Monday, 26 May 2008

Mancat Monday

That's it I want a refund! What sort of weekend is it when your Mummy gets out of bed before 6am?! What's an Ice Hockey tournament anyway? It doesn't sound edible for a start, so why get up that early to catch it? At least My Mummy's spent the weekend at home with us, even if Dad and D'boy have been out all day... But I treasure my 3-4 hrs a morning snuggling in bed with My Mummy and I get told off if I start my snuggling at 1 or 2 in the morning for some reason! :( So being a really good cat (and not much liking my beauty sleep being disturbed), I've had to make do with an afternoon snuggle... But I'm telling you it's not the same and just not good enough! Mancat can't survive on a fuss mid afternoon I tell you, well this mancat can't! I need at least 3 hrs a morning of snuggling on the weekend and at least 1 hr during the week, though I do try and get more then too! ;)

So Mancat Monday has found me feeling deprived and neglected and in serious need of a snuggle... At this rate I'll be forced to cuddle up to Tigmut'hep and you know that's a last resort and the rather desperate act of an under loved mancat, don't you Mummy!

Yes I know you cooked me sirloin steak last night, but that doesn't make up for the hours of serious deprivation I have suffered, even if Yao-lin would have just loved it and is probably now a meezerly shade of green with envy, it doesn't cut it with me... Nope I want snuggles now and if you don't want to lay down and let me cover you in my lovely furs, I shall pack myself off to the Isle of Wight with D'boy in a few weeks time and see if I can get some there! :P

Monday, 19 May 2008

Mancat Monday

Well it's been rather busy here of late, what with D'boy having SAT's last week and the beans leaving us for 9 squillion hours on Saturday to go look at the Air Museum at Duxford as well as the Suffolk & Norfolk cat show... But being a good Mummy, My Mummy made it up to me by letting me snuggle in bed with her and Dad all night! :) This was so wonderful as it was rather cool and I got to burrow under the covers and rest my head on My Mummy's pillow all snuggled up in the middle of the bed... This is the purrfect spot to sleep in as you get nice and warm and you can demand fussing from either parent! :)

Mummy bought us presents home from the cat show, it seems the nice people at Applaws and Hills wanted to give us all some yummy food to eat! Though the roast pork loin My Mummy cooked for dinner yesterday was even more to my liking, especially with a little gravy added... :) Look I only got a tiny bit, I'm not *that* spoilt! ;) But it still counts and Mummy's on my good books again... Now if only I could get her to take an afternoon nap with me! ;)

Monday, 12 May 2008

Mancat Monday

Well it's a little sad this Mancat Monday as I've just found out that one of my former wives has passed away... She was I admit a good deal older than me when we had kittens together and that was nearly 4 years ago, but she was only 12 years old and although that's a good age it's not as old as many Abys I know!

But I know her life was happy and full of the kittens she loved so very, very much... In fact dear Lou was never happier than when she had a litter of kittens to mother and love! :) I have fond memories of her and our three kittens; Caitlin, Cat Anderson and Cottontail - all of who have lovely lives and homes of their own...

I know she is missed by more than just me and My Mummy's had a lovely long talk to her beans today to pass on her condolences and talk about kittens and seeing them soon at the cat show Isis is planning to attend with My Mummy! :)

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Mancat Monday

Oh what a wonderful weekend... :) Not only was it my Birthday, but with it being a long weekend and stuffed full of yummy chicken eating opportunities as well as sunny and warm weather for playing in the run, but My Mummy got me 3 new and different varieties of catnip for the run! :) Now how many Mummy's are that good to their cats?! It's official I'm keeping My Mummy! ;)

The kitten visits went well too and everyone kept telling me I was very lovely, so they've got to be very wise and intelligent people... My Mummy and Isis like them too, so 3 of the kittens have now met their new families and have their collection dates roughly sorted too. None of the kittens gets to leave home before they're 13 weeks old, so I have still got about another 5 weeks of Uncle duties! :) Then I get a holiday from kittens and lots of time to sun my tummy furs in the run...

Talking about my tummy furs I managed to snuggle with Mummy and watch TV last night for over an hour, in which she fussed my belly fluffs in the most delightful way - making sure all the chicken goodness was evenly distributed! ;) I then had a bit more snuggling between My Mummy and Dad in bed before Dad's snoring put me off and I went to hang out in the window cooling my fluffs, as it was 27C here yesterday and stayed warm all night. It's not good to let your belly fluffs get too hot for too long you know! ;)

Saturday, 3 May 2008

My 5th Birthday!!!!

I'm 5 years old today and as such I've got a huge plate of chicken from My Mummy, Dad and D'Boy to share with all the kittens and cats here as well as my friends here! :) It's pretty much an all you can eat chicken feast, just like I asked for... Oh boy am I ever a lucky cat and as such I spent most of last night snuggled between My Mummy and Dad, having an extra special birthday fussing! Oh yes I even let them give me belly rubs without ritually disembowelling their forearms to show them just how much I'm appreciating the chicken and other party food, though for the life of me I can't understand the attraction of cake! ;) Oh ok Mummy, the cake is for the beans so that there's more chicken left for us cats. In that case you really do think of everything! :)

So come along and help yourself to a slice or two of chicken and make yourselves comfy and celebrate my 5th Birthday in style! :)

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Thinking Thursday...

I've been thinking that the calenders and clocks must have it all wrong... You see I can't be about to turn 5 yrs old on Saturday it's just not possible, 'cause I'm still a kitten! Well that and that the kittens can't really be turning 8 weeks old then too, after all they're ickle babies! So they've got to have the time and date thing all mucked up... Yep, that's gotta be the answer! :)

The only good thing is that if they don't have it all wrong and I really am about to have my 5th Birthday on the weekend, I'll have been with My Mummy for half my life! :) It'll also mean that I'm about due some new toys and some very yummy dinner... ;) Oh yes it'll be chicken for me all the way! Maybe a side order of gravy to go with it too, but defiantly chicken and maybe one of My Mummy's famous chicken or turkey terrine's with added fresh catnip leaves...Mmmmmmm... Yer that'd be good! :)

I hear that I'm getting a proper party with people visiting and all, so maybe I'll go even better for prezzies than normal! ;) After all I've been such a good Uncle to the kittens and it's some of the kittens new parents coming to visit! :)

One last thing that's had me thinking since I watched it late last night was a bit of video on You Tube of a cat playing the piano rather well! It's such a shame we don't have a piano here as I'm sure I could do far better than they did if I put my mind to it, but I just don't think I have much chance with My Mummy's flute or D'boy's guitar... ;)

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