Monday, 15 October 2007

Mancat Monday...

Hi Tigmut'hep here - well I'm a mancat too, so I thought I'd get a word in for once... ;) Now don't go believing all the dreadful things Ramses and Isis have said about me, they're silly cats and don't know what they're mewing about half the time! I'm a real mancat and so what if I like teddy bears and playing with Lego and toy cars... It's not my fault that my boy has better toys than me, so it only makes sense for me to eerrr borrow them - yes, that's it I borrow them! :)

I'm the boss cat round here for the following reasons:
1) I'm bigger than Ramses and Isis
2) I'm older and wiser than either of those two ninnies!
3) I was here first
4) I'll "bop" the first kitty who says I'm not d'boss!
5) If that doesn't work I'll sit on anykitty who doesn't agree I'm d'boss!
6) I'll only get off a kitty who agrees I'm d'boss!
7) I'm d'boss!

Oh and for those of you who don't believe I'll sit on anykitty to doesn't agree that I'm d'boss, here's proof of me in action! That little bit of face and ear is all that was left showing of Ramses when I first explained d'rules to him... ;)

Since then he seems to have learnt quite a bit... First rule is not to giggle at me when I sleep with the teddy bears! Anykitty caught sniggering or giggling will be "bopped" unmercifully... Second rule, all the teddy bears are mine, regardless of what my boy says - which brings me
to the third rule. He's *my* boy regardless of what it says on his birth certificate and Mummy saying she was there when he arrived 'n all that...

Now you all understand the rules as well as Ramses and Isis do, I think I'm off to partake in the mancatly pursuit of teddy snuggling... Oh and remember I'll be there in a flash if I hear anykitty giggling at me!

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Dragonheart said...

Hello Tigmut'hep! Thank you for explaining the rules to us. You are certainly squishing Ramses in that one photo. I promise not to giggle.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Wow, you really are the Man Cat of the house. I am too. Its good to keep strict rules and know what you want and keep the others in line.


Gemini said...

I think a mancat looks good with the stuffed animals. They are a great way to keep warm

Daisy said...

You ARE d'boss, yep, you definitely are!

The Meezers said...

Hello Tigmut'hep!! wow you are a big mancat!

The Crew said...

I completely understand where you're coming from, Tig. We senior cats must establish our authority early on so there are no misunderstandings about how we want our households run.


Caesar and Princess said...

You have the right attitude Tig. You know what? you are the boss!!
Real men sleep with stuffed animals

Anonymous said...

You are definitely the Mancat of the house! You make me think of Brainball. He's very nice and sweet, a gentle giant, really, but he always reminds the rest of us Ballicai that he is The Boss!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Mickey said...

So what's wrong with Teddybears ? Thay are soft and warm and great to snuggle up with.I think they are jealous or haven't tried it! I liked the oic of you & Ramses,heehee

Donny and Marie and Casey said..., Tigs, you sure do mean business!!

Ramses! Ramses, my sweet! I nominated you for a wonderful award. Pls come to my blog and can you teleport over too for a snuggle. I hear there's chicken tonight!! :D

~your sweet Marie xo

Lux said...

Mancats can both wear pink and snuggle with stuffed animals - that's how it is!

michico*Adan said...

Hey, I voted for all~!!!!
That's great~!!!!!
You are really man, even your name is super man~!!

Ramses said...

Thanks, I'm glad you all understand the rules! :) I've often told Ramses them, but he still seems to get them all wrong - it seems he can't help giggling when he finds me sleeping with a particularly nice teddy... Isis is little better, being so easily led by her big half-brother... Oh well I shall just have to dish out some strong right paw around their ears! ;)

For now I'll hand this Blog back to Ramses as I can't stand his moaning any longer...

HRH Yao-Lin said...


No, no, that wasn't me sniggering it was Baby Mao. You can bop him instead ok? x

Ramses said...

Baby Mao's days are numbered, there'll be a hefty "bop" round the ear arriving at anytime, just you tell him! (Mutter, mutter, meow, giggling at my teddy's mutter...)