Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Well again Wednesday!

It's a bit of a busy week here as D'Boy is off on his half-term holidays... The upside of this is My Mummy gets to snuggle us in bed for a little longer in the morning, before having to get up! :) The other bit of good news is that my eye is all better it seems and I've not had to have drops for a few days now! :) It's so good not to have an itchy, sore eye and even better not to have to be pinned down 3 times a day by My Mummy, while she forces drops in my eye... :( While I just love cuddling with My Mummy, I can do without being pinned down by her thank you very much!

Anyway just to prove that as soon as the drops had ended I was over my sulks at her, last night I squirmed down the bed and made myself really comfy and warm all snuggled up against her side with my little nose being all you could see above the covers! ;) Well it was cold and snowy here and I'm not one for holding a grudge when there's a nice warm patch to be had you know... :)

Friday, 24 October 2008


Honestly, what is it with this time of year and my eyes? Yep, I've gone and got myself an eye infection once more... :( It's not a bad one like last year at least and Mummy says I only need to have the drops in for a few more days now as it's clearing up, but it's just not fair! So ok maybe I don't wash my paws as much as I should before rubbing my eyes, but I don't deserve a week of drops in the eye or worse yet a ride in the PTU and a visit to the VET! Oh no not me, I'm a good boy...

Well at least Mummy'd arranged for it to be a Lady Vet, and one who appreciated my good looks and superior character. In fact the only thing wrong with her, was the fact that she hasn't learnt to talk Abyssinian, so she couldn't understand me when I told her to get her great big pink paws off of my gorgeous sorrel furs! But she did make the examination quick and of course My Mummy was by my side the whole time, so it's a trauma I will get over in time... well ok will enough treats applied! ;) Anyway Sue the receptionist is well on her way to understanding quite a bit of Abyssinian and fully understood me when I told Mummy that she could think again if she thought I'd co-operate when it came to drop application time. Nope I wasn't going to give in to her bribary, not no way... So other than my itchy eye and the nasty drops, I've been doing rather well this week with 24/7 access to the bed and lots of yummy treats, including some ducky jerky for kitties! :)

Oh well off to claim some more treats as I gather I'm needed for another round of torture and the application of a medicated drop to my right eye... Then I think I'll have a nap in the bed with my 'sis before lunch!

Just remember Mummy I'm not going back to the Lady Vet or any Vet for that matter, even if the Lady Vet comes from High River, AB and knows a lot of the places you used to live in!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Mancat Monday...

Once more it's Mancat Monday and I'm left here wondering where the weekend went and why I didn't get more time snuggling My Mummy in bed... Well ok so I did manage a good 8 hrs or so on both Saturday and Sunday night, but it's just not enough for a cat like myself who was just born to snuggle!

Additionally we were abandoned for about 90 squillion hours on Saturday, while My Mummy went to the bean vets for her annual shots and then all the family went off for the day to help Dad's Mum tidy up her garden in time for winter. As you can see from these photos My Mummy took a little while ago at the garden, it's rather big and so takes lots of looking after... So it took My Mummy squillions of hours to mow all the grass, while Dad did some fence mending and helped his Mum harvest some of the apples in what's left of the old orchard. D'boy helped with that too as he just loves My Mummy's apple pies and tarts as well as the apple sauce she makes to go with yummy roast pork!Sadly there was no roast pork this weekend for us cats, just more yummy roast chicken! ;) Boy oh boy did I enjoy our share of that as this time it made us a Sunday dinner just like our bean family as well as a Mancat Monday breakfast!!! :) Well you know I'm always ready and able to eat chicken... ;)

So to the week ahead... Today it Mummy's last day before turning older once more, so I shall expect more cuddling later and yet more on her big day tomorrow. Hopefully Dad will make her breakfast in bed so I don't have to get up so early, though I'm not sure he'll go as far as bringing me my bowl up with him too! ;)

Anyway I think that's all for now and I'm about ready for my first nap of the day.

It's a hard life being a cat... ;)

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Thinking Thursday 13...

Well I've not been doing much thinking of late, so I thought I'd do some today since it's Thursday... My thoughts for the day are as follows:

1. I just LOVE My Mummy's new bed, it's soooooo comfy.
2. Why did My Mummy have to get up, I was soooooo comfy.
3. Why does Dad have to take up so much room, if he'd move over a foot or two I'd be even more comfy! ;)
4. Why does Isis have to be in a playful mood when I'm soooooo sleepy?
5. Why did Tigmut'hep get up, it's practically unnatural? ;)
6. Why isn't the catnip growing as well now, it's just not fair... :(
7. How come Tigmut'hep always manages to get the largest portion at breakfast, he's such a piggy!
8. Why is Tigmut'hep obsessed with his own belly?
9. How come Isis keeps on talking about boys as soon as the weather starts getting cooler?
10. How many kittens will she have in her next litter and can I play with them all? :)
11. Will I get extra treats for being a good Uncle from My Mummy?
12. When do the clocks change so I can have an extra hour in bed with My Mummy?
13. How much longer is it until bedtime, I'm soooooo sleepy? (ok so I shouldn't have stayed up most of the night playing chase with my 'sis....)

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Thinking Thursday...

Today I'm mostly thinking that in a few hours the new bed arrives and I wanna be the first to try it out! Isis has the same idea, so we're both laying in wait for the delivery men to arrive... ;) Tigmut'hep has been shut out of D'boy's room as it's a mess and My Mummy says he has to tidy it up, so he's taken D'Boy's big toy rat and has dragged it off to his own bed! Honestly he's such a big baby wanting to sleep with teddies all the time, you'd never find me doing a thing like that, well not often anyway...Other than that I think I had a very good cuddle and fuss with Mummy last night, so did Isis! I can't wait 'till bedtime tonight to see if snuggling with Mummy in the new bed is even better... After all Mummy's going to be really tired tonight as she had to get up early to take Dad to the train station this morning and not only has to go pick him up again later, but has a meeting to go to at D'Boy's school after dinner!