Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Wonderful Wednesday!

It's a great day today, My Mummy's just weighed me and has found that 1 week after finishing off all those nasty auntibiotics I have managed to gain back most of the weight I lost so dramatically a few weeks back when I started to get really sick. I have in fact gained a little over 500g's back in the past few weeks and My Mummy informs me I am once more her cuddly little bundle of purry love! :)

Hubert the vet man says he is very pleased with my progress and that he thinks there is a good chance that the worry is now over and I will be a healthy and happy boy from now on, although he told My Mummy that she should keep in a supply of the nasty gloopy stuff that makes my tummy feel better once My Mummy has forced me to swallow some of it, just to be on the safe side. But that with my recent rapid return to normal weight it shows that the bug was caught before it could permanently damage my insides and for this I should smother My Mummy in fur regularly! :) You see if she hadn't been so alert this problem could have become major and one that even a good vet might not catch to start with, as it's not that common...

So I will take my Mummy furring seriously and hope that my tummy is at last under control and won't cause me any more ouchies or sudden weight loss. However if it does both the vet and My Mummy know what to do to make it all better fast! :)

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Triumphant Tuesday! :)

Well it's certainly a triumph of sorts as today I finished the last of my auntibiotics, so no more nasty pills getting shoved down my throat for at least a bit now! :) However I'm still having to take this stuff to help stop the tummy upset and to make the good little bugs grow back in my belly again... It's a little less yuck than taking pills, but only a little less!

I have certainly stopped loosing weight, however Mummy has yet to weigh me to see if I've started gaining back a little of the kilo that I lost while sick - yep that's a whole 8-9 week old kitten's worth of weight, so far too much for a usually fit, healthy and athletically built mancat to loose suddenly like I did... Now it's just a case of paws crossed that the auntibiotics have killed off the nasty bugs in my belly and that over the next week or two I can wean off of the yucky gloop that is supposed to help me regrow good belly bugs without a relaps. If there is a relaps then it will confirm My Mummy's worse nightmares and I will have to take a treatment that is highly risky, so paws crossed that I'm actually over it and I will be feeling myself in a couple more weeks! :)

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Waaa... Wednesday

Right now I'm kind of a sick boy and having to take a lot of auntiebiotics (the auntie no one likes, as I see it), so for now I won't be around much as My Mummy is having to concentrate rather a lot of time and attention on me to get me better once more. The good thing is that I'm only 6 yrs old and pretty healthy, and My Mummy seems to have caught this before any real internal damage was done (paws crossed), so I have a reasonable chance of a full recovery. However she is all too aware that cats can and do die of this problem as it's very hard to catch, ID and cure - I guess it's lucky for me that My Mummy is very vigelent (not much sneaks by her), even if it does mean being pinned down and forced to take auntiebiotics a few times a day! That's the bit I hate, but My Mummy is doing her level best to make up to me by giving me only the bestest, yummiest chickens to eat and I can sleep on her bed all I want too! :)

One minute I was my normal self, the next I was one sick kitty... I gather I even have to try and gain some weight, once I'm better as it was a sudden weight loss that triggered My Mummy to realise I was masking the fact that I was sick from her. I've now had the lecture about naughty boys hiding things from their Mummy's always getting found out anyway 'cause Mummy's have special senses! Hubert the vet was impressed too as he thinks he'd have missed it himself had My Mummy not bought it to his attention. Well there you have yet one more reason why she's My Mummy, she just knows me far too well to miss even something as subtle as this parasitic gut infection...

Monday, 4 May 2009

Mancat Monday

Oh wow how can I thank you all for the lovely wishes - especially the ones that included cuddles and chicken! :) I got the bestest and longest cuddles with My Mummy and Daddy last night following a good filling up on prime, tender, juicy, chicken! They even let me watch what *I* wanted for as long as *I* wanted, so we all stayed up 'till nearly 2am looking at Cheezburger! ;) I was cuddled up between My Mummy and Daddy in bed, with the laptop in front of me keeping me all nice and warm too - utter bliss... Now to make things even better My Mummy is roasting me a whole chicken today as it is a Bank Holiday, though I think I shall share it with everyone as I'm in such a good mood. I must say this being 6 years old is rather good so far! :)

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Oh yes today I get stuffed full of yummy chicken as I turn 6 years old! :) Only because I'm a kind Uncle and they'd complain will I share my chicken with the kittens too... ;) Ok, because they'd put the bitey on my tail and be generally beastly if they were left out!

All in all it's a wonderful day, the rain they'd predicted has not come and so I've had lots of time to play in the run and sun my belly fluffs, though there seems to be a big Bengal or Tabby Bengal mix tom cat who turned up in our garden today and stopped to drink from Tigmut'hep's froggy pond which caused some upset. Mummy says she'll ask the vet who owns this cat as he's never been seen locally before and is therefore probably new as he could cause serious trouble if he ever got hold of my sister Isis or for that matter little Setra when she's older! More to the point he's likely to spray and make everywhere all smelly... :( Not like the way I made my house smell when I was a Stud, oh no I smelt wonderful! :)