will be here partaking in the 'nip and feasting on all that's not been nailed down! ;) We've got the house to ourselves for nearly a full 24 hrs so any who want to sleep over can... :) Marie my sweet, I'm saving you a spot on My Mummy's bed as I'm sure it's the warmest, comfiest place there is!

Now who needs
what to eat? We'll have vishus deer for those who'd like to sample it, a large amount of premo roasty chicken with gravy, some beef and turkey too. Plus a large bowl of some really good stinky goodness tuna fish! :)

We've got fresh nip, home grown dried nip and some good commercial stuff too. There are plenty of cat toys for all, including furry rats and mice, feathers and the whirly bird toy! Plenty of scratch pad and post, not to forget a cat run to play in and climb around! :)

Last, but by no means least Tigmut'hep has promised not to grump or sit on the pile of 'nip and hog it all for himself, since he'll be on his best behaviour with his beloved Bonnie here! ;)

Oh and it's from Saturday afternoon until Sunday breakfast time! So clear your calender and make it a date to remember - if through a mist of nip and gluttony! ;)

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Tigmut'hep's Sulky Sunday... Party Planning! :)

My housemate is sulking again... It seems he actually took the time to write a blog himself and no one has visited it, so he's taken himself off to the boy's room and is currently sulking in the middle of a large pile of teddy bears! Typical I guess, but he's not much fun to be around right now...

Anyway Isis and I have been ignoring him and playing in the run, while My Mummy, Dad and the boy do stuff in the garden... My Mummy sowed lots of poppy seed as an act of Rememberance, while Dad and the boy cut the grass and planted some assorted spring bulbs and snowdrops... They're all tired after last night, so I think I might be lucky and get My Mummy to go to bed early tonight - more snuggle time for me! :) Though I think I'd better make sure she doesn't fall to sleep before feeding me! ;)

The boy had fun being a Mascot last night and My Mummy took a few photos of him and the Ice Hockey team for us all to look at... They're out again next weekend taking him to see Bill Bailey, who I've seen on DVD - he's very funny so I guess they'll all have a good time... But we're a little annoyed that we can't go with them, so are throwing a party here while they're out! ;) What My Mummy doesn't know won't hurt her... :)

Now we've got plenty of premo 'nip on hand, a large amount of cat crunchies and oodles of tasty meat, including some venison (aka vishus deer), oh and Isis is even unbottling a little of her catmilk supply for all to share! So all we need are more cats to come over while My Mummy and family are out to enjoy themselves... Of course My Marie will be here from Calgary and no doubt Tigmut'hep will invite his beloved Bonnie up from Cornwall - the more the merrier is my motto! :)

Just let me know how many cats are interested and I'll make sure we have adequate food bowls and other supplies! Oh boy will My Mummy wonder what's hit her when she looks at the kitty litter boxes when they get back here Sunday morning! ;)

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Saturday Excitement...

It seems that My Mummy and Isis are a little excited this morning as they got a card through the post to say that the paperwork for our own Breeder Prefix is now with the Secretary and being looked at. This means they'll be checking to see if any of the possible names My Mummy and Dad have put down are already in use or too close to a name that's already in use. My Mummy's pretty sure she's come up with a name no one is using, but they have to check never the less to see if it's ever been registered - even if it's not in use now. So Isis has her paws crossed that Mummy gets the name she really wants, or at least her second choice if not... :)

The boy is also all excited as he's skating out with the local professional Ice Hockey team tonight as their Mascot! :) He's got a friend coming along to the game with Mummy and Dad too, so it's a big deal to him and he's rather bouncy... That's why I'm keeping my distance from him, I don't like people who move too fast - they make me nervous! Since I want to keep clear of all these excited people, I've decided to have a little excitement of my own and will be transporting myself over to My Marie's in a bit for a long snuggle session as she's feeling all cold and chilly today, since it snowed in Calgary last night!

Friday, 9 November 2007

Finking Friday! :)

Well I'z had lots to fink about this week especially about The Cats Realm challenge of taking a photo of one of your people all dressed up funny! Well since we have to get My Mummy to take all the photos round here, we couldn't very well dress her up and get a photo as well, so I'z made an executive type decision and decided to get My Mummy to photograph the boy when he's dressed up for a BBC Children In Need fund raiser next Friday! That way we'z get a funny photo, but it's for a very good cause too... :) It seems it's not only furry children here that need help, care, love and adoption... I've found it rather interesting to look into so I fink I'll try and explain it a bit for those of you who don't yet know about it all!

Each year since 1980, the BBC has set aside one night of programming on BBC One, to show events aimed at raising money for charities working with children here in the UK. The BBC coverage also extends across the BBC's other television channels and national and local radio channels. A mascot called 'Pudsey', a teddy bear (and therefore close to Tigmut'hep's heart) with a bandage over one eye, was introduced in 1985 and has become a regular feature. Though I hear that they've redesigned the logo this year, but I have yet to see it... Children in Need is a registered charity and you get to see lots of serious TV News People and the like makes themselves look very silly, so all us cats like it lots and spend the evening watching it with My Mummy, Dad and the boy! :)

The boy does something each year to help raise money, one year it was a sponsored ice skate where he skated well over 100 laps of the rink, another year it was collection teddy bears to go to the local hospital's children's ward (this one kind of upset Tigmut'hep, he just hates to see a teddy he can't snuggle with). This year he's dressing up as one of his hero's and taking part in some fun raising events - he's going as a scientist or doctor I think as My Mummy said she couldn't make him a proper astronaut costume! ;)

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Thank goodness it's working Thursday!

Oh boy what a relief that the internet is working again and the silly HayDSL line isn't playing silly whatnots any more, the nice people at our HighSP worked hard to get it all nice and fixed up for me yesterday! It seems they too don't like hearing a kitty cry over her need to talk to her furriends and show pretty pictures to her fave cute young Mancat! ;) So here I am! :)

It's hard to believe I'm almost 10.5 months old now! I feel rather grown up when I think about it even, though I do still have time to work on my rather extensive Birthday list! ;)

For a start, I really do need some new mousie's as they keep vanishing! Mummy says it has something to do with my putting them under furniture, but I think someone's eating 'em... I also think I could do with a nice new blankie for my bed, but can't decide on what colour I'd like bestest. I mean I know some colours look nicer against my furs than others, but it's very difficult to work out what's the very bestest one for me... Maybe I should look into getting some sort of fashion consultation and get my colours done, cause I'm not sure I could cope if the new blankie didn't compliment my furs in the bestest possible way! ;)

It's hard being a refined girlycat and learn all these things, it makes my little head spin at times - or maybe that's just the 'nip fumes coming off of Tigmut'hep?! ;)

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Wednesday Whining

I'm whining 'cause our High S P has been playing silly wassanames and not letting us kitties get on line for the past few days... This has left us all feeling a little stressed and grumpy as we've missed all our lovely kitty friends and Isis has missed her chance to flirt with Napoleon! Since she's being unbearable I'll let her blog tomorrow, or my life will not be worth living and my ears will be the cleanest for miles around! ;)

Monday, 5 November 2007

ManCat Monday...

Well the day started off with a bit of a bang... The boy (while attempting to be helpful) managed to break one of My Mummy's fancy metal curtain tiebacks in the lounge! :( This just added to My Mummy's already dreadful morning in which Dad had hogged the bathroom, the boy had over slept and My Mummy came down to breakfast late to find a sink full of dishes Dad said he's wash last night... Anyway after My Mummy'd fed us breakfast and managed to get herself a large mug of that tea stuff she so loves in the morning, we all got together and decided we'd better help improve her day! :)

So after My Mummy'd run the boy to school, Dad to work ('cause his work car is in the shop) and gone to a shop that sells those fancy metal curtain tiebacks and found some that would replace the now broken set, we pounced into action! Oh yes, Tigmut'hep and I can cooperate when the well being of My Mummy is at stake... :) We set about snoopervising her removal of the broken tiebacks and replacing them with the new ones! Never before had My Mummy seen us work so well together making sure every aspect of the job was fully snoopervised! Heck, we even decided it was about time Isis learnt about snoopervision... ;) After all we wouldn't want her doing it all wrong!

First of all we ran out into the cat run and snoopervised My Mummy hunting down the drill, screwdriver etc. We called her instructions at the top of our voices, until at last she found the various places where Dad had stashed the tools... Then we all raced into the lounge to make sure My Mummy did the job right! Tigmut'hep took charge of snoopervising the removal of the old tiebacks, Isis decided she better start with something small and snoopervised the screws My Mummy had to remove. She even chased them under the edge of the sofa to stop them escaping while My Mummy broke the new tiebacks out of their packaging! ;) I being the smartest cat by far decided it was my duty to snoopervise the drill and screwdriver, though My Mummy got herself all excited when I sat on them to save them from moving from where she'd put them down! Honestly sometimes My Mummy does get a bit hysterical over the silliest things... ;)

But in the end with lots of cooperative snoopervision from us all My Mummy triumphed and she yet again has curtains that tie back put of the way during the daytime! Purrsonally I'z very proud of our efforts, I'm not sure My Mummy could have coped with such a big job without us... I'm therefore feeling very ManCatly and macho right now! :) I'z proud of my little 'sis too, cause she did a magnificent job of snoopervising, especially considering it was her first attempt! Tigmut'hep did well too and ignored his baser instincts for once and did a great job of snoopervision rather than "bopping" me and Isis on the head - as My Mummy says "Wonders Never Cease!" ;)

Now I think it's time for a well earned nap... :)

Friday, 2 November 2007

Finking Friday...

I'z been finking over breakfast that there are some forms of stinky goodness that I prefer to others... Recently Mummy has introduced some that have yummy eggy stuff in them along with meat, Isis and I often have some of that for our breakfast now! No need to call us twice if soufflé is on the menu... :)

I finks I like the chicken one bestest, but then that brings a whole new meaning to the chicken and eggy question... I mean what to eat first the chicken or the eggy?! ;) The beefy one is good too, but I never knew that cows laid eggys! I've heard that fish eggys look like the frog eggys we get in the pond, but the fish and eggy ones taste a lot better than that frog eggy stuff looks! ;)

Mummy's changed Tigmut'hep's Rx food from the Walthams chicken and beef pouches to Hills c/d as he'd been leaving quite a bit of his food and trying to scoff mine mostly! The good think is I fink Tigmut'hep likes the new food better as he's not trying to scoff my food as often as he used to! :) In fact he 's now eating almost all of his own food before he so much as sticks his nose anywhere other than into his own bowl! As you can no doubt imagine this is very good news for Isis and myself as we get to eat our food in peace for the most part... Ok so we all sound like a small herd of piggies at a trough according to Mummy, but that's kind of peaceful if you asks me! ;)

The bestest thing is that Tigmut'hep seems to be almost nice since Mummy changed his food. He's grumping less, pushing us around less, playing with us more in a nice way (not his usual way of playing "bop" in which he brains me and runs off) and even sharing My Mummy nicely at fuss time! Who'd have finked that feedin' him new stuff would lead to such a miraculous transformation of character! :) Now I just need to know what form of feline psychotropic drug they're slipping into this food... ;) The good thing is I fink it's legal and Mummy's got a large supply of it in for him... Looks like he might not be such a miserable, grouchy, bossy, lardarse, niphead as I had thought after all! ;)

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Thoughtful Thursday...

Today I thought I'd explain how your yearly booster works with a little visual help from this cartoon! ;)

Now just think of the mowse as something icky that'll make you sick (like eating the green wobbly bits you should leave for your Mom). Now the rejection the VET gives you takes all those microscopic green wobbly bits and blasts 'em into space for a whole year! You need a booster each year to keep 'em all blasted... Hence the term "blasted rejection", something you should show your VET at regular intervals! :)