Thursday, 3 April 2008

Thirteen things on Thinking Thursday...

Well my first and foremost thought today is:

1. Why do I have to move my "finking to Thursday", I was quite happy finking on Friday... Oh it's because Isis wants to have "Family Friday", fine she can have Friday, but I get extra bikky for being a good boy don't I Mummy?! :)

2. Kitten bikky tastes wonderful!

3. I'm sure the kittens are learning about litter box visits more cause I like to go and play in their little litter box! What does "getouttathereyougreathairyoaf" mean Mummy?

4. I like watching the kittens being fed their breakfast, can I have a bikky for being good and not asking for any kitten food?

5. I don't bug like Tigmut'hep to have the cat run opened every morning, I'm a good boy and wait until you've finished your tea before asking nicely. Don't good boys get rewards? :)

6. Delta smells nice Mummy! Not as nice as kitten bikky though... ;)

7. I was good and snuggles with Tigmut'hep in the big kitty bed last night and didn't complain about his dreadful snoring, I'm sure that's worth a reward! :)

8. I like licking and grooming the kittens when they're out and about being active Mummy, doesn't that make me the bestest Uncle ever? Don't good Uncle's deserve nice treats Mummy?

9. I didn't fidget in bed last night Mummy, but slept in your arms like a good boy. Can I have a treat for letting you sleep so well? :)

10. I've not once grumped about the kittens and Isis getting a lot of attention, surely that's worth a big great Mummy?

11. Do I see Ham on the menu for Dad at lunch Mummy? Don't you think I should help you make Dad's lunch, I could start my taste testing that Ham to make sure of the quality you know! ;)

12. Oh look Mummy I didn't scoff Dad's Ham, so surely I deserve a treat for being so well behaved and restrained?

13. Ooh Mummy do I see chicken in the fridge? Did you say roast chicken for dinner, with extras left over for me and gravy too?! You know why I love you don't you Mummy? ;)


Dragonheart & Merlin said...

You definitely deserve lots of treats and rewards, Ramses. It sounds like you've been very well behaved, and so you should be rewarded. :)

TT said...

Thats right, for beings so good you deserve lots and lots of treats!

Hey did you see that you and Isis were featured on Mickeys T13? I thinks all 3 of us looks very pretty with our red furs there.

Daisy said...

Ramses, I sure hope you get lots of extra bikky!

The Furry Kids said...

You have been so helpful, Ramses! I hope you get extra treats!

Mickey said...

Ramses, you are so extremely good that you deserve several bikkies!!!
I hope your Mom gives you some because you found 13 reasons.Hey maybe that means 13 treats!!!!!
Purrs Mickey

goldenshade said...

Do you need us to send you some treats, Ramses?

You seem a little lacking.

purrs, Shade and Goldie

Pet's are 4 Life said...

There's a miracle, come to my bloggie!
And thanks for all the nice thoughts and prayers.

Derby said...

You deserve lots of treats, ham and chick-hen for being such a good kittie.

Gandalf & Grayson said...

Ramses, you are the best Uncle. Did somebody say Chicken!!! We will sit pretty for chicken.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

kitten bikky sounds delicious!!!! And I believe the kittens should have none and you should have all of it. They have their mothers milk - literally - you have kitten bikkies! x

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I think just making it through the whole night without waking up your mom deserves super treats. I can rarely do that as my urge to purr takes over.


Quasi said...

You are awfully nice to those kittens, Ramses. I'll bet they really look up to you.