Monday, 28 April 2008

Mancat Monday

It's been a lovely weekend, with lots of warm dry weather and time out playing in the run with Isis and the kittens! :) They really love the run and Mummy's been busy building a few new shelves for the run, so extra places for us to sit on as well as devising and building a removable ladder/ramp for the kittens to access the second level of the cat condo safely, this can be moved to the higher levels and rested on one of our huge scratching logs too when they are bigger and more capable of climbing! :) I must say having the kittens in the run is a lot of fun as they're constantly playing games and love it if we join in with them too... The only thing is Tigmut'hep prefers peace and quiet more and more these days, so grumps a LOT - he's so foul tempered at times that I've come up with a word to describe it perfectly! The word is T'ignorance ;)

Other than that I've had plenty of movie snuggle time with My Mummy, which is just the bestest time of day, any day! :) I had a full 2 hr snuggle with her last night and for me that was just the most wonderful end to a great weekend... In fact my snuggling in bed with Mummy and Dad were going well too last night until the kittens descended en mas to play a game of "bop and run" at 4:15am. You see once they'd finished using My Mummy's feet as obstacles in their game they decided to play the "bitey" game and that focused on my tail and Mummy's toes! :S The upside of this was Mummy was so tired she had a sleep in after feeding us breakfast and I got extra cuddles from just Mummy! :)

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Thinking Thursday...

Well there is only one thing to think this Thursday... Yes, that's it! Why, oh why do I put up with the abuse the kittens dole out at times? Here I was asleep and getting nice and warm with two kittens, when number 3 turns up and puts the bitey on my ear! :S My poor ear, all it did was twitch a little and Dizzy had it between his paws while applying the bitey good and proper...

However; Mummy says I'm just the bestest mancat ever for putting up with this and is planning on cooking me a chicken for my 5th Birthday on May 3rd! We're even having a party here with two of the kittens new families coming to play with them and share a little of my chicken around (not too much though as most of it's mine, mine all mine I tell you!) I must say I'm kind of hoping one of them brings me a catnip cigar for being so darn good, cause drugs would really help right now... ;) What's that Mummy? You're going to put some Valerian drops on my pompom and let me ritually disembowel it this afternoon for being your bestest mancat! Oh well, I'll put up with these kittens a little longer for a treat like that! :)

Monday, 14 April 2008

Mancat Monday

My Mummy and her human family ran away from home twice over the weekend, on Saturday they came home smelling really interesting though and carrying lots of new cat toys! So I guess forgiveness is granted... ;) It seems they attended the Abyssinian Cat Association's 22nd Annual Cat Show, which is why they smelt so darn interesting! They saw my half-sister Ch. Mikkar Little Mynx there (she's Isis sister and litter mate) as well as Isis (and Mynx) little half-brother Mikkar Ashanti Warrior. He did very well, earning himself a First in the male kitten class, as well as the Best of Breed for Aby kitten and Best in Show too! :) So to celebrate My Mummy bought us some of our fave Applaws chicken cat food, the kittens got some of their kitten food too, which they loved as much as we love our chicken! :)

On Sunday the excuse for them all running away from home again, was that of a family christening to attend... At least they came back home by lunchtime on Sunday! ;) Well I do so hate missing the chance of asking for a midday treat... :)

Today they slept in a whole 20 mins late! :( This meant I was nearly dying of starvation by the time they awoke and got around to feeding me! The kittens had also escaped and come down ready for their breakfast, so Isis and I decided to jump all over their bed and get them moving fast before we became too weak with starvation... My Mummy made me a yummy breakfast and fed the kittens too before she even had her usual mug of tea! I think this was to show her repentance for making us suffer so badly... Though this didn't stop Tigmut'hep from wailing at the top of his lungs about the mistreatment he had suffered!

It seems tonight the family are having pizza and then My Mummy's promised that we can all play with the new toys as long as we agree to play nice with the kittens too! :) I can't wait to bash the heck out of the new furry puff wand for starters, then the leather thong tipped fishing rod will be my next victim I think, or maybe the pig pink eared furry rat?! So many toys, so little time... Then I shall have a big, huge, yummy dinner and crawl into bed with My Mummy for a fussing in her new bed cover! :) The only thing is My Marie's purrty white furs will show up on this far more than they did on the old one... I think her regular teleporting over here for a snuggle on My Mummy's bed might have to change to a snuggle on the sofa in the office! ;)

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Thinking Thursday

I've been thinking today that this innocent look hides many naughty tricks... You see My Mummy was woken up at 3:16am by the "Escape Committee" having escaped and caused my poor 'sis to scream the house down while trying to herd the three miscreants! Following a number of other escape attempts made as soon as My Mummy and Dad started to fall back to sleep, they gave up and rearranged the furniture in their bedroom... As soon as they finished this and started to settle once more, with me well snuggled between them the kittens worked out the rules for "Thundering Herd of Elephants" and started playing... I think this was beastly of them as it started My Mummy and Dad laughing and this disturbed my snuggle and beauty sleep! Then of course the birdies woke up and because it was obvious that My Mummy and Dad were awake Tigmut'hep decided to come and join the fun! ;) This meant that he trampled all over the bed and jumped into the window (opening the curtains to make sure My Mummy and Dad were now fully awake) and started talking to the birdies... Not to be out done I had to go join him, as did Isis, while keeping half an eye on the kittens who were still playing "Thundering Herd of Elephants".

I think it'll come as little surprise to all your beans that My Mummy has been reduced to living off of tea and coffee today in an effort to keep herself awake! Dad got about 2 hrs more sleep than Mummy so is fairing a little better, but I think I may well be in for an early night of bed snuggling with My Mummy tonight! :) See something good always comes out of something not so good... ;)

Monday, 7 April 2008

Mancat Monday...

Django stalking the camera!

I have been teaching the mini mancats here to stalk and play games this past week mostly, along with how to climb the sides of the cat carrier and play pen!

Dizzy avoiding photos!
Given practice from an early age every mancat can be difficult to photograph! This takes time and dedication when as a kitten you are over riding the urge to be cute and adorable... But I feel that it is worth the effort - after all they'll be able to command a far higher treat to photo ratio if they aren't too easy to photograph without those nutritions little bribes, so loved by most cats who model part-time! ;)

Dandy is so far leading the way in learning these skills, though Dizzy is certainly a close second. Django on the other paw seems to give into that inner cuteness far too often for his own good... ;)

Never fear I shall train them all and soon bribes will be paid for good photo ops, my cut as their Uncle and Manager is of course 50%! :)

Dandy hiding under my 'sis!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Thirteen things on Thinking Thursday...

Well my first and foremost thought today is:

1. Why do I have to move my "finking to Thursday", I was quite happy finking on Friday... Oh it's because Isis wants to have "Family Friday", fine she can have Friday, but I get extra bikky for being a good boy don't I Mummy?! :)

2. Kitten bikky tastes wonderful!

3. I'm sure the kittens are learning about litter box visits more cause I like to go and play in their little litter box! What does "getouttathereyougreathairyoaf" mean Mummy?

4. I like watching the kittens being fed their breakfast, can I have a bikky for being good and not asking for any kitten food?

5. I don't bug like Tigmut'hep to have the cat run opened every morning, I'm a good boy and wait until you've finished your tea before asking nicely. Don't good boys get rewards? :)

6. Delta smells nice Mummy! Not as nice as kitten bikky though... ;)

7. I was good and snuggles with Tigmut'hep in the big kitty bed last night and didn't complain about his dreadful snoring, I'm sure that's worth a reward! :)

8. I like licking and grooming the kittens when they're out and about being active Mummy, doesn't that make me the bestest Uncle ever? Don't good Uncle's deserve nice treats Mummy?

9. I didn't fidget in bed last night Mummy, but slept in your arms like a good boy. Can I have a treat for letting you sleep so well? :)

10. I've not once grumped about the kittens and Isis getting a lot of attention, surely that's worth a big great Mummy?

11. Do I see Ham on the menu for Dad at lunch Mummy? Don't you think I should help you make Dad's lunch, I could start my taste testing that Ham to make sure of the quality you know! ;)

12. Oh look Mummy I didn't scoff Dad's Ham, so surely I deserve a treat for being so well behaved and restrained?

13. Ooh Mummy do I see chicken in the fridge? Did you say roast chicken for dinner, with extras left over for me and gravy too?! You know why I love you don't you Mummy? ;)

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Wordless Wednesday...

I could watch kittens for hours...