Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Walkies on Wednesday...

Just a few pictures of me on my lead going for Walkies in the garden last year before I learnt that I could go out there without a lead if I stayed with Mummy. It's now much more fun to go outside and I don't have to have my harness on, so it takes less time to get ready for a walk - I therefore get a lot more Walkies time! :)

Tigmut'hep has also learned that he can go for Walkies without the lead as long as he stays in the garden and doesn't try to have a dirt bath in the middle of the vegi patch. Last time he did that he crushed a load of young carrot plants and made Dad pretty cross at him... He can however nose his way through the ornimental grasses and ferns looking for froggies, which keeps him well amused! When he finds one he seems to try and hop like a froggie, which means they always get away from him - but he makes Mummy laugh watching him sort of bunny hopping after some tiny little froggie! ;) Does he know he's a cat?


Donny and Marie and Casey said...

MOL! Tig is too funny! I think his being a froggie may have something to do with imbibing on a lil too much 'nip! ;)

You look so handsome in da harness! I'm glad tho you don't need a harness anymore, I can't stand them myself. I hope we can go for a walk together in the garden sometime!

Luv, your sweet Marie xoxoxoxoxoxo

Daisy said...

Going for Walkies is very very fun! I a glad you get to go on Walkies more often now. I do not get to go out unless I have my harness on. So the alligators don't get me.

Ramses said...

Gosh I hope there are no alligators in our pond! I know some of the froggies are getting big, but I've not seen any alligators as yet... Oh there's fish in the pond too and nice plants! :)

Oh and Marie you know I'd just love to go Walkies with you my Sweet! :)