Monday, 25 January 2010

Monday's Mews!

Just so that all of you know, other than being a very busy time of late for My Mummy - what with her marrying Daddy and having Grandpur living with us, while he deals with a load of health issues, it seems my sister, Isis, is pregnant yet again!

Mummy says this is because Isis went on her honeymoon for her with a lovely looking Aussi Aby mancat called Speedy, and while this was a mixed blessing, seeing as Speedy had a heart attack out of the blue and passed away... Well it seems that he and my 'sis, had themselves a very good time before that and subsequently Isis is now decidedly rugby ball shaped and getting more so each day! ;)

The kittens are due a few days after Setra's 1st Birthday on Feb 16th, so she will be a grown up ladycat before she becomes half-sister to a new litter of siblings. However shortly after the kittens are born, My Mummy has to go into hospital for a 3rd attempt at getting her knee fixed so that it doesn't keep going out of joint... This means I will have to be on special Uncle duties as well as spending much of my time nursing Mummy better. Daddy says he'll take a few days off work to help out too, and D'boy is practicing his cooking skills so that he can do the dinners for a few days - well it'll save d'family from Daddy's cooking, so we'z purring that he does good dinners, just like My Mummy makes! :)