Monday, 30 July 2007

Monday's Meowings...

Well the weekend was pretty good here... Less rain than we've had in ages and quite a bit of sunshine, so we've all had a chance to sun our bellies for a change! :)

Mummy & Dad spent most of Saturday outside on the patio building our new sunroom. It's looking good and as soon as Dad finishes off the roof (staining the wood with kitty friendly wood preservative, and adding the 3/4" x 3/4" weld mesh) it'll be ready to bolt together! :) Dad's designed the place in sections so it can be taken down and moved if needed. This also means if Mummy & Dad get a bigger house our sunroom can come along too! :) When it's finished it'll be attached to the house so that when the patio door is open we can go straight out into it. This'll mean we can spend hours each day out there playing (as long as it's dry weather) and come in when ever we feel like it! :) I'll get Mummy to take some photos of it once it's all done and we can use it, that way everykitty can see what a wonderful place we have to play in! I'd invite you all over to play in it if I could... :)

Other than that we had a quiet weekend and spent a nice time watching movies with Mummy & Dad in the evening, though Isis kept fidgeting like a toddler! ;) Tigmut'hep and I both had a very good time snuggled between Mummy & Dad getting fussed... :)


Dragonheart said...

The sunroom sounds like it is going to be wonderful! :) I'm looking forward to seeing photos of it when it's done!

Christine and FAZ said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. I was hoping to get a sunroom as well, but apparently the neighbours didn't think it was such a good idea. FAZ

Daisy said...

A sunroom sounds very very wonderful! And it would be a most excellent place for sunning the bellies.

Hot(M)BC said...

Sunroom, great! And a movable one too. That's cool stuff, Ramses. Kudos to your humans.
your bud Pepi

Ramses said...

Seems I'll have to work harder on Mummy & Dad, it seems they've taken an evening off sunroom building to go get cakes for Dad to take to work on his Birthday tomorrow! Honestly, why couldn't he have chicken and gravy like we get?! ;)

Seems he'll be on a go slow again tomorrow and expecting Mummy to cook him a steak! Sometimes I wish I was a human... ;)

Oh and having a movable sunroom also means the neighbours can't really complain about it as it's considered a temporary structure! :)

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Ooooh - that sounds pretty nice...a sunroom that you can come and go as you please all day long! Sounds even better than our backyard.

Do you think mommy and daddy can make the backyard a sunroom???

~your sweetie, Marie xo

Lux said...

That sunroom sounds like an excellent place to play; great that you'll be able to take it wherever you go!

lordjaders said...

Wow, it seems a lot of cats have beans that arrre doing additions and modifications to theirrr dwellings. Maybe that is what we'rrre doing when we'rrre scrrratching the furrrniturre.

Purrrs to You,


Ramses said...

I think the furnature scratching thing is more like our way of encouraging our humans to do more DIY to make their houses better suited to our liking! ;) If you keep the scratching up maybe you'll get a sunroom built?! :)

Oh and once it's built we're going to have a climbing tree in it! :) As well as shelves for sitting on half way up the sides and a nice little nest box each so we can have an outside snoozing place if we want to get out of the sun! :) It's going to be like a kitty palace I think once it's all done. Oh and they say it'll be nice and hot this weekend, so we can try it out then! :)

Now I just have to convince Dad that all he wants to do for his Birthday evening is finish off building our sunhouse! ;)