Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Traumatic Tuesday!

Well what an utterly horrid start to Tuesday I've had! :( Saying it was traumatic is a total understatement...

It all started with Isis giving me her cold, but at the time neither Mummy or I suspected that I was coming down with anything... I know Isis likes to share everything with me, but honestly this is just taking it a bit too far! I had my dinner like a good cat and an hour or so later seemed to be trying to rid myself of a hairball the size of Chicago or the like, Mummy put this down to my munching on a bit of cat grass and I guess to start off she was right. The thing is once I'd got rid of the bit of green stuff I continued to try wommiting on and off, just bringing up a bit of drool like stuff and that was it. But it stopped and I settled and let Mummy and Dad go to bed and it wasn't until 3am that the real fun started and I repeated the wommiting attempts right close to Mummy's right ear to make sure she knew I needed her! It's surprising how fast a Mummy can wake and move from a deep sleep to upright and alert when she hears wommiting within an inch or so of her ear - if I wasn't feeling so retched at the time I'd have managed to be really impressed with her turn of speed! ;) By this time I was feeling revolting though and started to have a little trouble breathing, which Mummy picked up on real fast. First of all she called my normal vets only to find that the vet on call for the group was based in Northampton - nearly 40 mins drive from us here! :( But the vet on call did agree that I didn't sound like a healthy, happy cat and should be seen - though being both sensible and by the sounds of it tired she suggested Mummy see if any of the other local vets had closer emergency cover...

At this point I think Mummy was about to start pulling her lovely long sorrel head fur out, but suddenly thought of my Nana's dog Misty's vet. Although they're not exactly local they are brilliant and she knew the way to the big vet centre so could take me there without having to get all the family out of bed. So she tried their emergency number and Sally vet answered - she's long been Misty's favourite vet, so even though she's not my own lovely ladyvet I thought I'd be ok. Next came my being bundled into my carrier and into the car for a 15 min drive across part of rural Buckinghamshire out to Maids Morton - a lovely historic village I'm assured. I talked to Mummy the whole way telling her how dreadful I was feeling and she kept telling me how much she loves me and how I'd be all better once Sally vet had seen me...

So at last we arrived thanks to Mummy's trusty GPS as in the dark she was less sure of the way than she would be in the day time. Apparently all these twisty turny country roads look the same to her in the dark! Sally vet had left the practice door open for Mummy and me, so in we went and Sally vet greeted us just as if it was a normal daytime visit, which helped to calm Mummy down. She took my medical history from Mummy, which consisted of (up until last night) he's sickeningly healthy but has 2 missing tiny front teeth, one of which he left in a judges hand apparently! But that my sister was sick and currently sneezing and on auntybiotics after having seen a vet in our practice last week. Sally vet then examined me and told Mummy I was utterly gorgeous (she can examine me again if she keeps saying stuff like that Mummy!) She looked down my throat and listened to my chest, felt my glands and discovered that they were up just a little bit. Then came the undignified bit where they thermometer goes in the booty and yer eyes go all quiff! Sally vet told me that this was done because lots of cats and dogs get ear infections and this would effect the temperature reading, where as sticking it up the booty gives a more consistently accurate reading and I was to tall all my furriends that, so they'd stop moaning at her about it! I must say I felt better about the indignity of it all following her clam explanation and she got away without a single scratch or bite mark from me! ;) ......... You want to shove that where?!

It seems my temperature is normal, my glands are up a little and I've been trying to comfort Isis while her nose has been sploding, so what I have and what frightened both me and Mummy half silly is a cold related asthma attack! :( I'm to rest and Mummy is to put me in my carrier with her facial sauna on by the door and drape a towel over me and it, if I get bad again before she sees me tomorrow to make sure I'm getting better. Oh and she gave me an aunty-inflammatory rejection as well as an auntybiotic one to help my sore throat clam down, so that I stop having asthma attacks.

Mummy's made my appointment for tomorrow and even managed to get it after school so the boy can come with us, 'cause we're going to pick up Nana and Misty as they have an appointment there too in the time slot next to ours. Dad and the boy both helped Mummy this morning though as she'd had so little sleep being up looking after me and running me around. Dad got the boy up and off to school and let Mummy sleep on for a bit after taking her a cup of tea. A tired Mummy isn't a safe one here, so I think it was more a case of self-defence and preservation that made them do it... When Mummy doesn't sleep, she tends to burn things, especially food! ;) She might not be purrfect but she's a good Mummy and I think now is a good time to take Sally vets advice and have a nap! :)


The Meezers said...

oh your mommy is a wonderful mommy to take you to the v-e-t in the middle of the night like that. we hopes you feel better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, big hugs to you, Ramses! I'm so sorry you caught a cold, and how scary about the asthma attack! I'm so glad your Mom got you to the v.e.t. quick, and I hope you're feeling better soon -- I'm purring and purring for you!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Chairman Mao said...

Ramses, I'm so sorry to hear you've caughted that cold -- and ACK about the asthma attack! We Ballicai are purrin' and purrin' fur you to feel bettur real soon!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Dragonheart said...

Oh Ramses, I'm so sorry to hear you had to go to the vet in the middle of the night and that you were feeling so bad! The asthma attack sounds very scary! It was wonderful of your mom to take you to the vet right away. I hope you and Isis both feel better soon. Sending lots of healing purrs out to you.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

What a night for you and your Mummy! I'm glad that the vet lady was nice to you and that you're going to be OK. It was really good that you were able to go to the VET that time of night. Our local clinic is bad and the next closest clinic is (according to Meowmy) "green-paper-thieves" but they do a good job. I hope you are feeling better soon!!


Daisy said...

Poor poor Ramses! I am sorry you got sick. How scairty to be so sick in the middle of the night, too. You have a good mom. Get some good rest and I hope you feel better soon.

Ramses said...

Thank you all for the purrs! :) You're right Mummy's a keeper, even if she does burn food when over tired... ;) I'm just off to take a steam in the bathroom while Mummy has a long bath, it's part of Sally vets orders you know. Isis and I are to sit in a hot steamy bathroom as often as Mummy can manage to take a bath, as it'll help our sore throats and noses get all nice and well again! :) Does Sally vet know how often our Mummy likes to soak in the tub?! I think not or she's only say we had to sit in there with her half the time - honest! ;)

HRH Yao-Lin said...

oh wow..your human is FAB for rushing into action like that. I can imagine an episode of casualty or E.R with you being rushed to the emergency room by your loving human!!

I am sooooo happy you feel better though and that it is something that can be controlled and cured. YOu poor brave cat, you have all my fondest purrs and love. xx

The Crew said...

Oh my goodness Ramses, thank heavens you're OK after such a traumatic experience. Apparently that emergency V.E.T. knew the best way to take care of you and hopefully you'll soon be your old self.

When Misty was a sick kitten, her V.E.T said for her to take Lysine tablets (same as humans take and available at a pharmacy) and we all had to take them too. It helps build up your immunity or something


Caesar and Princess said...

Ramses, you poor poor kitty. we hope you check out okay at the vetman.
Keep us apprised of the latest news on your health situation.
we want you back healthy happy and certainly orange!

purrrs, Prin

Gemini said...

Oh Ramses, I hope you are feeling better! That must have been awful to be rushed out in the middle of the night! I'm glad that you have such a good Momma to drive all that way in the middle of the night too!

ASTOR CATS said...

Ramses we sure hope you are feeling better. A trip to the v-e-t in the middle of the night is very scary. Sally vet sounds very nice and we're glad she told you why she has to stick the thermometer in the booty spot. We don't like anyone messing with our booty spot - but if it good to know why the thermometer has to go there. We hope you and Isis get feeling better real soon.

Midnite & Stray Kitty

Ramses said...

Thanks everykitty, it's so lovely to have your purrs of support. I must say I don't like this being sick one bit and I hope never to have to suffer it again! Isis seems pretty much on the mend and is back to pouncing everyone and everything between the occasional sneezes. I'm mostly resting myself on the sofa in Mummy's office or following her round the house. I don't like having these asthma attacks on my own as they're icky and scary! :(

Oh well Mummy tells me we're seeing Sally vet at 4:30pm today and she'll decide if I need meds for this cold or the asthma it's causing in me. For now all Mummy can do is make me breath in warm damp air to ease it if it gets bad and I start to panic. Though her just stroking me quietly seems pretty reassuring too, I just know she'd not be quiet and calm if I was in real danger! :)

Back to my rest now and I'll let you know how I am after seeing Sally vet if I have the energy... It's exhausting being unwell and it seems Mummy's got a chest infection too and she's on antibiotics from her vet now as well! I guess we'll just wheeze together! ;)

michico*Adan said...

Oah Ramses, you mommy is very good, and sorry that you got the cold~!!! I hope you could feel better soon~!!!!! It will recover shortly~!!!

I am sending my prayers and purrrs for you here:
purrrs, purrrs, purrrs, purrrs,
purrrs, purrrs, purrrs, purrrs,
purrrs, purrrs, purrrs, purrrs,
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