Friday, 9 November 2007

Finking Friday! :)

Well I'z had lots to fink about this week especially about The Cats Realm challenge of taking a photo of one of your people all dressed up funny! Well since we have to get My Mummy to take all the photos round here, we couldn't very well dress her up and get a photo as well, so I'z made an executive type decision and decided to get My Mummy to photograph the boy when he's dressed up for a BBC Children In Need fund raiser next Friday! That way we'z get a funny photo, but it's for a very good cause too... :) It seems it's not only furry children here that need help, care, love and adoption... I've found it rather interesting to look into so I fink I'll try and explain it a bit for those of you who don't yet know about it all!

Each year since 1980, the BBC has set aside one night of programming on BBC One, to show events aimed at raising money for charities working with children here in the UK. The BBC coverage also extends across the BBC's other television channels and national and local radio channels. A mascot called 'Pudsey', a teddy bear (and therefore close to Tigmut'hep's heart) with a bandage over one eye, was introduced in 1985 and has become a regular feature. Though I hear that they've redesigned the logo this year, but I have yet to see it... Children in Need is a registered charity and you get to see lots of serious TV News People and the like makes themselves look very silly, so all us cats like it lots and spend the evening watching it with My Mummy, Dad and the boy! :)

The boy does something each year to help raise money, one year it was a sponsored ice skate where he skated well over 100 laps of the rink, another year it was collection teddy bears to go to the local hospital's children's ward (this one kind of upset Tigmut'hep, he just hates to see a teddy he can't snuggle with). This year he's dressing up as one of his hero's and taking part in some fun raising events - he's going as a scientist or doctor I think as My Mummy said she couldn't make him a proper astronaut costume! ;)


Dragonheart said...

Children in need sounds like a wonderful charity. :) It is great that the boy does something every year to help raise money. :)

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

It is really wonderful that the boy helps raise money. Helping others makes you feel all warm and tingly.


Gemini said...

I think it is good that your Boy is helping to raise money.

Team Tabby said...

We also think it is great that the boy wants to do something for children in need and that he does this every year. Bravo!

Moe & Mindy

Daisy said...

Your boy is very special to help raise money for such a good cause.

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Your Boy is a darling to do something pawesome to raise money for charity!

Ramses, it snowed here a little last nite and it was kinda cold. Would you like to come over and snuggle??

~Marie xo

HRH Yao-Lin said...

children in need is fab!!

well done!! x

The Furry Kids said...

It is awesome that your boy raises money for such a great charity. Yay!!!