Thursday, 12 July 2007

Two days to go...

Mummy and Dad have been tidying the house and getting everything ready for Saturday when they're going off to see and hopefully bring home my half-sister. It's all going rather fast, but I must say I'm getting rather excited too!

A few nights ago I helped Mummy crochet her a little blanket all of her own, kind of like those Tigmut'hep and I have. Though Mummy made her's a little different in colour so she cane tell them all apart. Both Tigmut'hep and I have beige, brown and black blankets though they have slightly different patterns so she can tell who's is who's! My sis's blanket is white, brown, beige and some cool looking multi-coloured wool that goes from slate grey to white with brown and beige in it too. I helped unravel the wool for Mummy a few times as she crocheted it, so rightfully feel that I have helped in it's creation! :)

Other than them getting in a little kitten food and a new litter box, Mummy & Dad have already got all they need for bringing home another kitty. Oh and when Mummy and Dad were off buying litter and stuff for us and getting her bits, they got some lovely fluffy "vet bed" for our kitty carrier! :) I love rides in the kitty carrier and this will make it even nicer... Though I think Mummy'll be looking for another kitty carrier for my sis once she's here and settled as the one they're using on Saturday is Mine!

Oh and here's a recent photo of my little sis, she's 6 months old now you see... Mummy's just got to come up with a proper name for her once she arrives, something nice like Ramses or Tigmut'hep will do just fine... Oh ok, so maybe a girly name would work better! ;)


Daisy said...

This is sooooo exciting! I can't wait to meet your new half-sister.

The Crew said...

Hi! We've noticed you around the blogosphere. Sorry it's taken us so long to stop by, but we're glad to meet you. Come over and see us.

The Crew

Marilyn MonREOW said...

Hmmm, on an Egyptian theme, here are some name suggestions for your little sister:

Hatshepsut (This one is my favorite; after the first female Pharaoh -- "Hattie" would work as a cute nickname!)

Cleopatra (I like this one, too -- "Cleo" for short would be cute.)




Bast or Bastet



How exciting that you are getting a sister! She looks just precious.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Chairman Mao said...

ConCATulashuns on gettin' a little sistur! She's real cute and I bet you'll all have a lotta fun togethur.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

The Cat Realm said...

She is adorable! What a cute picture.
I was thinking Hathsepsut right away and then I saw that Marilyn came up with it too, so I think that´s a sign that she is sending us messages that she wants to be Hatshepsut?
Our maid has a human friend who can find out from us cats our real own names. If you want to use her you can email us thecatrealm at

The Feline Sextet said...

We's been beaten to it,but we likes Hatshepsut(There's a show on about her Sunday night on Discovery Channel!) or Nefertiti (show about her on Nat'l Geographic channel monday!) or Isis, or Bastet, our Meowmy is a fanatic fur Ancient Egypt, and we likes any peoples who thought kitties was GODS! (They were RIGHT of course!)

Lux said...

O she's a doll!!!

Ideas: Nehferet, Nefertari, Nofret, and I like Hatshepsut too! (I actually met Hatshepsut during my time travels.)

Pet's are 4 Life said...

Well my momma says she was gonna name me Nefertiti but I turned out to be a boy kitty, so she says you can borrow that name for your half sis. :)

Ramses said...

Gosh thanks for all the name ideas, Mummy's been having some too and has a short list of about 10 or so (will the list of Egyptian names she had to start with was over 100 names long, so she's not doing too bad!) ;) Mummy'll decide on her Egyptian family name once she sees her and works out what name she'd like best - she's pretty good at that sort of thing after all she knew I was a Ramses! :)

It's all so exciting! I think I'd better go for a calm down nap... ;)

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Ooooooh she is so sweet! And you know what? - she likes to tilt her head *just* like me!! I hope I can teleport over after your lil sis is there...I can play with her then cuddle with you!!


Ramses said...

Oh Marie, you're always welcome here and you know Mummy & Dad bought us all a laser pointer tody and we've had so much fun running around after it that we're all exhausted now and I for one could do with a nice cuddle and a nap! :)