Monday, 13 August 2007

Unca' Pete

Well now that Mummy's had enough coffee she's told us that Unca' Pete's coming over for lunch with us! :) He's a bit tall and therefore scary, but he smells of nice cat and likes to fuss and feed us. He also remembers to make himself look shorter when trying to fuss and feed me, so that's pretty good and most of the time I let him do so now... ;) Well after all I do like food! :)

It seems Unca' Pete will be coming over again this evening to give us our dinner and make sure that Isis gets her fair share - Tigmut'hep does his best to eat his dinner and hers if he's not watched! :( Then again he's eat mine too if I wasn't big enough to push him out of the way... Mummy says he's an equal opportunity piggy! ;) Anyway Unca' Pete'll make sure he only eats his dinner and not ours as well. :) Mummy says he might well stay for a bit and play with us, I'm sure Isis'll like that she's always hyper after dinner!

Mummy says she'll be back by tomorrow lunch time and if she's running at all late Unca' Pete'll come over and give Isis a bit of milk and make sure our bikky and water's nice and full. She's going up to Derbyshire to collect Dad it seems, so I guess it's ok. Though I've been getting used to having extra room in the bed with Mummy and being able to sneak into bed again at 3 or 4am - Dad tells me off when I keep waking Mummy up for fusses like that... Oh well lucky I made the most of it for the last 2 nights! :)


The Cat Realm said...

Uncle Pete sounds nice enough - so you may bring him along.
We are having a birthday party for our nomss friend Lucas!

Daisy said...

Your Uncle Pete sounds very nice!

Lux said...

Your Unca' Pete sounds like a nice guy! I hope your mummy makes it home before lunch tomorrow, though!

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Unca Pete sounds like a really nice guy! I'm glad you aren't scared of him. I hope mommy will be back very soon tho, I don't like it when mommy's away, and I'm sure you agree!


PS. Guess what, it me and Donny's bday today! :)

Pet's are 4 Life said...

oooh, but its the bestest time to wake moms up! We likes to wake our momma up at 3-4am with kitty sprints.

~Napoleon & Hunter~

Ramses said...

Unca' Pete was nice and gave us all lots of dinner the other night, he even popped over at lunch time yesterday to make sure we were ok before Mummy & Dad got back home. Now when he comes over we're all going to ask him for food! ;)

Anyway Mummy & Dad came back just in time for a late lunch yesterday, then they did some shopping and laundry and got the house ready for the boy coming home from Canada. They got up very early today and went to Gatwick to get him. Tigs is so happy that he's home again, he's even stopped grumping at me and Isis! :) I think Isis likes the boy too though as she's been following him around and hung out in his bedroom with him as Mummy put his clothes away and all that. Tigmut'hep snuggled on the bed with the boy at the same time, looking very pleased with himself... Oh well I'm happy he's home as a grumpy Tigs is no fun at all!

Oh and Happy Birthday Sweety!!!! I hope you and Donnie have a great day! :) Look at Catster and see your prezzies! :)

Karen Jo said...

I am so glad that everyone is home again and Tigs has stopped being grumpy. Your Uncle Pete sounds like a great guy.