Monday, 3 December 2007

In reciept of good stuff...

Well I'z guess I can say my little 'sis has been in receipt of lotsa new toys... You see she's discovered where Dad keeps all his credit card receipts each month so he can check them off against his statement. The thing is the silly girl finks the receipts are really cat toys and spent most of last night digging out Dad's stash and batting them around the house! ;) I finks Dad's going to have to hunt under the sofas and beds here before being able to check his statement this month... Oh well My Mummy's not cross at any of us as she keeps tellin' Dad that he should find a better place to keep his receipts! ;) When Dad wasn't listening Isis even gotted a thank you from My Mummy! :)

We'z got other good stuff too though! My Mummy and Dad made us a special patio door insert that means we can get out into our run when ever we want pretty much! :) Because of the way our house is designed there isn't a proper home for a cat flap, the only access to the garden is via patio doors and we'z not gotten a wall that Dad could make a hole in for one of those through the wall flaps. So My Mummy and Dad putted their finking caps on and came up with a patio door insert with fitted cat flap, leading straight into our run! :) Tigmut'hep so loves going out that he might even lay off snitching everyone else's food, cause iffen he keeps piggin' he won't be able to get his big furry butt through the flap... ;) Now My Mummy's not heating the garden when we'z wanna go out in cold weather either and apparently that's more environmentally friendly than letting all the heatin' outta the house - though I'z not so sure iffen our pond froggies will agree! ;)

Lastly I'z gotted my cone off after My Mummy had a good look at my eye last night, then I gotted to snuggle with her and watch TV in bed as Dad wanted to watch a movie that My Mummy wasn't at all interested in! I'z gotted over 2 hrs of solid snuggling with My Mummy and it was total bliss, cause she scratched my head and ears for me and rubbed under my chin and helped me settle my neck furs down from where they'd been pushed by the horrid collar I'z been wearing with d'conehead. I'z so happy not to have dat cone on my head that I even let Dad feed me my dinner... Usually I'z insist on My Mummy doing my dinner, but when I'z in a good mood I'z not fussy! :)


Dragonheart said...

Yay! I'm glad your cone came off, Ramses! :) Whoo-hoo! :) You are very lucky to have a cat run! Cool that your humans worked out a way to install a cat flap leading out to it. :) Paper is lots of fun to play with - it sounds like Isis was having a great time!

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

I am glad to hear you are no longer a conehead. I don't chase the papers around the house, although she never puts them a way, so I probably could. But I've got my mousies to chase and those are more fun.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Yeah Isis!!! Paper toys are the BEST!!! Totally start taking them from the "trash". Also, tiny bits of plastic or cardboard are cool too. Keep it up girl!


Ah...cone-less neck scratching. Bliss.


Chance said...

I happies ur boo boo is all better! Dat cone did not luk lyke fun at all. I hopez i neva hafta wear one. I would hafta put the bitey on mommie befor i letz her put one on me. Happy Snugglings


The Furry Kids said...

Way to go, Isis! Paper is lots of fun to play with.
I'm glad you got some cone-free time! And really glad that your mom gave you lots of scritches and fixed your neck furs. You've trained her well!


Team Tabby said...

Wow, you got a cat flap and can go in and out, dat's wunnerful. Glad to hear the cone's off and you can git some decent scritchies.

When we were younger, we loved to rip it's cardboard we love.

Moe & Mindy

Captain Jack and Dante said...

We are so glad that you got your cone off! That could not have been comfortable.

michico*Adan said...

Congratulations that you neck is free now :)
Have a great sleep first!!

Hot(M)BC said...

No more cone! You go dude! That's super. That door thing looks great too. I wonder if we can get one. Hmmms.
your bud Pepi

Ramses said...

Oh how I'z love being coneless! :) I'z had so much fussing and lovin' with My Mummy since it's been off too... So I'z really happy and I can get in and out of d'house through the cat flap as well! :) We'd only been able to go outside for about 30 mins at lunchtime if it wasn't too cold before. Now we can come and go to the run as often as we'z like while Mummy's at home workin' and the house doesn't get all nasty and cold. So as soon as we'z come in we'z can heat up our cold paws and ears! :)

Dad's DIY skills just rock! :) Oh and for any wanting a cat flap patio door insert, My Mummy says she'll get the instructions of how to make one to fit your patio door purrfectly in the New Year when d'breeder website is launched! It'll also have instructions for building a safe and secure cat run on it... :) We'z loves out run!