Friday, 27 March 2009

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thinking Thursday...

Today I'm thinking a lot about My Mummy, it seems she has to go see some one new about her horrid shoulder injury that is messing with my favourite cuddle spot... I sure hope they get it fixed for her soon as it's been going on now for about 18 months and I'm really suffering because of it! I mean what cat can cope with a reduction in the length and quality of their cuddle time due to pain caused to their Mummy during it?!

Other than that I've been thinking about the kittens and all the lovely chicken that Boy and BG are now eating a few times a day... I have tried to just turn up in the kitten pen when it was chicken time, looking all cute and kitten like, but sadly it seems My Mummy recognizes me instantly and I'm told to get to the back of the queue! Though I hear that the kittens will be trying turkey in the next few days, so maybe my tactics will work better on that?! It's always worth a try... ;) LG has yet to start on solids, so I'd be doing My Mummy a favour eating up any left overs surely... :)

In the meantime I think I shall have a nap with Isis on My Mummy's bed and keep an eye on the little kittens, just in case I've missed a potential chicken feeding time! It's pretty comical to watch them playing with the little wire ball with the mousie inside that Mummy gave them this morning to keep them happy, they've been enjoying trying to get their little paws on the mousie inside! :)

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thinking Thursday...

This week I've been thinking that it's getting far more entertaining to watch the kittens all day... Oh yes they are starting to play with toys and do interesting things! They still smell kind of nice too, so I give them all a good sniffing over most days, I've even ventured so far as to give one of the little girls a wash behind her ears! ;) I guess it won't be long before they're all running round the house with the rest of us, playing games like "Herd of Thundering Elephants" - I mean it's important that these little ones get a properly rounded education. I guess that means having Miss Peach teach them all good manners, so they'll be welcome at tea parties, while making sure they read Daisy's fashion advice and take lessons from Isis in modelling and investigating stuff, just in case they'd like to have a go at investigative reporting later in life! I expect I should show them how badly some cats suffer too (Yau-lin for example), so that they appreciate all the love they get and learn to train their humans well!

All this thinking has me exhausted, I think I had better go for a nap now! ;)

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Thankful and Thinking Thursday...

Well mostly I'm thinking I'm a very luck mancat this week and am very thankful to Tama-Chan, little "Red" and Tommy for making me feel this way! Isis is deeply thankful to them too and so it Tigmut'hep when you get past the drug induced haze he's currently in from the Matatabi that Tama-Chan was good enough to send him... ;) Oh yes I think my grumpy old housemate is truly in love this time! It's ok Tama, it's the Matatabi he's wild about! ;) I mean just look at all the goodies out postie brought to us from them in France... When faced with so many wonderful toys and some very yummy treats, no cat can feel anything but special! :)

Other than feeling very thankful for all the toys and treats, I'm thinking that these kittens are getting mighty big and active these days and to think they're only 17 days old! Here's Boy sitting up with a little help from LG and there's BG managing to sit all on her own! My Mummy and D'Boy were cudding with the kittens last night and I got to do some really good kitten sniffing and I think they smell all warm and wonderful! :) They are all such friendly little souls that I'm very proud to be their Uncle. As I take this responsibility seriously I had better go return to my guard duties, while also keeping Isis company. It seems she likes a little "adult cat" company as she says too much time with only kittens around makes a ladycats head go all daft - I wonder if that's what happened to My Mummy when she had D'Boy?! Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to ask! ;)