Friday, 14 March 2008

Finking Friday...

Well this week I've had lots to fink about for sure! I've finked about why My Mummy gave the kittens the names she has for a start... It seems that it's for a number of reasons, my Grandpur is an ex professional Jazz Musician and he turned 80 yrs old in January, the man at Silversmoke who owns their Daddy (Dan Dare) was a professional Jazz Musician too, of about the same era as Grandpur! Then there's the fact that all their names start with the letter D, well that's for their Daddy, Dan Dare, as well as for d'boy's first initial too! :) So it seems My Mummy can do lots of finking, just like me! ;)

I've also done finking about how cute the kittens are, most of this sort of finking has gone on as I've sat guard on them hour after hour. I fink my little half-sister Isis is an awesome Momma cat, especially as it's her first time being a Momma! :) I finks I'm very privileged at having actually witnessed the birth and that she lets me sniff the kittens and occasionally kiss them too... Not many mancats get this sort of privilege ever, not even iffen they're the Daddy! :) I fink there's a lot to be said for being an Uncle... Not to mention I've had a chance to lick kitten formula off of My Mummy's fingers, though unlike my milk mad half-sister I don't also try and suck it straight from the bottle. I fink she has more of it than all the kittens combined! ;)

Mostly this week I fink I love my 'sis and all her lovely ickle baby kittens... :) Birth is a miracle and I've been one very privileged mancat to have been the Daddy of 6 kittens of my own and the Uncle to many more, but these 4 in specific! :) Oh and in about 6 weeks time I'm going to be an Uncle again... Oh yes, one of my other half-sisters Noodle was confirmed pregnant this week! This will be Noodle's second lot of kittens but the Daddy, Frodo, is a first time father - they both live with My Mummy's friend Chris and a number of other lovely Aby girls - I fink Frodo has a bit of a harem going on there to be honest... ;)


Adan*Michico said...

Dear Ramses,

Thanks for sharing your mood with us, I am so touching.
Yes, I think Isis is very great, having babies is the major job that we will never do.So guarding is the last help we could cooperate.
I am so proud of you Ramses, because you are a great uncle. I have children once so I knew what you are saying, you are very right!

Thank you for saying such nice words for my photoes, YES, photos are always important~~ Let's take more pictures for our beans~~

I hope you gonna have a great weekend~! And please say hi to Isis for me~!! She is an excellent Momma~!


Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Wow, Ramses, we didn't know that you were a daddy! What a life you've led - a champion and a daddy!

Isis' kittens are very cute, and she is a wonderful momma cat. :) You are a wonderful uncle too.

goldenshade said...

That is very good finking!

We were very curious about the names, just thought you guys were Jazz lovers. Very cool!!

You are so in love with those kittens! That is so nice to see, a perfect uncle!!


Black Cat said...

Wow, that's a lot of finking - I mean thinking - and it's great that you are such a good uncle and Isis is such a good mummy:) xxx

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Ramses, your sister is a very calm mother for a first timer. She is to be commended.

Pet's are 4 Life said...

MOmma wauffed about the harem...I finks its a gweat idea...excepting mine mum has stolen my dangly bits! sighs!!

The O'Furry Kids said...

You are such a good uncle, Ramses! We saw the baby kitties over at flickr. They are super cute.

Mickey said...

That's a lot of thinking Ramses :) You are lucky to see the kitties being born and being able to kiss them. I know you will be a great Uncle and protect the young ones.
Congrats to Noodle too!!!!!!
I think I like looking at the ickle kitties too!! :) They are so precious!!!!

Purrs Mickey

Tyler said...

Hi there Ramses! I think your momma is a very smart woman!

TT said...

Thats the cutest piccy of Miss Delta Peach!

You's lucky to has been so near a mommy and her kits. Shadow says Molly let's him help take care of their kits when's they were little. Two of them still lives with my human Auntie.

Team Tabby said...

What great news you have to tell, Ramses, you saw the birth and get to help wif da kittens. They are lucky kittens to have such a nice mom and uncle. Beautiful Isis has such a nice nature. Your beans must be so proud of you too.

Mindy & Moe

Jan said...

You're a very good uncle, Ramses.

Jan's Funny Farm

Angus said...

Your such a good Uncle, Ramses, and I know those ickle kits will have a fine example of how to be a good mancat, or for the ickle girl kits, what a good mancat should look like.