Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Tuesday's tasty turkey terrine!

Since a number of you have asked about the chicken jelly stuff Mummy makes us, I've managed to get her to type down one of her recipes that we all love lots and lots (especially me and Isis). The recipe for turkey terrine makes enough food for 4 meals for us three, but then again Isis and I eat mostly dried food since we like the crunch! :)

Turkey Terrine

1/2 lb (aprox.) of turkey meat - leg meat or simmilar being the best and cheapest
1 small carrot - adds vitamins as well as a bit of roughage (dietary fiber)
1 packet of gelatine

Cube the turkey meat and put it in a sauce pan, grate and add the carrot (this way us kitties don't pick it out and leave it) and cover with water - at least 1/2 pint (1 Cup). Bring to the boil and simmer for at least 1/2 hr - this makes the turkey very tender and yummy! Now take 1/4 pint of the liquid and put it in a bowl and dissolve the gelatine in it, stir and make sure it's fully dissolved. Now take a few of the cubes of turkey and put them into two flat containters (preferably ones that have lids), the rest of the turkey and carrot should be liquidised with the rest of the fluid and add it to the gelatine mixture to make it up to about 1 pint (add extra water if needed). Stir to make sure the turkey and gelatine combine evenly and pour over the cubes of turkey in the two containters. Now leave to cool for about 1 hr and then put the lids on the containers and carefully put in the fridge to set - about 1-2 hrs. Once this is set you can feed it to your cats!

Here with the three of us Mummy gives us half a containter per meal, split between each of us (giving us boys the chunks of turkey and Isis just the terrine and jelly as she doesn't like to bother with meat chunks). Mummy makes us our own homemade cat food at least a few times each month, so she's got a number of really tasty recipes including some for special occasions! Oh, and they're all tested out by us to make sure they not only work and look good, but they taste good too and are nice and healthy. :)


Daisy said...

That sounds very delicious. I wish I was not stuck eating prescription foods.

Lux said...

I must say that my tummy is growling now!

Ramses said...

Oh poor Daisy... Tigmut'hep is on Rx food too, but not exclusively as long as he's monitored and doing well. He's got urinary tract problems and as long as he gets lots of fluid and is kept away from low quality or highly processed food he's pretty much ok as long as he gets some of his Rx crunchies to make sure he doesn't start getting cystitis again. It was really hard on him for a while, but then Mummy started cooking us turkey as a treat once in a while and he was fine on it. So she spoke to the vet to find out exactly what he had to avoid and what he really needed in his diet and she's started to make us all stuff that's ok for him too! :)