Monday, 16 July 2007

Introducing Isis!

Well she's here! This is my little 'sis or as Mummy and Dad call her Isis... At first when she came home with Mummy & Dad on Saturday evening I wasn't at all sure what to make of her. Tigmut'hep suggested we see if she tasted good, but in the end we she flopped down with Mummy and Dad and Tigs and I had a grumble and a bop, while trying to work out what to do with her...! ;)

So Sunday morning arrived and she was still here and Tigs and I had decided she really wasn't yet big enough to eat, so we all settled down and had a little breakfast. Mummy and Dad then told us we had to be good as they needed to go do some shopping for cat food, well we decided it was in our best interest to do just that and we were all flopped on the sofa when they came back with not only food, but some nice little toy mice as well! So we each got a new toy mouse and had a bit of a game with Mummy and Dad. Again they popped out for a bit and came back just as the weather was getting icky with a laser pointer for us all to play with. Well I'm sure they had that bit wrong and that it's really mine, so I did most of the chasing! :) It's wonderful, I chased it here and there for ages, Tigmut'hep had a little go when I got tired and even Isis joined in. Before long there were three very tired cats flopped on the sofa, it was only Mummy's offering of yummy turkey that made us move a few hours later... ;)

This morning I've decided that I quite like having 'sis here and Tigs has to agree, it's far more fun playing with her than trying to have her for breakfast! ;) We've all had a cuddle with Mummy & Dad in bed this morning, shared our breakfast in a rather well mannered way and had our first game of 3 way tag. Running around the house like our tails were on fire for about 10 mins or so. It's so much fun and I hear Dad's going to build us a special room all of our own outside, so we can climb and play all day long! :) Maybe I really like having my 'sis here after all... ;)


lordjaders said...

How nice to see herrr. She is quite beautiful.

The Crew said...

Well, hello Isis. My, you're lovely.

Tipper & Misty

Pet's are 4 Life said...

Isis is a great name and its so cool you all love her already.
I agree, sisters are more fun to play with (rather then eating her)...I miss my sister sometimes and momma says someday she might get me a little sis too...but for now I have my big brother to play with and he's super special and fun!!


The Feline Sextet said...

Oooh she's booytiful, and she is SO Isis, we knewed it the minute we sawed her :)

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Hi Isis!! *waves madly*

Oh Ramses, she is such a sweet lil girl...I am so glad you and Tigs decided to get along with her so soon! You and Tigs are pawesome big bros!

~Your Sweet Marie xo

Lux said...

Isis is a very beautiful girl!

Ramses said...

Thanks for saying how pretty my 'sis is! :) Purrsonally I think she's a little goofball and lots and lots of fun to play with!

We've had not just one, but two good games of kitty tag so far this morning as well as a good breakfast and snuggles with Mummy and Dad in bed... :)

Tigs is still a little grumpy at times, but this could also be because the boy's in Canada. He always sulks when the boy's not here... Silly cat! ;)

Daisy said...

Oh, I missed this yesterday. Isis is very beautiful. And she looks a little frootbatty in that picture, too!

Ramses said...

Daisy she's certainly a little frootloop, if not a bat! ;) We're having lots of fun having mad games around the house! :)