Monday, 23 July 2007

A trip to the V.E.T.

Well I for one was reasonably pleased to hear that only one of us kitties was due a trip to see the V.E.T. this morning, well I wasn't the kitty who needed to visit the V.E.T. and could remain in the nice dry warmth of the house while Isis and Mummy braved the rain and cool temperatures outside. Yes we're back to icky weather here again... :(

So Isis met the V.E.T. and from what she's said to me it was all very nice. No nasty needles, no icky pills or medicine, just a nice lady vet who gave her a fuss all over and told her how beautiful she was and what a good mummy cat she'd make one day! She told Mummy that Isis looked very well cared for and was very, very lovely. It seems Isis fooled the lady vet into thinking she was a nice calm kitty - rather than the total raving nutter she is! I bet she didn't show the lady vet how good she is at running round the walls, while trying hard to our run her tail... ;)

Anyway we all got a nice big breakfast when she got back and that's always a good thing! :)

Oh and Tigmut'hep has eased off grumping since Mummy & Dad let the boy talk to him on the phone last night all the way from Canada. It was amazing to watch Dad catch the old grump and Mummy hold the phone to his ear, at first he scowled and grumbled and as soon as the boy started talking to him he relaxed and started demanding a fussing. By the time the call was over he was pretty much back to his normal self and had kissed goodbye to the Mr. Grumpy Cat attitude! He even turned up in bed with Mummy this morning for a cuddle, though it was ok as I still got mine as well! :)


Donny and Marie and Casey said...

I'm so sorry you had icky weather, dearest...I wish I could send you the hot and sunny weather that we have been having, now going on week #3...

I'm surprised that Isis was such a well behaved cat at the vets. I think all vets are evil, and esp ours. One time I gave him a good loud hissing, just to show him (the vet, that is)!!

How is the Boy enjoying Canada so far? I wish you could've sneaked in his lugguge...then you can visit me FOR REAL!!!

~your sweet Marie xo

Daisy said...

I am glad the V-E-T visit with Isis went so well. I usually get so scairt at the V-E-T's office that I just cower down in a little ball. Isis is brave!

Anonymous said...

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Lux said...

Glad all went well with Isis' vet visit.

And, oh yes! Food is always a priority. :)

Ramses said...

Well Isis says the V.E.T. only wanted to cuddle and fuss her, have a little look in her mouth and take her temprature (a little undignified, but at least the V.E.T. had let her get to know her before she took that liberty!)

Mummy makes sure all us cats get one of the lady V.E.T's as the man V.E.T. is horrid and tall and I wanna hiss and scratch him soooooo bad. The lady V.E.T.'s all take the time to fuss us and tell us we're beautiful, so mostly they can be forgiven for being V.E.T's! ;)