Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Wonderful Wednesday!

It is I, Isis here! :) Ramses is off sulking about being a silly lookin' conehead... I must say watching him is nearly as entertainin' as pouncing on his cone was until Mummy tolds me off!

Anyway I'z got a new game to play now and so I'z happy! :) I'z got a pretty pink bracelet to carry around in my mouth and when it needs it I dropz it in someone's shoe and gives it a goodly pouncing! :) Then I picks it up and does it all over again... It's just the bestest of all games and I can and do play it for hours! :) Dis is keeping Ramses entertained too, so I'z doing my bit to help his eye recover and stop looking all icky and yuck!

Yes, I'z been learning lots of propurr medical terms like icky and yuck lately! Manky and revoltin' are other medical terms for what's wrong with my brother's eye. He's rubbed at it so hard that he's given it an ulster that the vet and Mummy could only see when they put special drops in Ramses eye, these made him cry orange for a bit - luckily this doesn't matter as his furs are already orange! :)

Now I fink I'd better go kiss d'conehead and make sure he's doin' ok 'cause it's time for his next eye drops and he'll need to to hold his paw while Mummy puts 'em in! :) Sees Napoleon I'z a good girl really... :)


MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

My dearest devoted furrrends...Miss Peachy is sitting on my lap after a night of barfing all over the carpets...sheeeesh!
Tomorrow will be a day of domestics for sure with carpet shampooing at the top of the list! Then back here to read all about your exploits! be nice kitties to each other right now during this time of recouperation and medication and cones:)
Love Peach and the lady

Dragonheart said...

Your new game sounds like fun, Isis! :) I'm glad it is helping to keep Ramses amused too.

Ramses, I hope your eye heals quickly. Sending healing purrs your way.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Maybe you should take a picture of the conehead and post it on this bloggie?

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I wish I had a sisfur like you to look after me. My ordeal last night at the vet was...trying to say the least. I didn't end up coned but I did leave some of myself behind.


Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

We didn't know Ramses was feeling poorly. It is good to know he has a sister willing to help and entertain him.

Sending comforting purrrrrrsss to Ramses, and a {hug} to sister Isis.

Gemini said...

You new game does sound like fun. I wish I could play.

Purrs to you Ramses. I would hate to have such a cone.

Lux said...

Hugs to Ramses; I'd hate to wear a cone, too!

Your bracelet sounds like fun, Isis!

Daisy said...

Isis, that sounds like a very fun game you invented. I think Ramses needs your special grooming now more than ever!

Christine and FAZ said...

Hi Isis, I love the sound of your bracelet game, I hope you don't mind if I copy the idea as it sounds like fun. FAZ

Mickey said...

You are so good to help keep Ramses amused. An eye ulcer cannot be fun :(
I hope it heals quickly . In the meantime you can keep on entertaining him :)

Ramses said...

Oh I'z keepin' my bother well entertained I even dided my flying kitty show for him late last night! :) I'z not sure what Mummy and Dad gotted so upset about I only used them and their bed as my launch pad 5-6 times and it was nuffink O'clock so I know it doesn't count! ;)


Pet's are 4 Life said...

Ah Isis, I knows you is a really good girlkitty! I neva doubts it for a second. Course once that cone comes should play ickle kitteh with him. :) Thats will get him back for the bopping you on the head!!