Thursday, 29 January 2009

Thinking Thursday & Step 9 - Operation Daddy...

There has been a lot to think about of late, from sadness and worry to what to call Isis kittens when they arrive! I must say I thought the name "never late for dinner" was a good one, but it seems Mummy has other ideas! ;) Talking of dinners, it seems that our latest order from Royal Canin has arrived today and Mummy has changed Tigmut'hep and myself onto a dry food that will make Tigmut'hep chew his food for once and not just stick his face in the bowl and swallow what ever he can! I'm pleased because it's mostly made of dried up fishes and is very easy on the tummy... Isis likes it too, but at present she mostly eats her own separate bikky that has loads of calories in it and all the calcium her growing babies require too! I think we'll have this new bikky mixed with the oral care stuff we always have as a part of our diet. We've had some of this fishy bikky before as a trial and so Mummy knows we like it and it's easy on my belly... I think I'm really looking forward to Daddy coming home at lunchtime now so he can open up the big bag and pour it into our food buckets so Mummy can feed us! :)

Step 9 - Operation Daddy: By now your Daddy will be making plenty of room for you in the bed, as well as calling you to bed and feeding you treats when ever you demand them. So to all intents and purposes he's a very good Daddy now and will only rarely need an application of the "cold shoulder" as you flaunt your devotion to your Mummy in his face to bring him back in line! But never forget that this is essential to his remaining properly trained and under your control... If you forget this essential step you will find him thinking he's in control and that you should listen to him! Oh yes, he'll get all "Lord and Master" and treat you like an obedient woffy and not as his obvious intelectual superior feline Controler! To prevent this sort of tragic mistake you must always remain vigulent and be ready to assert your dominance... It is much easier to keep your Daddy under control than it is to retain one who has delusions of grandure and status! In extreem cases it may be easier to find yourself a new Daddy than to reform an existing poor model. Once they know this however they may suddenly rehabilitate themselves! So if you do find you have let your Daddy laps into these bad ways you can not only throw yourself at your Mummy showing adoration and devotion, but start to do so to any male visitors you might have! Remember when doing this sort of thing you must totally shun the advances of your Daddy until they are once more made on "your terms"! :)


Tom and Tama-Chan said...

Dear Ramses,

It's always very interesting to read about food! We're gad to hear that you have plentiful supplies of all the good stuff!

I am commenting on my own today because Tommy is "in the doghouse" having done something disgusting on the carpet last night. Honestly, dogs (however lovely) have NO idea about cleanliness!

Your Little Friend,
Tama-Chan (purrs to Isis too!)

Cheysuli and gemini said...

See no matter how much I worship the Woman around him, the Male continues to think he is my lord and master. I hate that...

Have your human go beat the pants off of him in Scramble or something...

Ramses said...

Will do my best Chey, the trouble is she keeps falling to sleep places of late... I bet if she got a good scramble grid she'd just fall asleep at the desk! ;)

Cliff and Olivia said...

Cliff had the problem with all swallowing - no chewing too. The VET recommended something called Dental DSO29 (also from Royal Canin). We call them Cliff's nuggets. They're much bigger than normal food. Since then Cliff chews everything and his teeth is perfect.


Pet's are 4 Life said...

lol thats hilarious!!!

Black Cat said...

Seems like you have the food and the Daddy pretty well sorted dear Ramses, heh heh! :) xxx

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