Thursday, 15 November 2007

Thursday's need for nursing...

It seems Dad's given the boy his germs and now My Mummy has him home in bed for the day! Again this means us kitties has access to the bedroom and the urge to snuggle up in bed is getting really hard to fight... Isis is grumping though as the boy has kept his slippers on to keep her off his feet for once! ;) Seems the boy is smarter than he looks...

Hopefully My Mummy won't get Dad's germs, 'cause if she gets sick we won't get the level of service we like around here! ;) Oh and she needs to make us our celebration jelly! :)

Here's the recipe for those of you who have Mom's who'd like to try it out:

Chicken and 'nip Celebration Jelly

1/2 lb (aprox.) of chicken meat (brown meat is actually best)
1 small carrot - adds vitamins as well as a bit of roughage (dietary fiber)
1 small handful of peas - adds vitamins and roughage too
1 packet of gelatine
1 egg cup full of Cranberry Juice (added for Tigmut'hep's sake - it helps sufferers if FLUTD as it acidifies the meal somewhat)
1 small handful of fresh 'nip leaves

Cube the chicken and put it in a sauce pan, add the carrot and peas and cover with water - at least 1/2 pint (1 Cup). Bring to the boil and simmer for at least 1/2 hr - this makes the meat very tender and yummy! Now take 1/4 pint of the liquid and put it in a bowl and dissolve the gelatine in it, stir and make sure it's fully dissolved. Now take a few of the cubes of chicken and put them into two flat containers (preferably ones that have lids), the rest of the chicken, carrot and pea mixture should be liquidised with the rest of the fluid and add it to the gelatine mixture to make it up to about 1 pint (add extra water if needed) put the fresh 'nip and cranberry juice in now, and stir to make sure the 'nip, meat and gelatine combine evenly and pour over the cubes of chicken in the two containers. Now leave to cool for about 1 hr and then put the lids on the containers and carefully put in the fridge to set - about 1-2 hrs. Once this is set it's time to PARTY! :)

It's just so good! It really will take a lot of will power for us all not to start eating it the second it sets... Though well be good and save it for us all to share at the Party to mark the joint Gotcha Day's of Tigmut'hep, Donny, My Marie and me! :) Each of us found our furever homes in late November and thought it would make the Party extra special if we could all celebrate that fact! :)


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said... mean when the LL is banging around in the kitchen it might mean something tasty for me?? I don't believe it. Isis is going to be exhausted from all of this mothering!


Dragonheart said...

I hope the boy feels better soon!

That jelly sounds delicious. I wonder if you could make it with some other meat, since my tummy doesn't like chicken? Maybe I'll get my humans to experiment.

TT said...

I thoughts you both looks familiar, I sawds you on Catster! :) That jelly sounds yummys.

Gemini said...

That sounds very tasty! I hope that everyone starts feeling better at your house!

michico*Adan said...

I think that is great~!!!Must be very yummy~!!!

I hope your beans will recover soon~!!!