Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Waaaa Wednesday...

Ok, so I've moaned my guts out regarding Mummy's driving and seen Sally vet again (though this time with Misty, Nana and the boy) and not in the middle of the night either - after all a cat does need his beauty sleep! ;)

Sally vet forgot to praise my character and good looks this time, but after a swift look at my throat told Mummy I'd obviously been moaning about her driving too much! She says it's all horrid and red and that I need to take auntybiotics like Isis, though taking my sore throat and character into consideration she's given Mummy medicine drops to give me twice a day and they can go in my food as long as I promise to eat it all myself like a good cat! :)

Mummy decided to give me a little of my fave chicken gravy to help make my dinner slip down my throat better, along with some tuna stinky goodness! :) Boy is it good and stinky - 'cause it made Mummy feel all icky, only the really good stuff does that to her! ;) She mixed my medicine in with that and honestly it didn't half taste good, so I've already scoffed almost all of it - just saving about a teaspoon full for a late night snack. Though Mummy's picked up this little morsel of goodness and hidden it from my 'sis and Tigmut'hep as it has a little of my meds in it. Looks like I'll be getting a proper breakfast along with Isis for the next week or so! :)

It just goes to show being sick can have it's perks! ;) One whole extra meal of stinky goodness a day and all I needed to do was get myself a sore throat... :)

PS: Misty dog is doing better too, so Nana's all happy! :)


HRH Yao-Lin said...

hey ramses, I tagged you for the desktop meme x

Daisy said...

Oh Ramses, I hope your throat is feeling better soon. But I am glad you get some extra Stinky Goodness!

Gemini said...

I think you need lots of tlc to get that throat better. I will purr that you get it.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Hmmm...maybe I need to start sneezing to get some stinky goodness around here? I'm very glad to hear you'll be feeling better soon!


Ramses said...

Thanks everykitty, I've now had 2.5 doses of auntybiotics in some of the stinkiest goodness around. Mummy says I can finish off my half left bowl of breakfast medicated food at lunch, 'cause I'm feeling mighty porky about now! ;) The asthma seems to be a little better, but I've had a little cough and sneeze over the past 12 hrs or so. I've also had a very good sleep, so am at least feeling more rested than I have in days! :) The only thing is Mummy laughs when I try and cough and says I sound like some old man! :(

Just you wait until I'm feeling better Mummy! There's no telling what I'll do to get my own back, though I suggest you don't go turning your back on a chicken sandwich for a while... ;)

michico*Adan said...

I also hope your throat will be better~!!! I will continue praying for you~!!!!!!!

Purrrrs, purrrs, purrrrs,~!!!!!
You will be fine~!!
Purrrrrs, purrrrs, purrrrs,~!!!!